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  1. Site URL: https://fertilityalliance.com/sign-up Can someone tell me how to get this form to load on the first page load? Thanks a bunch!
  2. How to make this work for York family, Harris template? About to redesign this site: https://fertilityalliance.com/ I want the button background to be white with a navy border.
  3. How do we make the images smaller in the markdown area?
  4. This worked for me for one word...but how would I separate 3 words in the title section of a poster onto 3 lines? Thanks so much!
  5. Yes chrome is all good! 12% of my viewers on my own site use "other" browsers though.
  6. Using safari mobile? Yes I should have mentioned safari mobile is fine. Firefox, microsoft edge, and safari desktop are all missing the background and a few other elements. 😞 Thanks for reply!
  7. Site URL: https://www.reapreapparel.com/ Something, probably in my code, is causing this site to show up poorly on all browsers except Chrome desktop and safari mobile.
  8. Site URL: https://www.reapreapparel.com/ Something, probably in my code, is causing this site to show up poorly on safari and firefox. It shows up properly on Chrome. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thank you!
  9. Hi tuanphan! Are these the complete steps to doing this without a plugin? Where is the code? Thank You!
  10. Site URL: https://www.shannonturnercakes.com/ Site PW: stc2020 Can I add solid white borders around every image on this site? So the store images, the autoscrolling gallery on home page, the gallery image block buttons, etc. This is likely several codes. ? I added a border once and deleted it because it was apparently bordering the full image instead of the crop. I hope that makes sense. Meaning part of the background was in between the image an the border. Any help appreciated!
  11. I can't get this to work either. Using 7.1. Help please? Thank you! shannonturnercakes.com pw: stc2020
  12. Site URL: https://www.shannonturnercakes.com/ Site password: stc2020 I'm using several different browsers to check on what I may have issues with. I noticed the summary blocl on the bottom of the home page is not displaying the reviews, just while using microsoft edge. No issues with other browsers. Help? Thanks. Edit to add: Also why does the background image drop down when I scroll to mid page in Firefox?
  13. Thanks for looking, I wonder if I was changing things when you looked, because its definitely there. Can you see it now?
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