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  1. Hello! So, I have a Squarespace website ( ana-uribe.com ) with: A) a Squarespace promotional pop up connected to a Mailchimp audience B) a Squarespace newsletter block in the footer of the website connected with the same Mainchimp audience. C ) several embedded Mailchimp forms connected with the same Mailchimp audience. Is any of this going to cause troubleshooting issues? In Squarespace's user guide, it says: Connect multiple blocks to Mailchimp Connecting multiple forms to a single Mailchimp audience can cause several issues, including dropped form submission data and disconnection from Mailchimp. We recommend using a separate Mailchimp audience for each form or newsletter block on your site when possible. If you choose to connect multiple blocks to a single Mailchimp audience, each block must be absolutely identical. Any discrepancies between type, name, or arrangement of fields between blocks will create errors. To fix issues with multiple blocks connected to a Mailchimp audience: Reset the Mailchimp connection for each block. Check each block to confirm all fields are identical. Reconnect Mailchimp in the Storage tab. Connect multiple Mailchimp accounts While you can only connect one Mailchimp audience per storage area of form blocks or newsletter blocks, you can connect multiple Mailchimp accounts to different forms throughout your site. For example, one newsletter block can connect to an audience in one Mailchimp account, and another newsletter block can connect to an audience in a different Mailchimp account. This doesn't cause conflicts the way connecting to the same audience does because each form storage works independently of other forms. Many thanks 🙂 Dan
  2. I'm trying to transfer an existing domain I'm using with one squarespace template to a different squarespace template. The directions in the help center say to click on the "move domain to another site" button, but when I click on it I get a pop up with no further options (screenshot attached). Does anyone know if this pop up is going to be fixed? Is there another way I can transfer my domain to my new template design?
  3. Hi All, I'm not a tech person, but I've used the pop up feature in the past (in Marketing) and have figured it out. Now, an image I uploaded months ago won't go away no matter what I do. I've deleted it, replaced it with another one, but it keeps showing up in the background, even when it's not in the image area of the set up. Also, while I'm here, how do I locate my image library? This is crazy making! Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I am just putting together a pop up to promote a black friday code for a client. They simply want the code to appear once they have gathered the email from the client. I have put this together but when I add the post submit text it appears just awkwardly underneath the GDPR privacy disclaimer. (shown below) Is there a way for the post submit to simply have the desired text in the centre of the box? Like i've mocked up below. Help would be appreciated asap as the offer goes live tomorrow! Thanks in advance!
  5. I had header code for a pop-up from Flodesk (to sign up for my newsletter) on my site. It seems like it's now broken. Can anyone help me fix it!? Pasting the code below. Huge thanks to anyone who might be able to help figure out a solution! <script> (function(w, d, t, h, s, n) { w.FlodeskObject = n; var fn = function() { (w[n].q = w[n].q || []).push(arguments); }; w[n] = w[n] || fn; var f = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; var v = '?v=' + Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / (120 * 1000)) * 60; var sm = d.createElement(t); sm.async = true; sm.type = 'module'; sm.src = h + s + '.mjs' + v; f.parentNode.insertBefore(sm, f); var sn = d.createElement(t); sn.async = true; sn.noModule = true; sn.src = h + s + '.js' + v; f.parentNode.insertBefore(sn, f); })(window, document, 'script', 'https://assets.flodesk.com', '/universal', 'fd'); </script> <script> window.fd('form', { formId: '619e4bca117f2e0a9bdc585f' }); </script>
  6. Hi All, Looking to create a button that says "about me" that when clicked will open a simple light box with some text (maybe an image)? Is this possible? Thanks in advance. Edit: Page URL: http://www.adriankern.com
  7. I am wanting to add a pop-up on all my of blog pages or some of them. However, when you go to the promotional pop-up settings I guess you cannot add blog pages for whatever reason. Is there a way I can add a pop-up to blog pages using code or a plugin?
  8. Hi! I'm trying to update our staff page on my school's website. Right now, we've just got photos and I'd like to add a bio for each staff member as well. Ideally, I'd like to be able to click the picture and have the bio pop up and collapse without redirecting to a new page. I've tried creating a gallery and enabling the image description, but there are a lot of limitations there that don't really work for me. I don't really like the lightbox feature because it makes the picture bigger, which I'm not a fan of. Also, you only see the bio if you mouse over the image. I feel people would miss the bio if they didn't know they had to mouse over for it. I have version 7.0 and we are using the Mentor Template. Does anyone have any suggestions on a fairly simple way to create what I'm looking for? Thanks!
  9. My website uses the Brine template (not sure if that's relevant) and I want to include a promotional pop-up for my newsletter. My company also uses Salesforce for our email campaigns, and I want to store entries from the pop-up to our Salesforce account. Is there any way to accomplish this? I know that Salesforce can be integrated into form blocks on the website, but can it be integrated into a pop-up?
  10. Hey guys trying to center the header text "sign up for emails" on mobile and I had this: @media screen and (max-width:767px) { .sqs-slice-body-content * { text-align: center !important; } } But that is not working. Any help please?
