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  1. Hello, My client has custom navigation for her site in desktop view. Instead of accessing pages through the hamburger menu or tabs, we are using buttons (as seen in attachments). Because of this we don't have any pages in the "Main Navigation" editing section and all our pages are in "Not Linked". This then means that in mobile view we do not have anything in the hamburger menu and you still need to click on our custom buttons to navigate the site. The problem is that when viewing the site in mobile view, the website looks cluttered. I was hoping of hiding the navigation buttons and instead using the hamburger menu for mobile's navigation. Is there a way to have pages in the hamburger menu but ONLY for mobile and NOT desktop view? The attachments show what desktop and mobile view look like for our site. It also shows what happens when you click on the hamburger in mobile.
  2. @paul2009 Thank you for the articles! I read through them and I saw elements of the page I could change. I made a test page with Squarespace buttons instead of the image buttons I used previously and I have the same problem. The main issue being that the buttons on the page jump around the page when the browser is made smaller. Here is the link to the test page: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/sundayopinion-2015-1 Is there something that I may be missing in terms of the use of the buttons? Thank you!
  3. Hello, URL: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/config/pages No password I was wondering why images and buttons in a web page shift when making a web browser smaller (ie. moving one browser to the left side of the desktop to simultaneously have another program open on the right side). This is the page when the browser is full-screen: This is an example of what happens when the page is made smaller: Does this mean that starting a web page with a 'blank page' and then adding elements (images, buttons, etc) will cause distortions in the page? Are custom designs on Squarespace unsupported? Right now we have Squarespace 7.1 with the new Fluid Engine function. Hope this is easy to understand as it's complicated to explain. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm designing a client's website but when holding meetings they are seeing something very different in terms of formatting. My macOS operating system is Ventura 13.0.1 and my client's is Monterey 12.2.1. Could this be the reason behind the difference in format and view? Thank you.
  5. @Beyondspace Thank you so much for the help! The code works great! The only problem I seem to be facing now is the quality of the image. The PNG file I made in Illustrator appears pixelated/blurry after the animation runs. Would you have any idea on why this is happening? I embedded an image of the newspaper from Google into the file and the text "In the NYT who knew" is from the text feature in Illustrator. However, the file image as a whole after spinning is pixelated/blurry.
  6. Hello, My client would like to have an animation of a spinning newspaper as the first page people see when on the site. When it stops spinning, she would like people to click on the video so that it leads them to another page of the site (aka the "home" page). Is this possible? Would I have to export the video animation from AdobePremierePro a certain way to do this? Note: The entire site has a background image that remains constant due to a custom code. Would this also effect the coding of having a code to make a video a hot link? Thank you! Below are sketches showing what she has in mind:
  7. @tuanphan My site URL is https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/config/pages There is no password needed. I have a business plan. Thank you!
  8. Hello, My client has two requests for me for the "Slideshow" gallery format but I can't quite find the right coding. 1. She does not like that to go back and forth between images in the gallery you can click on any part of the image to do so. She would like the left and right arrows to be the only "hot keys" to toggle. Essentially disabling the function of clicking on an image to go through the slideshow. 2. She would also like each image to enlarge when clicked on (like the "Lightbox" function) OR when clicking on a separate button. Would these two requests be possible for Squarespace 7.1 through custom codes? I've included screenshots of what my page and settings look like now for the "slideshow" gallery. I would really appreciate some help on this!
  9. Hello, We are using the slideshow feature to show images on our site page. We have "Show Next and Previous Controls" and "Show Thumbnails" enabled. However, my client would like the "Show Thumbnails" feature to be enabled WITHOUT giving people the ability to click on the thumbnails to move from image to image (basically the thumbnails cannot be clicked on). Is this possible with code? Thank you for your help! Site password is: intheNYT Page Url: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/artleisure-2010
  10. Hello @tuanphan, I was wondering if there's a new code for this? They updated Squarespace and the code won't apply to new slideshows. Thank you again!
  11. Site URL: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/1-lost Hello, I was wondering if I could show the images on my page in a "cluster format" (as displayed in the first attached picture) while also allowing people to click on them and scroll through them like a slideshow. Right now I can only get the cluster format if I add the pictures one by one and adding spacers. However, by doing this you can click on one image at a time to see it bigger. I was hoping to be able to click on one image and then scroll through all the images all at once like a slideshow (like the second picture). Is it possible to have this format with the light-box slideshow gallery function? Password: intheNYT Thank you for your help!
  12. Hello, My client sent me a mockup (first image attached "2-LOST complete.png") of how she wants the images to be displayed on the page, which we describe as a "cluster format". We were hoping to have a cluster format while also allowing visitors to click on an image and click through the rest of the images (the light box function in a slideshow gallery). I've attached a second image ("Screen Shot...") to explain what I mean by light box slideshow gallery function. Is it possible to have a custom format while retaining its slideshow capabilities and what would the code for this be? Thank you for your help! Url: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/1-lost
  13. Hello, Thank you for that code, but I was also wondering about adding a background to each image when the image blows up and becomes bigger for people to scroll through (as depicted in the attached photo). Would it be possible to add the newspaper background behind the image when it becomes big instead of just having the white, opaque background? Thank you again!
  14. Sorry about that! The password is: intheNYT Url: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/1-lost Thank you!
  15. Site URL: https://burgundy-jaguar-fltk.squarespace.com/1-lost Hello, I created a photo gallery in the style of "Grid: Masonry" and turned on the "Lightbox" function so that visitors can scroll through all the images as pop-up images. My client wants a custom background image (in the style of a newspaper) to be placed behind all the images when they scroll through the gallery. I cannot find any codes to do this. I have provided a mockup of what my client wants. I would really appreciate some help finding a custom code to make this happen! Thank you!
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