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Found 16 results

  1. Site URL: https://www.flashfest.net/printharvest21 I am having a problem where the colour of the photos on the linked site are not correct. It is very clearly illustrated in the picture attached. The top half is correct and is displayed in Photoshop on my colour managed monitor. This is the way it should look. The bottom is the SquareSpace web site as displayed in Chrome - also on a colour managed monitor. How do we fix this? Thanks, Hugh
  2. We used to be able to change the default color theme on templates, but then inexplicably that feature was removed. It is actually an important feature because now not all templates are created equal. It MATTERS which template you start with because they all use different default color themes. Want to switch directions down the road? Too bad, you have to start all over or mess up your color theme structure. Squarespace, can we please get the ability to change the default color theme again? I don't have any contacts at Squarespace to communicate these needs to so the best I can do is post here and hope it makes it to their eyes and ears. Any help in amplifying this request is much appreciated!
  3. Site URL: https://bywater-collective.squarespace.com/ Hi all - I am trying to use Jquery in order to give the ability for visitors to choose between a specific color theme on my client's 7.0 website. I have seen a number of tutorials walking through light vs dark mode, however I am trying to accomplish the following : Have three separate "color themes," that alter the index-page background color, and h1 font-color Depending on the "color theme" that is selected, have the logo image source, and photo image source within our mega-menu change accordingly. Here is an example of a website that displays the ability to toggle between "themes," and I've attached mockup examples of each "style". You can find my client site here, I appreciate any help and direction!
  4. I'm still wondering if there is a solution for defining the default color for a website. For instance, the DARKEST 2 is set for the "Checkout Page" and where's an option for that?
  5. Site URL: http://contenti.xyz/ Hey there, Tried Googling but couldn't seem to figure this out. Small detail but would appreciate help on this! Basically, trying to change the color of just one word in my banner headline text (bolded word in the screenshot: "Evergreen"). But I think I'm doing something wrong because after following custom CSS, I can't get the style down for this particular piece of text block - the one in the banner/title text. Tried messing with some different CSS codes but couldn't target this particular section. Am I missing something? How would I change the color of one word ("Evergreen") so that it's green? Help would be highly appreciated! Let me know if you need anything else too. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! I'm having some trouble with the section colour when I add an image with a transparent background. I add the image change the colour to dark and it will automatically show the "bright" even know "dark" is selected". It keeps defaulting to the "bright colour". When I add a new section, the backround colour is also "bright". I have a feeling it has to do with the theme, Myhra. I can get this working on a different theme but I am stuck because I've already done a bunch of customizations. Any ideas of what's going on? I tried changing the colour palettes to a default with no luck. Screen shot of how the options appear in the "bright colour" instead of white. THANK YOU.
  7. The important difference when choosing templates in Squarespace 7.1 is choosing one that has the preferred default color theme, ie. default 'Dark 1' colour theme vs. default 'Lightest 1' color theme. I inadvertently chose a Dark color theme, and I was getting frustrated with the dark pages as loading... because once you've started your website, you are locked in to the theme/template you chose... My current work around is I changed the 'Dark 1' color theme to my 'Lightest 1' colors (lots of edits to that color theme) but essentially, it fixed my issue with my current website I was working on with a dark theme template. Now when I load a new page, it's in the Dark 1 theme but mimics all Lightest 1 colors. And how about requested feature changes to the color themes such as: -- ability to edit the color theme names; -- ability to delete color themes I don't use; and -- ability to duplicate a color themes to recreate a new color them out of the duplication I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this.... Peace, and happy hacking, Céline
  8. Site URL: https://www.bnedesign.com.au/search?q=poo&f_collectionId=5f0d71620f26b73045d69f54 Hi, I'd like to change the color profile of the main section of the search results page to match the style of the rest of the site. Also my logo is white so the default white background doesn't work. Thank you!
  9. I've set my h2 bolded to have a turquoise highlight effect, but what do I need to add to this code to specify the Squarespace color scheme/profile? For example, I'd like the code below to work on lightest, lightest-bold, light, light-bold, bright, brightest-bold, but then CHANGE the color for dark, dark-bold, darkest, darkest-bold h2 strong { background: linear-gradient(180deg, #29d2c9-5, #29d2c9); display: inline; line-height: 1.6; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 0.10em !important; } Thanks!
  10. How do I change the font colour in a single block using custom CSS? I'd like to change text from white to dark grey. I've attached an image of the page and block ID. Alternatively, is there another easier way to do this that doesn't involve coding? I'm a novice to this so the easier the better. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm having trouble getting photos to look correct once uploaded. They appear tinted. Is there a setting somewhere where the theme might use a color as an overlay effect on images? I saved the images as sRGB. They look fine in the preview thumbnail when clicking on EDIT but tinted on the page. See screenshot attached. Does anybody have an idea here? Thanks - Markus
  12. Site URL: https://www.lucymorton.studio/ Hi, I am making adjustments to the website https://www.lucymorton.studio/ and I am trying to change the logo colour on some of the pages (FAQ's for example, where the background is lighter) Can anyone help? Website password is lucymorton TIA
  13. Site URL: https://madelinestanislav.com/hawks-hares Any idea why my JPGs are showing with different colors after I upload them? They look fine in the preview when uploaded but when I load the page they are on, a lot of the colors change.
  14. Does any one else find that when you are trying to type in a hex colour code to customise the palette on the design tab that it lets you type it in the doubles up on the first 3 characters then you have to go in and delete duplicates and re add the last 3? I've lived with this for ages but it's driving me insane.
  15. Site URL: https://zeronineobjects.co.uk hi, im having an issue with the 'store' button on my homepage. it has turned white for some reason and i cant get it to be dark grey like the other buttons that are on my 'about' page. i've checked the colour palette and there is nothing white selected so i'm not sure how to change it password is zeronine
  16. Site URL: https://www.haaziqkarim.com On the music page, there is an overlay or something happening with the main image at the top that's causing it to appear differently. I've set the background of that image to be the same as my colour scheme (#121212) but when I upload it, it appears darker than the rest of the page. I've tried reducing the overlay to 0% but it still looks different. Any tips?
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