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  1. Hi, Squarespace offers Stripe and PayPal, but I'm not sure which one to choose, or whether to use both. I'm listing products in South African Rands (ZAR). Squarespace's documentation is contradictory about which payment option will work. Their documentation lists ZAR as being compatible only with Stripe, but Stripe's global website doesn't list South Africa as being supported. Their documentation specifically lists ZAR as not being compatible with PayPal, but PayPal's global website has South Africa listed as being supported. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  2. We manage our site/commerce purchases through Squarespace and manage email communication through ActiveCampaign. Specifically, we sell Lesson Plans BUT we also charge a monthly subscription fee to our customers. I am looking for a way to integrate transaction data made through Stripe/Squarespace to ActiveCampaign. I see there is a way to use Zapier to zap Stripe data to ActiveCampaign, but the issue that we're running into is not being able to differentiate between Lesson Plan purchases and Monthly Subscription fees. We do not want membership fee data integrated to ActiveCampaign, we only need to see the Lesson Plan purchases data in ActiveCampaign. Can you advise on how or if this is possible to do? I've gone through setting up a Zap for this action, but am not seeing a way to pull in this specific data piece from Stripe. Thank you!
  3. Hello, We have a rental type business where people buy our product for a certain amount of time and then we pick it up when they're finished. Is there a way to charge late fees to customers via Squarespace-Stripe?
  4. Site URL: https://twentytwentysix.gallery/limited-editions/martine-emdur This post is both a warning of sorts as well as a request for advice. Stripe has closed down the account of my client due to selling limited edition prints. "Specifically, we are unable to accept payments for pornography and adult content, as mentioned on our restricted businesses list." The site in question is an art gallery website - the artworks are created by a very highly regarded fine artist and the content is by no means pornographic or adult content. The art hangs in houses, commercial venues and in these situations would most certainly be viewed by children. The client appealed and are now asking for a solution.... The site was recently upgraded to 7.1 and it was my suggestion to use Squarespace ecommerce for an easier experience for the gallery. Previously on 7.0 we used a shopify button but because there were a lot of products that was a logistical nightmare - using squarespace has been (until now) far more pleasurable. In looking for alternatives Shopify has the same list of restricted businesses and adult content/pornographic images are listed so I'm surprised the account wasn't flagged. The client appealed and received communication saying their decision is final. I was hoping that if the offending images were removed from the store it would ameliorate the situation but from what I understand the account is 'closed'. Has anyone been through a similar experience with art as opposed to other products like CBD etc and if so what was your solution? Thanks in advance.....
  5. I'm having an issue where my clients subscriptions are being cancelled immediately if there are insufficient funds in their nominated account. Squarespace does not retry any number of times to acquire the funds, but simply cancels the subscription. This has occurred a number of times now, and since a new subscription has to be made every time this happens I am hoping there is a way to override this? I'm using Stripe as the payment processor. Apologies if this is an easy fix or a common problem, I have searched high and low for an answer to this but can't find anything about it.
  6. Site URL: https://www.atelierrobotiq.com/ Stripe is connected as a payment processor, but it doesnt show s a payment option on our website at the checkout. Paypall is connected and visible, but we already had this problem before Paypall was active. I hope you can help, thanks in advance!
  7. We have a custom form on our website for donors to give, and the additional information field includes info to which specific fund they want to give. However, when that donation is processed through Stripe, the additional information field is not reported. Thus, for our accountants to have knowledge of which fund the money should go to, they cannot see it in our Stripe reports. Any ideas as to how to get this additional information which is very important reported over to Stripe in all transactions?
  8. Hello forum friends, I'm hoping to find a solution for a client who rents out (converted to electric) vintage cars. We are using scheduling for day bookings of the car. Aside from full payment, we will need to put a security hold on the credit card as well, to be returned to customer at conclusion of the rental. We are using Stripe as a payment processor. Is this possible and how would I set it up? many thanks
  9. Hello forum friends, I'm hoping to find a solution for a client who rents out (converted to electric) vintage cars. We are using scheduling for day bookings of the car. Aside from full payment, we will need to put a security hold on the credit card as well, to be returned to customer at conclusion of the rental. We are using Stripe as a payment processor. Is this possible and how would I set it up? many thanks
  10. I wonder about the connection of the payment methods established on the website. I explain, at first, PayPal was connected for the payment. After that, I wanted to change to Stripe. All the information in the interface tells me that Stripe is indeed connected. However, when it comes time to complete the payment, a PayPal button always appears? However, I cannot remove it in the design settings. Please tell me how to fix this situation as soon as possible so that Stripe is functional for all payments made via my website. I look forward to hearing from you, Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  11. Site URL: https://lafayettewritersstudio.com Hi, I am trying to figure out how to pass Stripe fees onto my customer. I offer reasonably writing classes and the fees are killing me. If I simply increase the cost of my classes, Stripe will simply take more of the 2.9% and .30 per transaction. Is there a way to add this onto the checkout or through some other means? Thanks much, Melissa
  12. Site URL: http://www.oregonhemphouse.com My website is no longer able to accept credit cards. Like, it's been suspended. Has anyone been able to use Square on Squarespace, instead of Stripe?
  13. I just started using the scheduling fuction, and when I try the preview, it only shows credit card as payment method. I've enabled stripe on my website, and there should be more payment methods, also the payment gateway interface shoud look different. Any tips? I'm I doing something wrong?
