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  1. Thanks @RyanDejaegher. I'm just using Squarespaces portfolio functionality in the Bergen template. If there was a way to use tags to search / sort projects that would be awesome. If not, I may have found a work around by creating some gallery pages that link to each project via the image - and not using the portfolio function. I'd still have to modify each section manually but that wouldn't be the end of the world. Tags / Categories would be great though.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to build a site for my architecture firm and all has gone very well so far. I created multiple "Portfolios" under our "Work" folder/menu related to the different markets our projects are in - such as Civic, Residential, Industrial, etc. I understand that under each Portfolio I can create up to 40 projects. The issues is that most of our projects can fall into multiple categories and I would like for them to appear in those relevant Portfolios. For example, I would like one project of ours to show up under Civic and Industrial. Is this possible, and if not, is it somet
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