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  1. HI, I have searched and searched, and I just want to make sure — is it correct that currently, within a page, there is NO way (or perhaps plug-in) to replicate sections/block sections you have built ? Or Save as a template, for repeat use? So one would have to add in each one again and again, if it's not one of the provided "block/section templates" ? (i.e. say add each text box, image block, gallery block, button block, etc?) Is this something Square space is planning on implementing in the future? (Please?!?) Thanks!
  2. Hi, I need to rebrand a site and make lots of content changes without being live. Is the best way to duplicate site? How do I then publish duplicated site to replace current site? And if it extends beyond the duplicate site trial what happens?
  3. Site URL: https://cuboid-gazelle-jz65.squarespace.com I'm trying to find a way to automate some work in creating products. Currently there is not too much in the "Additional Info" section of each product, & about 90% of it stays the same across products. I would like to find a way to duplicate the product (like you can with blog posts) or copy the content blocks I have in one product & add them to another product. This is not a huge issue now, but if the unchanging data starts getting bigger, I don't want to have to copy/paste each individual bit of text & set up b
  4. Site URL: http://darrylvance.com Hello, I have an author client I created a site for on a Squarespace domain to sell his book. At this point it is still in the build mode, but a lot of the design is in place. The client now wants to change the title of the book, and so the website. He has bought another Squarespace domain with the new title. My question is, can I duplicate the content on the old site onto the new one without having to re-build it? Thanks so much for any help.
  5. Site URL: http://www.pantryphilosophy.com I have some changes to do on my homepage and I dont want to risk messing up the original template as my site is public. Is there a way to create a duplicate to use it for the new design?
  6. Site URL: https://www.thecharcuterieboardworkshop.com I own a franchise and would like our main website to be duplicated. Ive done this already, however I want to know if its possible to duplicate the website by location and my franchise owners be able to run their own websites but be directed from the main one, for example: (main website) www.charcuterieboardworkshop.com www.charcuterieboardworkshop.com/toronto www.charcuterieboardworkshop.com/kelowna www.charcuterieboardworkshop.com/nashville thanks for any help you can provide!
  7. Completely redesigning my site, but need my live site to stay live during the process... So, I can see that I can dupe my site (I have less than 10 pages) - which means I can essentially redesign the 'copy' in the background in a 'trial' site... my question is, can I then 'publish' this to my live domain? will it automatically overwrite my existing live site, with my newly redesigned 'copied' site? Seems like where it says publish, I could just put my live domain in and it would prompt me to overwrite, but since I can't find any info, I'm a little anxious - just incase it totally s
  8. Site URL: https://www.stefanocassaro.com Hello, I have a doub regarding SEO on SquareSpace. When I created my Homepage, I had to put a URL SLUG on it: SqareSpace dosen not allows me to create a webpage without slug. So, I put luxury-italian-wedding-photographer-italy as slug. The result is that, now, I have TWO PAGES online: https://www.stefanocassaro.com https://www.stefanocassaro.com/luxury-italian-wedding-photographer-italy Which have both the same content: in other words, Google will consider those two pages as DUPLICATED CONTENT, which is not good for ranking
  9. Site URL: https://plums-begonia-w4s9.squarespace.com/everything Password to view: portfolio I am using the new squarespace 7.1 and my client wants to have on the nav bar links so people can view what work is pharma and another link to show what's not. On squarespace 7, we could duplicate the index to the not linked folder and add a link on the top bar connecting to that index page. It was easier for me to do that. My client wants to keep the thumbnail layout throughout these two subcategories, and I can't seem to find a way to duplicate the portfolio collection nor duplic
  10. Site URL: https://www.threadsculture.com Is there any way to get a site that is in developer mode duplicated? We desperately need a staging environment to QA changes to our site. Currently, because we are in developer mode, we're unable to duplicate the site. This leads to us finding bugs in the live version of our site that our customers see. The local development server works for some things, but is not a completely accurate representation of what the live site will look like - and it's not very simple for a QA team to use. Does anyone have any ideas or alternate solutions
  11. Site URL: http://www.howhighlyorganized.com The Pacific template family automatically adds a “Back to the top” link in the footer on the mobile version. I added my own “Back to the top” link on the desktop version, and now it’s showing up twice on the mobile version. Can I delete the automatic mobile footer? Or can I add it to the desktop version?
