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  1. @JJHulet if you share a link to the site I can give you hand
  2. Hey @generaletrius you can add this to Design -> custom CSS #collection-5cb95182a4222fef09bf59a6 #page { max-width: 1200px; margin: 0 auto; padding-left: 5vw; padding-right: 5vw; }
  3. Hey @GregHerman which page are you seeing the "Next" part, took a look at the homepage but wasn't seeing it anywhere
  4. @generaletrius got it and you were wanting the portfolio to sit flush with the menu?
  5. @generaletrius you should be able to control that from the Design settings. What's your site width currently set to?
  6. @todd-y you can add this to your custom CSS .header-nav-folder-content > * + * { border-top: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,.2); padding-top: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px; }
  7. Hey @generaletrius are you referring the layout on your homepage?
  8. @SheeraB do you have a link to your site?
  9. Hmmm that is strange, nothing in the code indicates that there's any error or issue. Are you seeing any syntax errors in your custom CSS window in edit mode?
  10. @Vanec hmm have you tested this on a mobile device or just on the browser in incognito? I'm seeing the border on my end.
  11. @andrea3 do you have a link to the site where you're having issues?
  12. @lieslmaduro do you have a link to the site? I can help you out
  13. Hey @songofeireann I can see the restaurant menu block. The items are clickable, can you explain more of what you're trying to do?
  14. @dearnaomichan do you have site where you're experiencing this issue?
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