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  1. Nice suggestion @paul2009 but I can not give 10-15 staff access. Chances someone screws up something is just too high.
  2. As you we all know Google Analytics allows you to exclude visits based on IP addresses so staff visits and/or visits from the offices of the client, or even mine for testing purposes, will not be part of the analytics. It would be great if Squarespace offers that option as well. Some smaller clients of mine do not need Google Analytics and are very happy with the analytics offered by Squarespace, but because they are smaller companies, their visits to the site, or even my visits to check something, are skewing the data somewhat. If I can exclude those visits, the data will be a better representation of ACTUAL visitors. Shouldn't be that hard I would think? Anyone any thoughts?
  3. Hi @JealousWeekends You can paste the code into Code Injection so ALL pages have that horizontal scroll, or...paste it in a specific Page Injection for only one (or more) particular page(s). No restrictions for the amount of sections! The only thing to keep in mind: because of the limited height, which is constricted by the viewport of the browser and device used, you can't have too much content in a section. We have created the code in such a way that if we detect that you are on a device/or have set your browser to be narrow, we detect that and automatically switch it to a regular vertical view. More on https://www.sqsmods.com/horizontal and the demo here: https://devhor.squarespace.com/?password=sneakpeek This video shows it: We only injected the HOR SCROLL on the Homepage and the others pages have a regular vertical scroll. You can also see what happens when we squeeze the window. CleanShot 2021-06-18 at 12.34.54.mp4
  4. Curious about a fix as well. did you get it @nkknmnn and @tuanphan
  5. Nope... and we couldn't get it to work because of how 7.0 is different from 7.1 when it comes to Sections.
  6. Hi Everyone, Maybe this solves your challenge: https://www.sqsmods.com/horizontal We are planning to offer a a per section horizontal scroll. Example: - you have 7 sections + footer - section 3-4-5 should be shown horizontally when you scroll to that point, 1-2-6-7 vertically. Cheers, Roland
  7. @MaddieSmith Any updates/thoughts on this integration. I am somewhat forced to abandon my favourite builder, Squarespace, for a new platform, Shopify, to get Canadian clients wanting to use the $42M grant to get businesses online.
  8. Hi @MaddieSmith, Hope all is well. Would it be possible for you to share with us if Canada Post integration is something the team is working on? As you can imagine more and more stores are going online and the biggest issue I, and I think I speak for all Canadian developers, face is that there is no real way to calculate shipping costs. I have recently be playing around with Shopify Lite and the 'button' to take people out of Squarespace and let Shopify handle, and collect payments, but that is not ideal. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. PS: I will also send this to your email address in case you do not follow these posts. Kind regards, Roland
  9. Anybody else seeing some UI changes to e.g. buttons and Image Blocks?
  10. Hi @rwp Would you be willing to outline how you got it to work?
  11. Hi everyone, Have you ever tried: site:yoursiteURL in Google? I am seeing some worrying things: 1: It shows up with the Nolan 7.1 template Site Description >> Maybe an idea to NOT have Google index the Circle fora @MaddieSmith? 2: It also shows posts where I posted the URL within this Circle Forum I have connected Google Search console from both the Squarespace site as well as Google Search Console AND asked to recrawl and submitted a new sitemap. Guess I need to be patient now...
  12. @tuanphan That code is very nice, but on mobile the text is pushed outside the image. I tried it on the Image Poster Block on this page: https://www.qwestsafety.ca/home (still work in progress) and it works on desktop, but on mobile it looks pretty bad. I think it is the same issue as I emailed you about? Have a great day and stay safe!
  13. @hanna38This works for me as well: https://lingojam.com/SuperscriptGenerator Add the number, and copy the outcome on the right. No need for Markdown.
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