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  1. I had to go back to each website, remove the IG link, set it up again. Log in to each brand's ig to set the connection, then log out. Then go to the next website and repeat. I think some code in SS or IG changed, and glitched up the connections. The critical thing is that EVERY time you have to log out of instagram (even though you don't think you're actually logged in -- you think you've just used a password to authorize the connection to SS). This required that I ask every brand/client for their login info again - which as you can imagine is a pain in the a**.
  2. I have multiple squarespace websites, each with a different Instagram account (some are multiple projects, some are different clients). Instagram now thinks that ALL of my sites are owned by ONE person. How do I go back to separate accounts for each client or project? If I add one person's insta account to his/her site, it should NOT change other websites! I'm so confused. HELP!
  3. Site URL: https://oval-shark-nnr2.squarespace.com/citrine (PW = TAPESTRY) Thanks all for this old thread. Helpful! On the page linked above, I'd like the READ MORE box to say PRICING, just like the built-in button above ("built-in" meaning it's SS's template, in this case Mojave in Brine family) and the word PRICING to disappear. Can I just leave the "visible" field blank? And change all the CUSTOM CSS Code to read pricing.target etc -- or is there some other place I am missing where the words "READ MORE" and "READ LESS" are IN the code?
  4. Hi! I am trying to change the font size, color, and overlay opacity in an Adirondack grid overlay. It's not in the style tweaks, and I'm not finding it online elsewhere. I've found how to change for a slideshow hover. I am looking for how to change in a) the "original" gallery (I'd like to use a series of galleries in a folder to make a portfolio) and / or b) if I then insert that gallery onto a page (would this require a diff code??). Thanks very much!!!
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