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  1. @WillMyers Thanks! I did get it! such a great plugin. Would love to style each tab different - is that possible?
  2. Hi, I've applied css to my nav to hamburger menu for desktop however the style isn't applied to mobile. I feel like this is a simple fix but I can't quite get it. This is the code I've used: /* If you only want to have the desktop burger visible this CSS will remove all the */ @media(min-width:767px) { .header-nav-list a:not([href="/burger"]) { display: none; } } // Mobile Menu Text // .burger-box:after { content: "="; text-align: right; font-size: 30px; color: #000; display: block !important; } .burger-box { width: 10px !important; height:0px !important; } .burger-box div { display: none; } /* This will handle styling the burger icon color*/ a[href="/burger"] path { fill: #7A7768!important; } /* Removes the underline set by Squarespace active class */ a[href="/burger"] { background: none !important; } /* This will handle styling the background color of the burger overlay */ better-burger { background: #B7B19C; } better-burger { background: #B7B19C; } I'm also trying to get rid of the folder link on mobile. I've attached pics for reference - current mobile menu
  3. Hi, I'm trying to work this plugin on my menu - how do I target a menu item (i've forced the mobile burger to desktop) without using a markdown? https://www.squarestylist.com/blog/image-hover
  4. Hi, I've managed to change my cursor for my entire site by injecting this code: <style type="text/css"> body, html { cursor: url( ), auto; } </style> Is there a way to target specific sections to change cursor?
  5. Site URL: https://www.mahacreative.co.nz/ Hi, I'm trying to have a tab like style side nav similar to this - would anyone know how to do this? I found this Code pen for something similar but I'm not sure how or where to add it https://codepen.io/skkhan/pen/MWWdXbb
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