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  1. This is a great video lightbox option: https://www.fusehub.ca/video-plugin
  2. If the form is 100% identical you can copy the yui for that block and paste it to a new page by using a code block. Note: you won't be able to tweak that 2nd form without adding code to the code block. Also, if you ever delete the 'master form', the copied versions will over time be removed by Squarespace. Maybe not the best way, but it works. Another option: https://www.kathomalley.com/blog-original/2016/9/19/want-to-duplicate-or-copy-the-form-block-in-squarespace-try-this Would be nice if Squarespace would allow us to copy forms...
  3. I am dealing with a similar issue/request. Maybe @paul2009, he has amazing solutions, could she his light?
  4. Thanks for your thoughts and that link Paul. i see some nice templates on the Shopify platform and knowing e-commerce is more important than a super-fancy site, I might use Shopify... but just this time. or... could I still create a fancy Squarespace site and link to Shopify for the actual sales? 🤔
  5. Hi, I am pitching to a client who will sell apr. 10 SKU's and they are pushing Shopify over any other platform. I do like the marketing tools offered in the Shopify App Store, online marketing campaigns and integration with e.g. Google and Facebook to get more eyeballs on the product, better (?) shipping integration... etc... But they will only have 10 SKUs... not 1,000 so I am torn. Any advise? Have a great day! Roland
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