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  1. You could achieve this with the gallery block addon here for 7.1: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow If you want different text however, on each slide, you would have to embed those into the image via Photoshop or other program
  2. Freebie for the color selection on a navigation item here: https://www.squareaddons.com -- scroll down to bottom of page where "navigation highlighter effect" is shown.
  3. There is no gallery block yet in 7.1-- you can use this add-on to achieve https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
  4. @deaton72 you can add gallery blocks in 7.1 with this add-on https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
  5. You can use this add-on to achieve gallery blocks in 7.1 https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
  6. You could set up a slider using this add-on https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/gallery-slider and just add in blank color block as your images, then add in your text content blocks as usual. Note, you cannot change the text from slide to slide. Just one set of content blocks can be set up to overlay the gallery slider.
  7. You can overlay content blocks on top of a gallery slideshow, link in the header of your site, using this add-on here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/gallery-slider
  8. For the future, if you keep building in 7.1 you can use this add-on for anchor linking: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/anchor-linking
  9. I can't help you in Bedford on this, but if you move over to 7.1 on future sites, you can achieve with this add-on: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/anchor-linking
  10. @skfdesign we have an anchor linking add-on here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/anchor-linking but I can't speak to how it will play with the Square Studio plugin
  11. @khupp You can plug-and-play this add-on as well to more easily achieve the anchor linking in 7.1 https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/anchor-linking
  12. If you’d like to take this one step further and give the link a highlight effect rather than just an underline, we have a freebie addon for that here— www.squareaddons.com
  13. We have a fun free one you can download here (see it in use in navigation on our site) it is a highlighter effect instead of just an underline. www.squreaddons.com
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