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  1. Okay, I'll likely need Biz Plan anyway. I've activated that now. If you're willing to continue to assist and recommend a javascript solution, I'd appreciate it.
  2. @creedon Thank you so much for your proof of concept code. I played with it as well as the design and settled on something a little simpler but I think nicer looking. The only outstanding issue I have with it is that I want those four triangles to stick to the background and scroll up with the page, not float over the other elements as the page scroll up. I suspect that's a simple attribute but I can't identify it. Any suggestions? https://tan-mauve-kb4n.squarespace.com Password: nywa
  3. Thanks! I created square overlay pngs and was able to roughly position them based on your code. I'm running into a few issues. The pngs aren't really centered since left 50% isn't based off the midpoint of the image. Cheating it by saying 45% looks wonky. Is there a code way to align these from the midpoint. The way I know how require block display not inline. Is it possible to cheat the left and right triangles off screen a bit so the sides show less triangle than the top and bottom? Particularly on an alt layout for mobile this would be very helpful. The overlay images don't move with the page scroll. I want them to be over just the top section with the full bleed image background. I would just embed them in that image but then often they're cropped off etc. '
  4. Site URL: https://tan-mauve-kb4n.squarespace.com password = prelaunch I'd like to float small .pngs at the edges of the display window for initial load on desktop and mobile, as shown in the mockup attached below. Is there a tutorial for this, or can you provide instructions?
  5. Thx Tuan, #2 just on the banner image on the homepage. Floating a 10 word text block in 11pt type in the lower right corner of the screen, over the background banner image, on load is what I'd like to do. #3 Business Plan, a javascript solution would be great
  6. Resolved #1 with settings in the design panel. Appreciate any help on #2 and most importantly #3.
  7. Site URL: http://ferret-vibraphone-l7b8.squarespace.com Hello I would like to make three modifications to my page (ferret-vibraphone-l7b8.squarespace.com) in the hero image area. 1) The hero image currently is extended vertically by inserting spacer blocks over it rather than directing it to fill 100% of the vertical area on screen load, and it also oddly doesn't quite go to the edges horizontally. I'd like to resolve these issues in code. 2) I'd love to be able to add a small photo credit for the main image. Ideally this happens immediately beneath the image but could happen over the image in the lower right corner. Doing it as a text block at the top of the section beneath the hero image places it too far away, it really would need to be snug up against the image so it seems like it needs to be a modification to the hero image section. 3) Biggest issue, I would like to make the nav bar transparent but fade in opaque when it's being rolled over. This site gives a good example (https://www.tracksmith.com) although theirs is also sticky and does the slick condensing thing none of which I need. I'd simply like to be able to read the nav links over the hero image without the opaque white bar at the top, and then when rolling over the nav area, that bar fades in.
  8. Thanks @bangank36! I've added a section with a standard image block now. It's live at: https://pepper-buffalo-5bc8.squarespace.com/creative
  9. Site URL: https://pepper-buffalo-5bc8.squarespace.com/creative Hello, I'd like to make the full bleed images on this page (https://pepper-buffalo-5bc8.squarespace.com/creative) display as non-parallax images. Using a standard image block with Sonora doesn't give the option to go full bleed. And using the Banner background image force parallax. I would prefer to use the simplicity of a standard image block but force it full-bleed. Is there code to make this possible?
  10. Is there a way to force specific instances of the image block to be full bleed in the sonora template?
  11. Ahhh, sorry. I made it public now. Either a way to force a standard image block to go full bleed or a way to eliminate the parallax masking and set defined proportions of the image in specific instances of the banner would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Site URL: https://pepper-buffalo-5bc8.squarespace.com/creative I'm using Sonora and like a lot of the template but on a few pages, I'd like to be able to have full-bleed images of fixed proportions instead of the parallax reveals that the "banner" feature seems restricted to do. Is there a workaround?
  13. That nailed it! So I can learn, does that apply to that specific block only? Is that what "-70fd934aa86ff7a033bd" means? If so, how does one identify the ID of other code blocks? Thanks!
  14. Site URL: https://www.hbcusoutside.com/blacktothetrails5k I have the smallest possible block with a single line of text in it. The brown bar on the page that reads: Global Trail Running Day, September 19th though the 27th, 2020 In the editor, the text is perfectly centered vertically, but once out of edit mode, it shifts up. Is there a way to force the text to actually be centered?
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