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  1. I am in the same boat after bringing this issue up nearly two years ago and sadly there is still no solution. I've contacted support and was told my suggestion would be noted. Shopify has had this feature since 2015. We simply need one toggle in the commerce section to "authorize only" which then gives us 7 days to capture the order in the Stripe dashboard (or SS orders tab). Stripe supports this feature, I've contacted them, but SS has not exposed it to us! I need this kind of processing ability as my final orders almost always change in value (customizations after initial order), most times increase. It also adds another level of security and avoids all sorts of issues associated with accepting credit card payments. Merging authorization and capture at the time of checkout simply does not fit the way we do business... I did not know about this before choosing SS, you only learn about these things afterwards.... I hope others here contact support and raise this matter, perhaps it will be heard a bit more loudly. Here is what is on Shopify's website - From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments. In the Payment capture section, click Manage. Select Manually capture payment for orders. Optional: If you use Shopify Payments and you want to receive emails before the authorization period for each order ends, then check Send a warning email when authorizations are close to expiring.
  2. Wondering if anyone has shared their frustrations with SS and asking to have this option....? Many thanks.
  3. I just revisited the mobile site... it must have been a SS bug in Fluid Engine when i first tried it... where changing the website in mobile view affected the desktop view. I've managed to make some progress and fixes that work without affecting the desktop/tablet version... or so it seems. I will explore more, thank you for the prompt to revisit....
  4. Yes, I am using Fluid Engine. When I edit it mobile view it also changes my desktop version, which is not what I want, it doesn't make sense. Perhaps I am not understanding what you mean by reorder... Irrespective of this, there are huge gaps, there is no resemblance between the desktop/tablet version, so >449 pixels and the site when 449 pixels or less, the layout completely changes, elements do not appear as they are supposed to - they become twice the size or shrink dramatically, just a huge mess. I may certainly be doing something wrong, what remains to be uncovered, if that be the case.
  5. Site URL: https://worksbyshaun.com/home-new Hello, I am reworking my home page and having significant issues with the page once you shrink it to less than 750 pixels wide, the entire homepage "explodes", the only way I can explain it. Graphics shift all over the page, nothing resembles what the page should look like layout wise. Please see the two screen grabs below. I do not believe that I am alone with issues like this and would greatly appreciate some direction on how I may resolve this... Thank you so much for your help. Website at 750px wide, as it should look... Broken/exploded website at 749 pixels wide...
  6. Site URL: http://worksbyshaun.com Hello and thank you for your help.... I am having to make a duplicate of my HOME page (WIP - redoing it using Fluid Engine), so it can be edited specifically for mobile devices, because currently there is one huge layout mess of content that appears on any mobile device - it does not resemeble the desktop version at all. Also, If you edit the desktop page in the mobile view and change anything to work on mobile, then it completely messes up the desktop page layout, extremely frustrating. To get around this, I will create a duplicate of my new HOME page, and change the URL to http://worksbyshaun.com/mobile. Then I will edit this page so it works only on a mobile device. This way the edits won't mess up my main desktop HOME page version. I am leaving the rest of my website as is, with the classic editor layouts, as these work on mobile devices. It's the new Fluid Engine that completely breaks anything on a mobile device. I need some of the new features present in Fluid Engine just for my new HOME page, hence why this workaround. What custom code would I add to the "Advanced" default (desktop) HOME page section to accomplish this? Something like this....? @media (max-width:768px){http://worksbyshaun/mobile {display:none!important}} Also, I wish to hide this custom mobile HOME page from Google search engines, as it's just a duplicate. Will this cause any indexing issues with my main desktop site and Google search engine? I don't want to mess with my sites main landing page and Google searches. Many thanks for your help.
  7. Hello Bangank36, Wonderful! For some reason I could not find the other block IDs at first, but I just did, so I am all good now. Thank you so much!
  8. Site URL: https://www.worksbyshaun.com/ I've tried a bunch of things but been unable to figure out the code needed to target each heading and adjust the padding so there is not so much white space floating around. I believe right now the default is 17px, top and 17px bottom, for the heading size I am using. I only want to target these three titles. Once I know how to do one I'll manage the rest. Perhaps it is also possible to change the padding around the line? Would be good to know too, but the text is the most important, each helps get rid of excess white space. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello Paul, I cannot thank you enough again for your help, so grateful! Everything is now working as it should be, wonderful stuff! I've learned much. Your previous code help allowed me to modify the newsletter CSS so it only affected the desktop version, 375px, leaving mobile untouched - "@media screen and (min-width: 768px)" Warm wishes, Shaun
  10. Site URL: https://www.worksbyshaun.com/shop/p/just-be-and-bloom-collection On the default store product page, on mobile devices I have run into two issues.... the Quantity drop-down selection box is not scaling, so it causes the website to not be centered by adding a horizontal scroll bar the Product Description is not wrapping to the next line, it wraps over the same line. Wondering why SS has not fixed this, hoping someone can help... Many thanks.
  11. Thank you so much Paul, I'll give this a go. Update... Awesome stuff Paul, all fixed, thank you! Learned a bunch.
  12. Hello Tuanphan. Just a little note to let you know the website is now live. Here is the store address to a product - https://www.worksbyshaun.com/shop/p/be-gentle-collection-large Thank you so much again!
  13. Hello Tuanphan. Site is not live yet... but should be by end of weekend. I'll post the link here as soon as it is live. Thank you so much for noticing my post and hopefully being able to help me shortly.
  14. Hello. I'm not sure how others find the 20 pixel padding on the store page acceptable, why it's not adjustable I have no idea! The copy that appears to the left or right of the main slideshow/image galley has a 20 pixel value. It should only be 6 pixels to align it with the top of the graphics. My site is not live yet, but any store page will have this problem. I've put screen grabs below. Also, there is a secondary problem in that the entire store (product page) is padded 6 pixels down from the top. I would love to correct this too.... meaning the text body would not need to be set to a padding of 6 pixels, but could be just 0, if the padding for the galley section was also zero. You can see the gap above the slideshow. Is there a way with custom CSS to fix both of these issues or at a minimum, align the text copy with the top of the graphics as a compromise? I would be so grateful for any help. SS support has not been helpful in this matter. Thank you!
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