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  1. Hi @paul2009 perfect thx. that's what I wanted to know. ...but with the CSS feature; I or the actual price table has another opinion: Cheers P.S.: Can I set the state of this thread to resolved somewhere? i can not find the button... would be helpful for others...
  2. Hi @creedon thxs, but no sorry. a feature is not only a feature. I have to configure a feature with parameters that it works for my personal requirements. for example the feature "Complete Customization with CSS and JavaScript". I have to do my personal configuration that it fits for me. Is this configuration lost or just hided for me? An other example are the "Customer Accounts" are the lost or just not available in the lowel level plan... Regards
  3. Hi Paul Hi others Thanks for your quick reply. It is always a bit embarrassing when someone just pulls out a link like you, I searched in the forums but did not find any article about this topic. Now the next user will do so... One question is still open, which i'll ask to the customer care (if no body else answers) and post the answer here. If I switch back to a higher plan do I get only the feature back or do I get the features with my personal configuration back? Cheers
  4. Site URL: http://not-existing.now Hi all I like the simplicity of the squarespace shops and I am thinking about switching a webshop to squarespace. the business is also simple and only seasonal (selling chocolate easter bunnies). maybe 3000 to 4000usd revenue and very small margin because it's just a funny hobby and more a test webshop for me. It's written "Change or cancel your plan at any time."(https://www.squarespace.com/pricing) I my case I would use the plan 'personal' approx. 10mt. and I would use the plan 'commerce' before eastern. 1.Question: Can I really change on a
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