  12. Anyone know how to duplicate an index page? I don't see the option. Using MOMENTUM template. Thanks!
  13. Hello Forum, I have an existing website with Squarespace and I just purchased an additional domain. My intent is to have separate personal and professional domains / sites. I want to copy my existing site as-is to the new domain and then redesign the existing site on the original domain. The documentation is pretty clear on how to copy the site, but I think I'm missing a step somewhere to move the copied website to the new domain. I'm sure it's out there and I'm missing it. I think I need to get the new domain on a paid plan, but I'm not sure of all of the steps to get the
  14. Hey, the title to my post is it! I've just put a lot of work and code into a site that was switched to developer mode last year by a contract developer.... pretty scary that it can't be backed up by duplicating. What can I do? Thanks, Tara
  15. Hi! I'm new to Squarespace, so apologies if I am not explaining this properly. I am creating an about page, and I added a Pricing section (making it a resume instead though). It comes with a formatted layout with two columns of copy. However, it only comes with three rows. How can I duplicate the rows, and keep the same formatting/styling? I will need about 20 rows or so. Thank you!
  16. Site URL: https://trendyfloor.squarespace.com/config/ I wanted to duplicate my site, but I found out that the limit is 100 pages. I have 90+ pages but less the 100. However I cant duplicate my site. Is it maybe because galleries also count as pages? I hope somebody can help me with this..
  17. Site URL: https://trendyfloor.squarespace.com/config/ Hello fellow designers! I am designing a new site and need to copy it. However I discovered that it is not possible because my site has much more the 100 pages. Does anyone know if there's a workaround or if it's possible to ask Squarepace-support-desk to do the copying at the server? I already presume it is nog possible. That means that I have to strap down my site to get less then 100 pages. I made each page as and index-page which contains 2 standard pages. Does this count as 3 pages (1 index + 2 standard) or does Squarespace only co
  18. Hi guys, Is there any way to duplicate a site, and then have the trial NOT expire? I would like to have live copies, that I can show to new potential clients. There are many times when former clients edit my original work to a point that I would rather not show it. At present the only duplicate we have, expires, and all images get turned off...effectively ruining the site. Thanks!
  19. Site URL: https://bluebird-lychee-tp4b.squarespace.com/ Hello everyone, here's some background: My client has made a website for her cheerleading program in order to have parents sign up and pay for the program online rather than have them do it in person, so I'v e made a product form to get information about the kids participating in the program (the form can be found when you click the Register for Try Outs product on the Register Now page; you just have to add the product to cart.) The problem I'm running into is if the Parent is trying to purchase registration for more than one child, th
  20. Site URL: https://echidna-gardenia-fcb4.squarespace.com/ I'm using the Pazari template and have created a portfolio page to showcase our work. Within the portfolio page, we have a number of images from the same project. When you click on these images, it takes you through the the detailed project page. To create each project page, I have duplicated the project. However, this leaves great room for margin of error as when you need to update info or change an image etc. you need to do so for each individual project page to ensure they all look the same. Is there a way to share the s
  21. Site URL: https://www.surfbetternow.com Hi, I am wondering if there is an easy way to duplicate a blog post from one blog page to another within the same site. We have a members blog page and public blog page which has similar content but with some omissions. I would like to not have to re-create each blog individually if possible. Thanks for your help!
  22. Site URL: https://violin-fife-r7kp.squarespace.com Hi Team, I am new to the circle and working on a site for a new client. Ecommerce site, using the Hyde Template. I need to organize products in the shop into categories and subcategories; men, women and children for categories, and tops, bottoms, accessories etc. for subcategories. I need it to look similar to the farfetched site. I appreciate any information you can provide.
  23. I'm new to squarespace, just checking it out for the first time as I usually use wordpress. I'm just trying to figure out how to copy paste a section within a page. e.g. if I make a gallery and change all the settings, then I want many of those galleries in one page (with different images in each one, but the same settings) I just want to duplicate that gallery, or copy paste it within the page. Can't figure out how to do that anywhere. I spoke to someone at customer service and they said you can't do this but I just want to double check because like whattttt??? there's no copy pas
  24. There seems to be no way to do this quickly. If I were to duplicate 400 images in a gallery page, I'd have to "click on settings of each image, click on duplicate" 400 times, then select all the duplicates to move them to a new gallery. Also, during this long process, people can see your messed up page as you duplicate and move stuff one by one.. Is there a way around it? Thanks
  25. I was hoping to duplicate one of my sites which has over 50 pages. SS has a maximum amount of pages that you can duplicate and 50 is the max. Is there a way to download all the site files and re-upload? Or is there any way around this?
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