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  1. Go to Pages, click on the + on the right of Not Linked. You'll see Folder as one of the options.
  2. I've done this with a few products in my store. What I did was create a folder (for organization purposes) that's not linked. Then inside that folder, I created a store to contain products I don't want to show in my main site.
  3. @freelancervillepalmu - you can try contacting SQSP support and see if they can help you with it, but what you're trying to change/translate is part of the email template that we can't edit so I don't know.
  4. His screenshot is the new look for the confirmation email. And I don't see a way to switch back to the old editor. I also remember reading that sometime in January 2021, everyone will be switched to the new editor and any customization you do on the old one will not be carried over.
  5. @tuanphan - OP asked specifically if the line ""We will be in contact shortly regarding the services you have ordered." can be edited. It can't be edited...you can add extra info before or after that part, but you can't edit the Order Summary part.
  6. That part of the template can't be edited, I'm afraid.
  7. Unfortunately, I've read so many times here that SS doesn't really read the forums. If you want a feature or something, you will have to log a ticket with their customer care support. Frankly, I'm surprised SS ignores so much of what's going on in this forum because it's a HOTBED of insights as to what their customers want and need, and how they can make their platform, especially the Commerce plan, so much better. They market themselves as giving you the tools to create beautiful websites easily -- and I agree with that...my site/store is so much better than any of my previous stores BUT if y
  8. If you have a Squarespace store (Advanced Commerce), you can sell gift cards that customers can use to buy stuff that you are selling on your Squarespace store. Recipients are sent a code that they copy-paste when they are checking out from your store.
  9. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be possible. I just tested it a while ago by setting up automatic discounts for both Orders Over and Products by Category. Interestingly, the cart applied the automatic Products by Category discount even though the amount is a lot lower than the Orders Over automatic discount. (I think I've read that the cart will apply the larger discount but it doesn't seem to be the case...or I could be wrong and remember incorrectly.) SS discounting feature needs improvement and it's been one of the things I've been frustrated with, especially since the store pages were
  10. No, you can't change the product type. You'll need to re-create it and choose the correct product type -- Service instead of Physical.
  11. If Squarespace allows the manual creation of gift cards, it might be possible -- and you'd have to create the free gift card manually. As it is, as store owner, you can't even use gift cards as a promotional tool because you'd have to buy the gift cards from yourself -- the "solution" I was given back in May when I asked why I can't create gift cards to give away (which, IMO, was a ridiculous solution).
  12. Not sure it's possible...unless you use a different service that has that functionality. With Squarespace, customers can download files within 24 hours (and then they will have to contact you if they want to re-download) -- there doesn't seem to be a way to limit how many times they can download within that time frame.
  13. Paypal and Stripe are the only 2 payment gateways you can use in Squarespace natively. You could also look into using Shopify Buy buttons on your site.
  14. You can't edit orders. However, you can re-send the order fulfillment email to a customer's corrected email address. After you mark their order fulfilled, click on Email Notifications in the order summary then type in their correct email address in the "Resend Order Fulfilled Notification" field and hit Send.
  15. Instead of showing "Only X available" on the limited availability label, I would like it to say "Only X left", where X = a number. Is this possible using custom CSS? Thank you!
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