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  1. When a customer wants to remove an item while on the Checkout Page, the "Remove" link to do this (which is below the Qty) is in a very light grey, and many customers are not able to find this easily. Is it possible to highlight this "Remove" link on the Checkout Page, perhaps by changing the colour to Red? (Brine template)
  2. Khushk, try the following instructions (worked for me in adding accordion dropdown to the Additional Info section of product page)😞 https://www.kayleighnoele.com/blog/how-to-install-a-faq-dropdown-accordion-in-squarespace
  3. Hi both, the following instructions helped add an Accordion Section to the Product Page. Worked for me (I added it in the Additional Info section). https://www.kayleighnoele.com/blog/how-to-install-a-faq-dropdown-accordion-in-squarespace
  4. Hi, does anyone know how to ensure that Squarespace creates a new customer_id with every payment received when a customer checkouts on Squarespace. Currently this does not happen. Others typically create a Stripe customer id with every payment processed (with options of create Stripe customer_id on every instance, or only for new customers). However, Squarespace does not have this basic functionality in place, which is critical to leveraging many other capabilities on Stripe. Is there a way to configure Squarespace checkout so that a new customer id is created on Stripe?
  5. @Tuanphan, could you help with the Custom CSS to reduce padding around this category title? And separately, how to change this from h3 class to h1 class for SEO
  6. Tuan Phan, can this be converted from h3 class to h1 class for SEO reasons.
  7. Thanks Tuanphan, this is solved. I figured out that this is the ordering 1,2,3,4 of the various items in the first section of product (below title) and was able to get it done.
  8. Yes, this is indeed a major inconvenience. As far as the bugs go, these were reported to customer service, whose first response was to suggest that I keep my expectations low, and the second comment was to go to the Forum. It is inexcusable that Squarespace rolls out updates with scant respect to documentation, or user testing, nor when the expected bugs arise do they show any urgency to fix this. It is absolutely bewildering that someone thought it a good idea to put the URL tree as a prefix to the SEO Title for a category page. As it is, the SEO title character length is pretty short at
  9. Wouldyou know how to downgrade back? Am also worried about other unforseen issues that may arise with going back . But at least it is useful to know if that option exists. I have a lot of product data loaded and can't afford to lose that or have it go haywire!
  10. My issues (three raised above) are still unresolved. Are you also getting the "/p" in your product url (example for your belo oak frame)? Also, are you getting the category/subcategory name prefixed to your SEO Title in the Browser Tab?
  11. Hi, could someone help on some issues with the new Squarespace product categories as also point me in the right direction on Design of Category pages. Background: I have just updated 7.1 commerce with the latest categories update (based on a notification I saw in the dashboard). This update provides more powerful category features, in particular, nesting of categories (ie Category, Sub-category). This is a useful feature. For example, one can create a category structure like Mens>Jeans, add those categories to a new product and Squarespace automatically generates the category and
  12. Hi, I was able to reorder the display of individual elements on my product (price, excerpt, variant dropdown, quantity, Add to Cart Button, and an Additional Button) using the Custom CSS below (add to Design>Custom CSS). (In the code below the last item, ".ProductItem-details .sqs-block.button-block.sqs-block-button" relates to the Additional Button I added which I needed to display after the Add to Cart. You would need to replace that with your own button details u can find on Inspect Element). You can change the 1/2/3/4/5/6 to set your own order priority. I hope this helps you
  13. Hi Dean, thank you for this. It worked on 7.1 . Only issue is that the Go to Cart is above the Add to Cart in mobile view. I did not understand your comment "If things are swapping around in your mobile view, you have to add the same order as the "Add to cart" button." Could you pls help on what needs to be done to correct this?
  14. For the Category Names listed on the top of the Shop page, the starting Letter/Alphabet is automatically capitalised. Therefore a category called iPhone is displayed as IPhone. Can someone help with simple CSS to stop this unnecessary capitalisation? We would like to have the category iPhone displayed as iPhone and not IPhone!! I wrote to Squarespace customer service, and they as usual empathised with the problem but had no answer. UPDATE - Aug 14. This issue seems to have been resolved with the latest Squarespace Commerce update (categories features update)
  15. Thanks for the clarification Paul. Clear now. Yes I was asking about image files and since it does not appear that the solution works for image files, I won't start a new thread. I guess we are stuck with the 5,000 character gobbledygook image URL that Squarespace bequeaths on us in their own wisdom.
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