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  1. thanks @tuanphan, but it doesn't work that way for me. See attached gif.
  2. hey @tuanphan - this doesn't seem to work anymore. I now get an Edit Design/Edit Menu button. When I click on the hamburger icon it just opens the mobile menu. and nowhere in the Edit Design/Edit Menu button screens is there anywhere to change the style of the hamburger. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for those gallery codes @tuanphan - exactly what I was looking for today.
  4. Do you know how to find out the actual section ID? Are you putting that code in verbatim or did you remove the actual section ID just to post here? I don't get an error when I use an actual section ID @media screen and (max-width:640px) { section[data-section-id="62d7891f8827696c83125768"] { display: none; } }
  5. hi @tuanphan I didn't solve it. the animation is still there. the images fade in on scroll.
  6. Site URL: https://www.sightcareopticians.co.uk/frames-range Hello On this page of my client's website I have a few gallery blocks. https://www.sightcareopticians.co.uk/frames-range I want to disable the fade-in animation but it would seem that the animation is hard-wired into the site and it doesn't seem possible to disable it in the block or site-wide animation options. Does anyone know how I can disable the fade-in animation of the three gallery blocks I have on that page? thanks in advance Col
  7. Thanks. What website were you using to get the domain information to help me? Thank you again for helping me with this @paul2009 - it's very much appreciated. The client seems to be receiving emails correctly now.
  8. Thanks again @paul2009 - what website are you using to get that info? BTW, they're now receiving and sending emails OK. Phew. Thanks again for your help. Also, is it a security risk to leave all my client's mailbox/DNS/MX info online on this forum? I'd like to buy you a coffee as a small way of saying thanks. Do you have a means for me to be able to do that?
  9. Many thanks @paul2009 - I really appreciate you taking the time to help. I've made the changes as you instructed and have sent test emails which haven't been received as of yet. In your experience will the changes I made be instant or do I need to wait for them to propagate?
  10. Site URL: http://www.sightcareopticians.co.uk Hi I've built a new site for my client using Squarespace. The old site and domain were hosted by a different company. The emails are hosted by yet another company. I have successfully transferred the domain to Squarespace. The email host has given me the MX record as and the SPF as V=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all I entered this information into the custom DNS records on Squarespace. The previous webhost gave me the MX record they were using as mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk with 1 priority and then gave me the instructions: My client's emails have stopped working since the domain transfer and it's probably because I put their mail server IP address ( into the MX record field when I should have put mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk and then set up a subdomain pointing to My client sent me a screenshot of their iPhone email settings and the host is mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk, not the IP address I do not want to ask the client to change their host email settings from mail.sightcareopticians.co.uk to — I want to be able to set this up from my end so they don't need to do anything at their end. I have now set up the DNS setting based on what I think they should be to include the sub-domain pointing to the mail server IP address: Is this the correct way to set up a sub-domain to point to mail server's IP address? I have sent them a test message but I heard it can take 72 hours for these settings to propogate. Any help or guidance with this problem would be great thanks. Col
  11. thanks @creedon but I'd already done that but have redone it in case it was wrong. But it's still not working. Perhaps some other code is clashing with it?
  12. hi @creedon - I've implemented your code but I see no message on empty categories. Would you be able to check to see what's up with just front-end access? Password is: golfballs Category page is https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/all-grades/mint thanks in advance
  13. thanks @tuanphan and @bangank36 - I appreciate you spending time looking into this. However, there's a number of problems. This code: .product-mark.sold-out { margin-left: 0 !important; } removes a left-hand space I'd introduced to give a little space between the sticker and the product title as I consider it to be too close (see attached pic) also, this code section[data-section-id="6188c24cd1135778c730ad0a"] .product-mark{ max-width: 60px; width: 100%; } whilst it has the kinda desired effect on the category page, it also affects the sticker on the product page by causing the text to force-wrap inside the sticker boundaries which makes it unreadable (see attached pic) Is there any code I can implement to deal with those issues? thanks in advance
  14. thanks @bangank36 - this is getting there and it seems to work OK, but it weirdly now pushes some of the SOLD OUT stickers to the right causing misalignment with product images. weirdly it's inconsistent in its behaviour - see attached graphic. I'll leave the code in there for the moment so you can see it live. BTW, I use Chrome plugin Pesticide to help me see how pages are constructed - that what all those grid lines are the screenshot below.
  15. Site URL: https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/reduced Hello For some reason my Sold Out sticker is different sizes depending on the product title on category pages (see attached graphic). I have a bit of custom CSS for styling but even with that removed the text ("Sold Out") sometimes breaks into two lines and sometimes it doesn't. I can hack about CSS to get stuff to do what I want most of the time in Squarespace but this layout seems to be using flexbox which I just can't get my head around with regards to how to force my sticker to be the same size on every product. I've tried all manner of CSS things on the sticker itself but nothing seems to work. I want it to break into two lines for all products. Thanks in advance https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/reduced Password: golfballs
  16. thanks @tuanphan that seems to have done the trick. just out of interest, do you know why that grey bar is there? Is it a bug?
  17. Site URL: https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/p/12-wilson-dx2-soft-pearl-grade Looks like a scroll bar... but it's unneeded as there's only three images.... How do I get rid of it! See attached image or view page at Password: golfballs https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/p/12-wilson-dx2-soft-pearl-grade
  18. ColinB

    Sitemap Issue

    hi @ChristineDarby I've also just discovered this <image:caption>Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.</image:caption> problem in my sitemap too. I'm OK with manually fixing it but the problem is that I can't even see the placeholder text in any image caption fields in order to delete it. Is there a fix for this? Does anyone know if turning captions off will fix this?
  19. thanks @tuanphan but that hasn't made any difference. I don't see the ">" symbol in your code so how does your code change the backslashes "/" to greater-than symbols ">"? Just to make it clear: I want ">" not "/" in my breadcrumbs.
  20. thanks @tuanphan - well, this is weird. I just looked again and the greater than symbol IS used on product pages but NOT on others. PASSWORD: golfballs Here it is https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/p/titleist-pro-v1-2021-recycled-golf-balls-4ek5x-pmzbx-p9et2-shgl9 but they're backslashes here: https://encore-refresh.squarespace.com/shop/all-brands/srixon
  21. hi @jilldiane_ - did you ever figure this out?
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