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  1. Thanks @creedon! Appreciate the additional thinking. Going to look around a little and see what might be doable. Our hope is that the news aggregator we're having issues with might be able to recommend a workaround or a more specialized developer who could do something in the vein of what you're suggesting.
  2. Hello! I run the website for an online magazine called The Dial that publishes new issues every month. Each of these issues is created in a new blog collection. We did this because we wanted each issue to have a unique slug (/issue-X/article-name), a different color, its own landing page, for the pagination at the bottom of each article to be confined to a given issue, and in general to make targeting each issue with custom code easier. Currently, we're trying to get our work onto news aggregators using each issue's RSS feeds and are encountering a problem. Some (Apple News, Flipboard) have been successful, but others (SmartNews) are not working because the format/tags that they look for when scraping the RSS feeds don't match up with what Squarespace uses. So, for instance, SmartNews doesn't show any of our blog articles as having thumbnail images even though each article has a featured image. We get an error that "item.media:thumbnail is missing". I know this is a bit of a niche issue, but I'm wondering if anyone has experience specifically with modifying the RSS feeds on Squarespace? Essentially, adding code that could tell external feed aggregators that, for instance, the featured blog post images on Squarespace are in fact the 'item.media: thumbnail' that they're looking for? Or, if anyone has any recommendations for developers with experience working with Squarespace RSS feeds that we could potentially hire to help out. Thanks in advance.
  3. ah, in that case I'll do without the code as google search results are very important for this client. but thank you anyway!
  4. I don't have the blog post in question live yet, but the site is here: https://www.thedial.world/. Essentially, I want a visitor to be able to click an item in the summary list, which will take you to a different page on the site (using an alternative Source URL). But then I don't want the 'dummy' blog post that I'm using just so it shows up in the summary list to appear on the bottom pagination of the blog collection when you're clicking through the articles. If it's not possible, I'll just create a new blog for just the article in question, but curious if there's a cleaner workaround.
  5. Thanks @Ziggy! I think this could definitely be a good solution, going to try this approach to start. Appreciate the advice.
  6. Following up to see if you could provide the necessary code for this, with the # added where the line break should go? Thanks @tuanphan!
  7. Hello! Was wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to remove a single blog post from the pagination carousel at the bottom of each post? So that you can view the article in full if directly linked to it, but the pagination carousel skips over it? Even if it lives in the same blog? Thanks 🙂
  8. I've found various resources for creating multi-lingual sites on Squarespace, but I wanted to ask the forum hive mind to see if anyone had any notions for how one could go about creating a single blog post in two languages. So that you would be able to toggle between two languages but stay on the same blog page, and the pagination at the bottom would stay the same. My gut is that it's not really doable the way I'm imagining, but curious if anyone has any thoughts!
  9. I'm planning on changing the social share image on a client's homepage every month (it's a publication with monthly issues) and was wondering how that will affect the social share images that appear on social media. Will previously shared links update to the new image or will they still have the social share image used at the time of the post? Hoping for the latter so that, for instance, when you go to their Twitter feed in the future, it's not just the same graphic over and over again. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. One quick follow up: the box only shows up on first load, and then if I click elsewhere on the page or in the pop-up it goes away.
  11. Sorry for the late reply here @paul2009, but thank you for this info! A very frustrating limitation on Squarespace's part but I'll certainly explore doing the code block with the author profile html and see how that looks. Thanks again for the thorough answer and workaround notions.
  12. I've figured out how to customize my promotional pop-up a good deal, but I can't seem to get rid of this annoying black box around the close out button. See attached photo. Any ideas? I also removed all of my custom code to see if anything funky was going on, but the box remained...
  13. I'm creating a blog for a client of mine -- and sometimes the posts will have more than 1 author. Is there any way to add multiple authors to a blog post so it displays each of their names as separate, clickable metadata entries in a summary block and on the post itself? And then also have two separate author profiles at the end of the blog post? I don't want to just put "X Smith & Y Doe" as the author name in Permissions given the above goals. Seems crazy that there wouldn't be a built-in feature to allow this functionality. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  14. Hi! I can't for the life of me figure out how to target the color of links in the body text of a promotional pop-up. I can change the body copy color through CSS, but not the links... any thoughts or help? Much appreciated, thanks!
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