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  1. Hi @creedon - This is a great solution. I stumbled on this as I just wanted to add some extra space between the bottom of the store page and the footer block. Is it possible to somehow use this to do that? Is there a way to just enter some blank line feeds or such so that it becomes equivalent to putting a spacer block below the last thumbnails in the store? Thanks!
  2. An update to anyone following this... Fenix from Code +Tonic has developed a solution to the problem here. He's posted a video showing how it works here: https://youtu.be/Wa-oEJWAfuA The way this currently works is that the pagination links will give the full name of the previous and next items in a store page's product lineup, with the links appearing at the bottom of the particular product page. He took a stab at this problem after I posted about this on reddit. If you are interested, you can contact him about this via his website here: https://codeandtonic.com/contact
  3. I wish I'd known that Squarespace would put me out of business by removing core functionality from the 7.1 commerce platform without any warning. Like almost all artists, my work exists in the form of portfolios, with each piece living within a larger body of work. I relied on Pagination in the Product Detail pages of the 7.1 commerce engine for the "previous" and "next" links that allowed viewers to move between individual works in my portfolios. Squarespace removed Pagination on Product Detail pages from the 7.1 platform without any warning, despite that it had been a core part of the commerce engine carried straight through from the 7.0 platform. Every competing platform offers Pagination on Product Detail pages, including Squarespace 7.0 even. Without it, I was instantly put out of business, as each piece became a dead end road. After six months of trying every possible way to solve the problem, I finally had to shut down my 7.1 site. This is a huge blow to me personally, but it's hard to see how it benefits Squarespace when every artist, craftsperson, or businessperson wants to make it as easy as possible for buyers to see and navigate through all the products they have on offer. Even more troubling is the fact that Squarespace has now shown that they can and will remove core functionality that your business depends on at any time and without any warning. I paid Squarespace to help put me in business, and instead I got put out of business. I've been a huge fan and longtime user of Squarespace, but I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone.
  4. I officially threw in the towel on Squarespace because of this issue and canceled my 7.1 site. One year's worth of work down the tubes.
  5. Just a status update for anyone following this... @paul2009 was unable to craft a solution due to a bug in the Squarespace code, as noted on his site here: https://sf.digital/product-ux-extension. Squarespace, meanwhile, has told me that Pagination was a "bug" that was never intended to be in the 7.1 platform. This seems incredibly disingenuous, considering that this "bug" was clearly core functionality carried from the 7.0 commerce platform straight into 7.1 when they started it. To add to this, Squarespace is now claiming that the 7.1 platform is "beta" software, so they have no need to guarantee functionality of any kind. This is interesting, seeing as they're selling the 7.1 platform right alongside the 7.0 platform and have no warnings of it being a beta product. Attached here is their statement to me, dated November 22, 2021. What's also odd about all this is that Pagination actually works on the 7.1 platform if you only use the Quick View option. So their code can clearly do Pagination. Why Pagination from Quick View can't just handle Products in their full view is beyond me. From Squarespace:
  6. Hi @KraftigCNC - I found your post here because I'm desperately trying to get pagination back on my product pages in 7.1 (Squarespace removed pagination without notice some time ago and instantly put me out of business by doing so). I added a blog page to my 7.1 site, but I can't seem to replicate your "problem", which would be my "solution." I'm guessing they fixed this "bug"?
  7. Hi @tuanphan - Thank you for your offer to help. I emailed you with the information you'll need to access the site. Much appreciated!
  8. Hello @paul2009, @creedon, and @tuanphan, You three obviously know a lot more about customizing a 7.1 Squarespace site than I do. I'm still stuck without a solution to Squarespace's removal of Pagination. While I'm not excited about this option, I'm wondering if I can just deal with this manually. I can easily create functional links in a format like "< Previous | Next >" within the text for a Product in a Store, but I can't figure out how to get that text into the space that was previously occupied by the automated Pagination system text. Do you know how I could get it into the right space? I've created a picture of what I'm aiming for here...
  9. Hi @creedon and @paul2009 - My apologies. It was right in front of my face, and I didn't see it. My bad! I hope to get this as soon as it's released.
  10. Hi @creedon - Odd. I no longer see it. Are we on the same site? https://sf.digital/squarespace-extensions
  11. Hi @paul2009, It looks like the "Coming Soon" extension for prev/next pagination in the 7.1 platform was taken off the SF Digital website. Is SF Digital no longer pursuing this? Thanks!
  12. Thank you! @paul2009, do you have an expected release date on this? Just a ballpark estimate would be great, if possible.
  13. Hi @creedon - That's unfortunate, but thank you very much for your time on that.
  14. Do cars exploding upon impact after driving off a cliff make a sound if no one at Squarespace is around to hear them? This metaphorical/philosophical conundrum stands at the heart of the problem here. Bear with me, if you will... I've had an ongoing dialog with Squarespace support about this issue. They liken the removal of pagination to road construction - sometimes disruption happens in order to improve the system. That's all well and good, but road construction generally leaves behind a new road when completed. Squarespace's approach to road construction here is like tearing out a bridge, walking away, and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Meanwhile cars are driving off a cliff into a dark abyss and exploding on impact. I had put months of work into building a new 7.1 site and spent a bundle on design work from a professional graphic designer. The removal of pagination instantly put me out of business. How? I'm a professional artist/photographer who sells work online. I'm dependent on viewers being able to move from one photograph to the next within a portfolio while having that portfolio integrated into a commerce engine. The removal of pagination instantly made each photograph a dead end road (to keep the road work analogy going). I suspect I'm not the only artist or craftsperson who wants to sell their work AND have viewers be able to move between items for sale. The 7.1 platform now offers the option of either selling your work OR showing work as part of a portfolio (via a Gallery or Portfolio) but not both. Pagination allowed both at once. This is a serious downgrade. In terms of when pagination might be added back to 7.1, I was given a timeline that can only be described as "maybe to never." How am I supposed to plan around that? If this doesn't bother you, consider this in the broader framework... Squarespace has shown that they can and will remove critical functionality without prior feedback or warning. In an instant, you can be functionally out of business without recourse. In this case, pagination had been part of the commerce system for literally years in the 7.0 system and was carried straight through to 7.1. There was no reason to expect this functionality to be removed. Squarespace sold me on moving from my old 7.0 site to building a new 7.1 site based in part on pagination as core functionality of the 7.1 commerce engine. If the idea of being put functionally out of business overnight troubles you, please create a support incident with Squarespace and raise the issue. You can cut and paste what I've written here if it makes it easier. Only if enough people complain will they pay attention. I'm fighting this battle and losing. I just had to resurrect my old expired 7.0 site just to have this functionality again. I now have to start all over again. Please help Squarespace hear the cars exploding at the bottom of the canyon.
  15. Hi @creedon - Thank you. Sorry, I should have clarified that. Is it possible to use CSS code to set that per Store in the Store Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection as you did in 7.1 but instead in the 7.0 Brine template family? Thanks!
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