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  1. Site URL: https://www.riverrituals.com.au Hey there, hoping that someone can help with some coding to update the font for product names, quantity & price at the checkout to be updated to 'Raleway-Regular' to match my site. I would also love to remove the box entirely from where the quantity is displayed if possible as well. Please see attached screenshot. Many thanks!
  2. Hey @creedon, the updated code still reflects the lasted screenshots sent through. Just the 'face oils' product category/tag text still needing some assistance with... Many Thanks!
  3. @creedon It just hasn't worked for the item category on the initial SHOP page in screenshot below though has worked for product page details... I've attached a screenshot of how the product page is perfect now with that code though!
  4. Thank you so much! That worked perfectly! Also thanks for the super quick response here 🙂
  5. Site URL: https://www.riverrituals.com.au Hey there! Would anyone be able to help with a snippet of coding for updating the fonts displayed for the Item categories in 'SHOP' page / the font shown for price & 'add to cart' button on the product page? I've attached screenshots here displaying the fonts I'd like to update. All other body text / header text has been already updated in css to either 'copperplate' or 'raleway', just struggling with these odd bits from the shop. @tuanphan Wanting to change the fonts to 'COPPERPLATE' Category - 'Face Oils' Wanting to change the price on product page and the corner navigation fonts 'Shop> CORRECTING - 10ml Face Oil' Many Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.riverrituals.com.au Hey there, hoping someone can help here. I have managed to customise heading fonts, body paragraph fonts & most button fonts - though having trouble just with the newsletter button here. Wanting to change the font to 'Copperplate' but am struggling to find the right code for newsletter/signup form. So far my coding has worked fine for individual buttons & image block buttons... codes displayed in just lines of css under // newsletter button // haven't worked at all Help will be much appreciated! Thanks,
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