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  1. Hello Tuanphan, is it possible to do this with Mexican Pesos (MXN)? I'm struggling with US customers visiting my website (loesencial.mx) and thinking everything is (hyper expensive) in USD when it really is MXN. Thanks in advance,
  2. Site URL: https://loesencial.mx/shop/ Hello, I have an issue with some CSS custom code I have on my webpage. When on desktop, the adjustment and margins works fine, it is centered. But the problem is on mobile I can't seem to make it adjust properly, and it hyphenates the animated word making it look terrible (I'm attaching a screenshot of my issue) Even on tablet the spacing makes it align to the left rather than centered. Is there a way to set the animated text to scale only on mobile to avoid that hyphenation? I'd prefer a line break, but a scale down would work too. I'm on Brine on 7.0. Thanks in advance!
  3. @tuanphan would you be able to help me add a Captcha to the cart page, just before the checkout page? of course, not for free. please let me know. thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.loesencial.mx Hello fellow Circlers, this is my first time posting here, so hi! 👋🏼 I manage an e-commerce website (loesencial.mx), and lately (last 6 months or so) we've been having serious trouble with fraudulent payments and card testing from people trying stolen credit card info. We've been trying lots of stuff with Stripe tools to prevent this, but we're still having trouble and losses with disputed payments. One of the tips the Stripe Support Team provided us is to add friction on the checkout process to avoid automated payment attempts, (we're currently having IP addresses attempting over 100 cards in less than half an hour), and our best option for that is to add a captcha before, or during checkout. I'm aware that Squarespace by design has an enclosed checkout environment, so I wanted to ask if anyone here has had similar issues, and if you were able to solve it, or if anyone has successfully added a Captcha on the shopping cart page. I don't have much experience in coding but I understand some of the basic stuff, so I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks in advance from the whole team at our little leather goods brand 🙂
  5. Hello CMurphy, I have the exact same issue, how did you manage to avoid stacking and keep them centered? My site is bcfit.mx
  6. sure, url is bcfit.mx and pass is BC2020. the whole site is still in progress, but i haven't managed to solve the logo color. thanks in advance!
  7. hello again Tuanphan this worked perfectly for desktop, but failed to work on mobile. i tried solving it using the following, but it didn't work: <style> .header-title-logo img { filter: invert(1); -webkit-filter: invert(1); } </style> <style> @media screen and (max-width:640px) { .view-item .Header-branding-logo { -webkit-filter: invert(100%); filter: invert(100%); filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(invert='1'); } } </style> do you have any advice for it to work both on mobile and desktop? thanks
  8. hello tuanphan is there a way I can use this code for specific URLs, not only blog types? thank you very much in advance
  9. Hi @tuanphan I'm trying to move the Add to Cart button above the description, but can't find an option to do so, and I'm pretty noob on CSS. Could you assist me? This is the product page example Thank you very much in advance!
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