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  1. A translator is always an option, the default version from Google is notoriously ugly, but this one is not: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/language-selector-translate
  2. Hi @Joseph22! It's not possible to move the positioning without development help in the addon access. We offer customization service if you would like additional modification here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/custom-add-on -- So glad to hear you are happy with the purchase!
  3. With this code for anchor link, you could achieve, but would need to house each FAQ in a different page section so the link knows where to call: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/anchor-linking
  4. An easy to use addon for anchor linking in 7.1 can be found here as well: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/anchor-linking
  5. This expand/collapse is styled really nice + minimal. Also formats nicely for mobile to house text-heavy content in an accordion -- https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/content-accordion
  6. Hide all the extra stuff in an expand/collapse feature. We have an addon for this here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/content-accordion
  7. We have a really easy plugin for content accordions here: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/content-accordion Works beautifully with thumb tap on mobile as well
  8. Hi @bigpoppapaul yes it is similar-- it will auto play and you can remove the bullet indicators as an option each time you add it.
  9. We have a simple addon for this if you want to achieve anchor linking in a more streamlined manner for future sites, just keep the PDF access file on hand (downloaded on purchase) https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/p/anchor-linking -- also works in mobile
  10. No, it uses Google translate...but with a much sleeker, and floating selector
  11. You can skip the cover page and offer language selector—
  12. Float the language selector so user can choose at any time!
  13. This one is not buggy and much sleeker if you want to use:)
  14. If you’re going for style...we created a sleek drop down selector that floats at bottom of screen for translating your 7.0 or 7.1 site through Google Translate... https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/language-selector-translate
  15. We created a cool little add-on for this that translates (via Google Translate) in a selector on the bottom right hand side of your page...way less clunky: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/language-selector-translate
  16. We’ve taken Google Translate and given it some style for 7.1 and 7.0 sites, here is the add-on to make multiple languages happen on your site— https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/language-selector-translate
  17. You could achieve this with the gallery block addon here for 7.1: https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow If you want different text however, on each slide, you would have to embed those into the image via Photoshop or other program
  18. Freebie for the color selection on a navigation item here: https://www.squareaddons.com -- scroll down to bottom of page where "navigation highlighter effect" is shown.
  19. There is no gallery block yet in 7.1-- you can use this add-on to achieve https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
  20. @deaton72 you can add gallery blocks in 7.1 with this add-on https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
  21. You can use this add-on to achieve gallery blocks in 7.1 https://www.squareaddons.com/shop-2/slideshow
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