  14. Site URL: https://www.stmaryscathedral.co.uk My customers are getting the error message Unable to process payment when they enter their credit card details to make a purchase on my site, I would be very grateful if someone could help me fix this. Many thanks Nicola
  15. Hi, I've been trying to figure out in Stripe how to pass on Stripe processing fees to cutomers, but can't seem to work it out as I don't have the "payment Services" option in Stripe. Is it possible that Squarespace has disabled this? Before using Squarespace, I did manange to pass on these fees to my customers? " How can I pass Stripe processing fees on to customers (known as "surcharging" in Xero)? If you have chosen to use Stripe as a payment service, you can automatically add a processing fee to the payment total when your customer pays by credit card. You can do this by going to Settings > Payment Services and selecting the Charge my customer a processing fee option."
  16. Site URL: https://s3dentalsussex.co.uk/onlinebooking Hi , I need a little bit of help. Since the implementation of the strong customer authenication in March 2022, my online booking page is not functioning properly. Previously the site i built for a dental practice has an online booking page which allowed their patients to book appointments online and take payment via stripe. They do not have access to edit the online booking page itself but i was able to embed the page with an iframe to fit into the their website so that the online booking was contained within their actual site. www.s3dentalsussex.co.uk/onlinebooking. I had install the code - <p> <iframe src=" https://onlinebookinguk.3pointdata.com/soe/new/S3 Dental?pid=UKTBT01" width="100%" height="1100" style="border:medium solid rgb(0,0,0)"></iframe> </p> This worked fine until the recent SCA which involves the online booking page itself having an internal redirect where the stripe allows for customer to fill in their card details before returning to the website. https://support.stripe.com/questions/strong-customer-authentication-sca-enforcement-date When you currently try and use the online booking you go through the process but when you need to enter the bank details you are left with the blurred out screen which is waiting for the card details to entered on a screen which is presented. If you use the onlinebooking link directly in a browser then it all works fine. I could just install a button and open up the page directly but this takes the customer out of their website, so trying to integrate it all. Is there anyway to code the online booking page to work like it previously did? Really appreciate all help.
  17. Site URL: https://sunflower-eagle-a3h3.squarespace.com/open-courses/mental-health-first-aid-champions-1-day-course-7th-april-2022-900am I am trying to set up a transaction fee as part of this project. My client has this set up within their stripe (and can do so legally) that the stripe transaction fee is charged to the client. I am suprised this isn't an option within Squarespace but also that the integration with Stripe doesn't pull this info through to the checkout. I am open to creative ideas here and some css to get the desired process but am a bit stuck! The customer journey through to purchase is primarily through an events calendar where customers can go straight to checkout. That said they can at this point still click on the product and go straight to checkout from there. (Something I am happy to disable if that is possible!) I thought one way around this was to create a product called 'Transaction Fee' and add two products to one payment/checkout link but it doesn't seem to be as simple as I was hoping! Anyone ideas how I can make this work? Product > https://sunflower-eagle-a3h3.squarespace.com/open-courses/mental-health-first-aid-champions-1-day-course-7th-april-2022-900am Event> https://sunflower-eagle-a3h3.squarespace.com/online-events/o0oxsupoddg1u0ihrj44mbcn4shj6h
  18. Hi, Can someone tell me how to embed the Stripe payment button on to my SquareSpace website so I can take credit card payments.
  19. Site URL: https://www.mobilefascia.com/ What other payment servers are there other than stripe? Stripe has closed my account becuase I had CBD on my website for massage therapy. I removed all CBD from my site but they wont reverse their decision.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm building SS sites for new business owners (coaches and other health related services), who only need simple payment options like : pay in full with Stripe or PayPal pay in installments aka payment plans (for bigger coaching packages) Right now I'm not satisfied with SS Advanced commerce plan because if you can use the "suscription" option to create some kind of payment plan, SS confirmed that customers can cancel their "suscription" any time, and you won't even get notified. So basically right now there is no native way to do real payment plans on SS Commerce... What are you using or installing on your clients' sites for payment? I'm looking for budget friendly options as we're targeting new small business owners, France based . So far I came across Moonclerk and Acuity, any other suggestions ? Thanks for your help !
  21. Site URL: https://www.enchantingco.com What are the options for accepting payments in South Africa ? Stripe and Square both don't work for South Africa based companies and very few people in SA use Paypal. The most widely used payment processor in SA is PayFast, is there a way to use them please?
  22. Hi, How do you pass the customer name (and email address) directly into Stripe? From there I am triggering a Zap from Zapier to connect with my email provider so an automated message with their first name gets sent to them once they become a customer. I see no direct way in doing this but I assume there must be a way. Thank you
  23. One of the most annoying failures of the Commerce platform, for our business, is that the Stripe Payment integration doesn't transfer any product/service data. The Stripe API quite clearly allows for the inclusion of data in a network request by way of a variety of available variables like "product description", "memo" or "description". This is a problem for those of us small business owners who are attempting to track each Stripe transaction in accounting software like Quickbooks. Without any product data sent along with the payment transaction, the transactions can't be automatically categorized for sales analysis and reporting. Why doesn't Squarespace send product data to Stripe???
  24. Hello! I have a bed and breakfast client that wants to add their Stripe account on their website as a widget that sits on their site. They were able to do this on WordPress, but not sure if this is possible on SquareSpace? Has anyone done this before? Thanks!
  25. Site URL: https://www.natuswellness.com Hello, We are trying to setup a subscription that requires an additional up-front fee for the first installment. I know this is possible in Stripe, but I dont see how this is possible in Squarespace Advanced Commerce. To illustrate what we are trying to do: - Month 1 = $200 (regular price of $100 + an additional $100 for an initial consultation) - Month 2 through X = $100 Another option would be to bundle two products and only offer the bundle: - Product 1 = $100 for an initial consultation (1 time charge) - Product 2 = $100 recurring monthly payment (subscription) Are either of the above possible? If not, is there a plugin that works? We want to avoid custom dev work with Stripe due to the costs. Thanks
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