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  1. Hi @tuanphan URL: www.thompsonlane.com.au I have come across this thread and am hoping to get a little further assistance with this code if possible. I have added your above code which now displays the categories on all category pages, it has however changed the style of how the categories are displayed. Style BEFORE code: Style AFTER code: Is there a way to have the categories show on all category pages, but in the original style with background? Thank you, Cas
  2. There is no blank space currently as I don't want to change it over unless I know there is a solution for it. I've currently created a seperate section on each page for the mobile footer (not in the footer section itself) and have used CSS to hide/show this and the desktop footer for each page. I would like to be able to add this information to the footer section itself so that any changes can be implemented sitewide rather than me having to edit every page individually. My understanding from the original question is that if I was to add all of the info into the footer and use the code to hide the sections, it will then leave the blank spaces which I am hoping to confirm if I can hide before going through and changing everything.
  3. Hi Tuan, Apologies I didn't have notifications on and just saw your reply. Ideally to remove the blank space mentioned in the OP and that way I can add the content for my mobile footer into the actual footer section. Thanks, Cas
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    Hi Paul, Hoping you may be able to assist further with this topic...I am also having this issue. I have two separate sites/stores ie. Site 1 and Site 2. My Squarespace account and login is under Site 1's email, but when I login both separate sites show up in the dashboard and I choose which one I want to view. All commerce emails for both sites are going to Site 1's email. When I try to invite Site 2 as a contributor (for site 2), it says "Unable to Accept Invitation. You already have permissions on this site." despite not being listed in the permissions. I have just changed the account email address to Site 2's, which appears will fix the issue for their commerce emails going to the other address. I have then invited Site 1 as a contributor to Site 1, which asked me to set up a whole new Squarespace user/account under that email which then only shows Site 1 in the dashboard. Does this now mean that I cannot access both site's through one login? Sorry for the long winded explanation, I hope that makes sense! Also not sure if it is related or relevant, but for Site 2 the 'Ownership' is under the organisation I purchased the template from. Thank you
  5. Hi there, I realise this thread is from quite a while ago, but hoping someone may have a solution to the original question. I am hoping to implement a similar workaround to have a different footer for desktop vs mobile. I've currently created a seperate section for the mobile footer and have used CSS to hide/show this and the desktop footer for each page. This however means that if I need to update anything at all in the mobile footer I have to do it on every single page, not just once in the footer which is of course very impractical. Site URL: www.thompsonlane.com.au Thank you 🙂
  6. Hi there, Is there a way to change the background colour behind my text for pop-ups on both desktop and mobile? Ideally I would like black background with white text. URL: www.thompsonlane.com.au PW: 'tellyourstory' Popup will appear after 30 seconds. Thank you, Cas
  7. Both glad and disappointed to have read this thread before upgrading to paid email campaigns for my new site. Looks like I'd be better off starting elsewhere from day one...
  8. Also very much wish this was a thing as discount codes simply don't cut it for many applications. Commenting in hopes this will be introduced by SS soon.
  9. Hi there, A couple of questions re product descriptions: Is there a way to justify product description text? My sitewide paragraph font is one I have added but it won't apply to the variant drop down/quantity or breadcrumbs in product descriptions, or the categories on the main shop page. Is there a way to do this? URL: www.thompsonlane.com.au/shop PW: underconstruction (should be off at the moment though) Thank you, Cas
  10. Hi ACJ, Wondering if you found a solution for this topic? I am wanting to do the same and had planned to list a separate 'Physical gift card' item with a unique code that I would add into the backend of Squarespace as a '$x off' discount code. This seems like it would work well, except if they don't redeem the full amount in one transaction (it won't work at all). Interested to see how you set it up if you found a solution? Thanks, Cas
  11. Thank you Paul, really appreciate your help. Thanks for the tips about redemption as well, I will definitely factor those in.
  12. Hi there, I’m wondering if there’s a limit to how many different discount codes you can have setup at any one time? I am wanting to offer physical gift cards as well that I will post out and plan on creating a unique discount code for each one. Thanks, Cas
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