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  1. This is perfect, LouieLouie! I was trying to cobble exactly this from a bunch of 2020 posts. Thank you so much for this! Now I just have to tweak it so the category menu stays centered...
  2. I was away on holiday. I'm so happy to see a response as I get back to it. Yes, that's exactly where I'd like it to be. Is there anyway to tweak the text too? The floating "or" is a bit awkward. Also, I'm guessing it only appears for our Canadian customers, right?
  3. Hi! Yeah, it's public. Here's one of the product pages: https://www.marcelchenier.com/shop1/p/force-005-pw56x
  4. Late to the party, but I have the price block hidden. The Afterpay widget is appearing where the price would normally be. Is there a way to drop the Afterpay widget down under to the cart button? I'm thinking I can keep the price hidden but need to include code to drop the price until after the cart button (then the widget will auto-follow, right?). If that's the case, what's the code for moving the price block?
  5. Yeah, I wish I'd known that many of my customers would want an installment plan--only to find Squarespace has VERY limited availability through Afterpay. If your customers are not in the country you're in, Afterpay doesn't work for you.
  6. Well, I'm in Canada, but most of my customers are in the US. As of now, Afterpay is only available for the customers in the same country as me, meaning it's pretty much useless. How can I get around this? I might be able to use a relative's US address and set up a US bank account, but how many other changes would I have to make (Stripe, Paypal, Squarespace, change the currency on all my products)? Or is there another third-party payment processor that allows for installment payment plans that I can use with Squarespace? Has anyone tried using Affirm or Partial.ly via embedding a button on the SQS store page? And how would this affect accounting? TIA.
  7. Hi bangank36, Yes, I did, exactly as you suggested before and it didn't work. I even tried it again, following the video in case I'd missed something the first time. I even tried it in the header. Still no change: Home, Gallery & shop all work fine, but BIO and CONTACT do not (see my screen shots above). Thank you!
  8. Bangank, I tried the code injection in the footer, nothing changes. Are we sure we don't want this in the header? I tried the code there too but it didn't help.
  9. The code injection for the footer? And now I've changed the Contact navigation to go to a different contact page, and still it's still not underlined when active. If it helps, in my Pages menu, the ones that get underlined when active show up with a page icon (or a shopping cart for the Shop), but the Contact and Bio show up with a link icon next to it.
  10. Yeah, I already had Home, Gallery and the Shop all underlined when active. I want Contact and Bio to be likewise underlined when active.
  11. Site URL: https://www.marcelchenier.com After all day searching through the forums, I never found an answer for this. I'm using 7.1 and in my navigation bar (header), I have two anchor links, one to the bio on the home page, one to the footer with the contact info. The other navigation elements which go to different pages (home, gallery, shop) get underlined when active, but these two do not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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