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  1. For some reason, no, do you know what the issue might be? OK if not. https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/living Password: 1234 Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/living CSS Padding around masonry grid gallery help please: I'm used to being able to adjust the width of a section - the rest of the site's sections are set to "Medium" and line up with the outer edges of the logo and navigation bar as the red lines in the screen grab attached indicate. Is there a way to adjust the padding on this masonry gallery section to be medium width to match the rest of the site? I feel like it should be obvious but I can't seem to adjust the width of this gallery. https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/living Pass: 1234 Thanks so much!
  3. Site URL: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Please see screengrab attached and let me know if it is possible to reduce the size of the overlay transparent blue box around the dropdown "gallery" menu to fit the text better and not be so long? Thanks! Link to page: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Password: 1234
  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time in responding and advice. I will look into this. Thanks!
  5. Site URL: https://hulseygardens.squarespace.com Would anyone be able to provide advice for learning how to code and animate a logo while a site is loading when a user first enters your site? Here is an example: Romair.com For specifics on what I'm trying to achieve, I'd like to make the logo below animate by having the tree element grow up through the "H" in the logo while the site first loads and users are sent to the home page. To do this, I think I may need to separate the logo into two elements - one layer with the green clover outline and "H", and one with the Tree that I'd like to animate. Or maybe the H and tree load together at the same time. There may be other ways to animate using the clover outline of the logo. I am open to creative suggestions. I have Photoshop but not Adobe Illustrator or After Affects. If After Affects is requires to build the code for the logo animation, I'd love advice for free alternatives or workarounds with pure CSS if possible. Thanks so much in advance for your help! Site I'd like to apply this to: hulseygardens.squarespace.com password: 1234
  6. Thank you. I would like to change this on the About, Process, Testimonials and Contact pages, please. If I need to change on every page on the site, would you be able to show me how to do this as well? Thank you so much!
  7. Site URL: https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Hi, could someone help me with a CSS solution to move the logo image in header closer to the navigation bar? I'd like the left-justified logo image and right-justified navbar in heading to line up / align with the content width of 77. (Or close to it. I can adjust content width, but just as long as the edge of the logo and edge of the navbar align directly with the content as pictured below) Thanks so much for your help! https://sandralynnallendesign.squarespace.com/ Password: 1234
  8. For another code justification fix, would you be able to tell me how to center the description text on a Newsletter Block on 7.1? I have not been able to find this in another thread. You can view this issue on the same site and password as above. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. This works on Chrome but sadly not on the Safari browser. It is okay if there is not a solution for this. Thank you for your help.
  10. https://hulseygardens.squarespace.com/ Password: 1234 Hi Tuanphan, Thanks so much for all your help in this community. I am having the same issue and would greatly appreciate for you to take a look at my mobile logo image size and advise what CSS code to use to increase the size f this logo on mobile/tablet view. Thanks again in advance.
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