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  1. Hi there, Does anybody know how to add an indent around the sides in 7.1 in just one section (not across the whole site) Many thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking at making a page section smaller in 7.1, smaller than the standard 'smallest' height option Squarespace gives you when you edit it's format. How do I do this please?
  3. Hi everyone, I've added two text blocks side by side, and on desktop they look great, but on mobile they stack on top of each other. How do I make them still be side by side on mobile please? I'm using 7.1 Many thanks, Lauren
  4. @christyprice that works great! thanks so much 🙂
  5. Hi everybody, Does anyone know how I can get a gallery hover effect for gallery images that are links in Squarespace 7.1? Almost so the photo fades a little, similar to this website when you hover over the images: http://marylennox.de/ The page on my website I'd like to apply this to is: https://denim-khaki-tp4d.squarespace.com/gallery-test-2 Many thanks, Lauren
  6. @tuanphan This works, thanks so much! Is there any way of making the squares bigger and not as much padding between them? And how would I change the caption size for mobile so it's small underneath each image? Many thanks! Really appreciate it 🙂
  7. I need to find out how to do this too, I'm using 7.1. @tuanphan could you please check this for me? Would really appreciate it! So rather than these images stack in mobile version, I'd like two side by side: https://denim-khaki-tp4d.squarespace.com/gallery-test https://denim-khaki-tp4d.squarespace.com/gallery One page is a gallery, the other is just image blocks as they needed captions underneath. Many thanks!
  8. Hello @TMD95 I was wondering if you found out how to do this? I'm looking to do the same, but with image and gallery blocks. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could please help me with how to display images so they aren't stacked on top of each other in the mobile version in Squarespace 7.1 This is for both a normal image stack and a gallery block. Please help! Many thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, I'm using the 'Home - alt' page on Bedford, so it's the slideshow version of the banner. However there is a white space between the banner and footer. I just want it to go straight from the slideshow into the footer at the bottom, is this possible? Many thanks,Lauren
  11. Hi everyone! I'm trying to create a gallery with hover over text effects similar to these websites: https://www.ballphotoco.com/portfolio/) https://tecpetajaphoto.com/portfolio/ I currently have the Bedford theme. Is there any way to make this happen? Best wishes,Lauren
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