  11. ggoodno

    Marketing Pop-Up

    Site URL: https://www.covidlonghaulers.com/home Hello! Simple question in search of (I hope) a simple fix. I have a marketing pop up that I want to deploy on the homepage that asks visitors to choose if they are in the North America or Rest of the World b/c functionality and retail options will be different in North America. When I turn it on, it pops up on the homepage as it should. Great so far. If I select North America, the user gets directed to a slightly different version of the homepage - as it should. Still great news. If I select Rest of the World, I'll stay on the primary homepage but the pop-up keeps coming back in a loop. The only way to get out of it is to hit the X in the upper right. Why won't the pop up go away after I make the Rest of the World selection? How do I fix this? Thank you!
  12. Site URL: https://www.polaritycode.com/ Hello. The five pop-ups on my site used to work, but are no longer working. For an example, go to polaritycode.com and try clicking on the "With Unbound Spirit - Credits" button. This used to generate a pop-up that would show the user more information about the song, but it no longer appears to be working. Can anyone help me figure out why? Thanks!
  13. https://samanthagalvao.com I want to add a disclaimer popup to my website only in the mobile formate. I'd specifically like to add this popup only to the mobile site to encourage viewers to move to a desktop view — since this is a portfolio site, it's often encouraged to direct employers/viewers to a full view of the creative work so everything can be evaluated properly. Is it possible to create a pop-up ONLY for my mobile site and not my desktop?
  14. Site URL: https://www.pittsfordmassageandsauna.com/ I had a promotional pop-up displaying a newsletter signup. Then I edited all areas of the pop-up to feature a call to action/link. It saved properly, and I can see the updated information in the back end. When I visit the website, even after clearing cache, using different browsers, and checking desktop and mobile, I'm seeing one of these: - The original newsletter signup. - The new pop-up on top of the old pop-up - Both pop-ups (on mobile), one at the top of the page and one at the bottom. Since there's no option to add multiple pop-ups, I'm super confused! Any ideas?
  15. Site URL: https://www.cloudcrewapparel.com The promotional popup won't let me distinguish email form submission text and outline color between desktop and mobile. I'd like it to remain white on the desktop version, but I need the text to be black on the mobile pop up because my background is white. You can see that there's a space for the email submission on mobile, but you can't see it because both the text and the box surrounding it are white. Squarespace doesn't have an option to customize this. Can anyone help?
  16. Site URL: https://www.pinteafilmcompany.com Hoping to add a popup "lightbox" video on the "WATCH OUR REEL" button on the home page! Would love to do this without the use of third party plugins... but if it's necessary, let me know what you suggest. Similar to this: https://www.noravera.com/ Mike
  17. Site URL: https://www.happilyeveretter.com/ https://www.happilyeveretter.com/ password: etter I'm trying to see if its possible to make this popup not have a background at all around the dog. The uploaded photo is a transparent background PNG but its making the background grey. Basically want it to look like the dog alone is sitting on top of the box. Is this possible?
  18. Site URL: https://www.crowdcover.app/rooms-list Hi all! I have injected a custom css code to link to another page on my website, but Safari is reading the link as a popup and unless that setting is turned off- the button won't work. How can I make this work where Safari will not read my link as a popup? I know people won't want to disable that setting on their iphones! thank you Using the code block, here is my code: <iframe id="custom-room-list-iframe" src="https://enablex-api.herokuapp.com/" width="100%" height="100%">
  19. Site URL: https://www.vbccc.com/ After contacting the SquareSpace help desk, they recommended I ask in this forum. I have a Promotional Pop-up (see pic) that I created in the Marketing tab on SquareSpace. However, someone who previously managed our website somehow created, perhaps using Code Injection, another promotional pop-up that I can't "find" and delete. It's a pop-up to subscribe to our email list. Any suggestions?
  20. Site URL: https://www.lauradesignedthis.co I've created an automated pop-up on my site (wait 5 secs to see it) and I'd love to find the URL for this, so that I can link to it, where it is already popped-up... I hope this makes sense! Does anyone know how I can find the URL for this? Thank you!
  21. Site URL: https://www.triadicdesigns.com/contact Hello All! I have just setup a Flodesk account and am using their popup custom code on my website. It seems to have made the contact form on my contact page go wonky as well as removed the header image. Any thoughts as to why this may have happened?
  22. Site URL: https://www.theirongates.com/ Hello, I would like to change the fonts of the pop up to fonts I have been using throughout the website. I have the CSS for the header: h1#sqs-slash-page-header { font-family: 'CASTLE' !important; } I just would like to change the body to 'TIEMPOS', the 'email here to 'TIEMPOS' and the subscribe to 'MANGO'. Could anyone let me know the CSS code for this? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://www.summitadventures.com.au/rope-haus Hi Peeps - I am a small business and I have recently opened up a indoor climbing centre and I'd like to try and show off some of the features a bit more by having an interactive map. The idea is that I have a topological map (see attached) of the center and the elements contained within the space. When a visitor hovers (or clicks) their mouse over a particular area of the map then a a nice popup will appear with a picture of the challenge and a short blurb about it (similar to what you see on the page currently (https://www.summitadventures.com.au/rope-haus) I hope I have explained myself in a manner that you can understand.
  24. hello! i was wondering if there is a code that i could inject to change the promotional popup to have rounded corners instead of the square corners? and also, is there a way to stop this black box around the x button that immediately appears on the pop up, and it only goes away when i click on the screen? thank you!!
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