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  1. Thanks! The dropdown menus look great (although the padding doesn't work on the checkout page.) Also, is there a way to make the checkout button bigger?... And the hover doesn't seem to be doing what I need it to...
  2. Can anyone help me? The (green) backgrounds of my drop down menus need to be wider and lower so the text doesn't hit their borders. Also my checkout button needs to be -bigger. -black with white writing. -white with black writing when you hover on it. I'd be so so so grateful for any help! Thanks
  3. Here's a weird one. My dropdown menus seem to have separated into individual blocks. Anyone have any idea why? I'd like the whole drop down to be one block containing all the links... Help!
  4. When the page loads, I don't want a stored password to appear as a dropdown from the search window (or anywhere). Is there a way of stopping the browser from seeing the search window as an input for passwords?
  5. Sorry, should I change the placeholder in custom CSS? And what to? I'm kinda dense about this stuff...
  6. Site URL: https://www.underhereyes.com I used some CSS to move my search window up to the header. Now when the website loads it displays passwords stored to login into the accounts area there, which is confusing my customers. Is there a way to tell the website that the search window is not for inputing account login details?
  7. Ha ha! Yeah, I cheated! I'd still like to know how to set a custom font for all sections of the pop up though. Can you help? https://www.underhereyes.com Password: Eyeballs
  8. You're the man, Creedon! Thanks for that!
  9. How would I change the text of the "continue shopping" link so it says something like "take me back to the homepage"?
  10. Also, I can't seem to change the close button in styles - it's white on white and I need it to be black. Any help much appreciated! Thanks, Tuan!
  11. Sadly no. Can you help? Also, how do I set a custom font for a pop up (all sections)? Thanks!
  12. I also need it to be the same font when it appears on any product pages. And white rather than red on the cart page... Thanks so much for helping with this!
  13. Don't worry, Tuan! I found the answers here: Thanks so much anyway!
  14. Works like a dream! Just one other thing, I added a "Limited availability" tag option to my products - any idea how I'd change that font family too?
  15. https://www.underhereyes.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=60a4c47eb0495e41887bd7f8&authCode=NjBhNGM0N2ViMDQ5NWU0MTg4N2JkN2Y4OjIwMjEtMDUtMTlUMDc6NTU6NDAuNjY1Wk9TLxaJWMfCeKz4f4UultNHPKzkyDaQgKlvabnncDf-
  16. Thanks, that works great for the cart screen, but the icons (and search window outlines) are still turning black on other pages - search results page, Mbl nav, and order confirmation:
  17. That's great, thanks so much! A couple of other similar things: i) How would I change the header color, and background color, of the order confirmed page? I need it to be #8d9283 ii) I'd also like the "Order Confirmed" message to be lowercase iii) On some pages the social & cart icons turn black (also the search window outline) - is there some code I can add to make them always stay white?
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