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  1. Hi, @tuanphan. No, any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much, @tuanphan!
  3. Thank you, @tuanphan! Looks like it's not working, though. I still see 1 column. Any ideas why? Thanks again for your help!
  4. Site URL: https://mistoa.squarespace.com/ https://mistoa.squarespace.com/tienda/maceta-kaki password: 1234 Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. I'm working on 7.1 and noticed that product navigation varies between desktop and mobile. I have chosen: Product navigation: BOTH and both Prev/Next and Shop> Product appear on the screen (see screenshot). However, only Prev/Next appears on mobile (see screenhot), which is annoying, as it is not easy to go back to shop I appreciate any help. Thanks!
  5. Hello. I'm having the same issue and would love to use a drop down for categories on mobile. Can you help me with the code @tuanphan? https://mistoa.squarespace.com/tienda password: 1234
  6. Site URL: https://mistoa.squarespace.com/ https://mistoa.squarespace.com/tienda password: 1234 Hi! I hope someone can help, I might be missing a step. I set Quick view to appear on my products, however, when I click on the button, it takes me to Product details, as opposed to opening a window. Am I missing something? Thanks
  7. Hi @jameslittlewood Looks like there are some issues with Product Forms. I contacted Squarespace because I'm trying to set some forms to provide product options to my customers (and avoid having 60 different variables), but the information chosen by the customer is not recorded, which results in poor UX and makes it confusing for the client when completing the purchase. Unfortunately, they were not able to provide a solution, so looks like the Product Form feature is not fully available. We should definitely push for this to get fixed!
  8. I managed to change it with: body .checkout button.CheckoutButton-checkoutButton-3yWY2 {background-color: #27333c} Thanks!
  9. Here's a product page: https://mistoa.squarespace.com/tienda/lavabo-rectangular However, the button that I want to change is here: https://mistoa.squarespace.com/cart Thanks!
  10. Sorry, @tuanphan password:1234 https://mistoa.squarespace.com/cart
  11. Site URL: https://mistoa.squarespace.com/ Hi! I'm trying to change Checkout button's color on Cart page, but haven't been able to do it. https://mistoa.squarespace.com/cart Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Sure. https://grey-cube-5ptr.squarespace.com/tienda/milk-dip-cup-mlxla password: 1234
  13. Hi! I just noticed that my product's description appears after "Add to Cart" button on mobile, which makes no sense. The order seems fine on desktop (see screenshots). Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!
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