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  1. Hello! Is there any chance you could take a look here and give me a nudge in the right direction? https://nealcasalmusicfoundation.org/podcast I'm on 7.1 and cannot figure out how to reduce the content width for the actual blog list itself. The blog detail pages are fine, but the list is waaay too wide (for desktop). Mobile is fine. Thank you!!
  2. Just echoing the frustration here. I do understand how complicated shipping configs can be to program but per product shipping configs seem like low-hanging fruit for Squarespace to invest in. I wish they would! I'm trying to solve for having two separate shipping locations: one in the US and one in the EU. It is a serious puzzle to try to figure out how to address this. I can't use flat rate and setup shipping zones because each product has vastly different weights, but I can't use weights because I don't want someone in Europe to pay for shipping FROM the US when we have a distro center in the EU. I do NOT want to move to Shopify for this. If anyone has any bright ideas that I am missing, please share! Thanks so much.
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