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  1. I have struggled with this too, but found a workaround that seems to do a good job. One of my clients also had a "Get a Quote" form and wanted their names in the subject line. It's not ideal, but you can keep the "Subject" section and then use placeholder text inside the box that says "First and Last Name". This forces their name into the subject line and keeps their email nice and organized. I was nervous people wouldn't understand, but he gets multiple forms filled out per day and everybody fills it out correctly. I think it's important to use "First and Last Name" INSIDE the box rather than as a description above. Hope this helps!
  2. I would also love to know how to disable the fallback image on desktop (this site is still in 7.0) ! The image shows for just a second, but it's so different from the video that it looks glitchy. For now I've just removed the fallback image, but then I'm stuck with a big gap where the video should be on mobile. I'd rather not choose between the two. Any advice is much appreciated!
  3. While I never had any luck getting help from Squarespace or PayPal, I figured out a solution! The PayPal account that you're syncing to needs to be linked to a credit card or debit card and if there isn't one linked, it likely won't prompt you to fill in that information. When I went in and manually set up the card in PayPal and then went back to reconnect, it finally worked! I'm surprised how difficult it was to figure out this simple step, but I've been able to successfully sync 3 clients to their PayPal with this method. Hope this helps!
  4. No luck there either. PayPal told me over support to try to logout and log back in or try again in 24 hours. The problem is I've tried for the past few days on different computers and different browsers and nothing will work.
  5. Having the same exact problem and Squarespace wasn't able to help 😞 She said there may be an issue on the PayPal side so I just started a chat with them. I'll let you know if I find anything out.
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