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  1. Site URL: https://www.slowmaterial.org/kaitlin-bryson Hello Forum! I have loads of SS sites and understand the platform fairly well. I need help with my own site. I'd like to create a repository of data (pages) about artists, orgs, books, opportunities, resources. Ideally, I'd like the data to display as it does in the page linked above. I also know I can sort and categorize and tag this same content in a variety of summary pages or summary blocks and/or blogs, then choose to display them in various ways and allow for searching and filtering and alpha ordering, etc. I know the pros and cons re: how many items will show tbd on which solution I choose, and which path will allow me to link content to a pop-up window vs a page, etc and etc. Problem: 1. None of the built-in solutions are ideal. 2. Creating a new page for every piece of info is tedious and also will bloat the site. I have 100 pcs of data now and hope to have 350ish?? 3. Creating a new page for each also has search and indexing issues. QUESTION: Do you have ideas about off-the-shelf content mgmt systems wherein I can add data in a spreadsheet and upload it to the site, where it would then display in a template styled to look like this page? OR Recommendation to explicitly line item what I'd like a section to do, then custom code each part of the solution? i.e., to force the data to appear alpha order, to override the 35 (40?) entry limit for summary blocks, etc etc? Is that even possible, or is SS not intended for that level of customization? I don't mind paying someone to consult if this question is pushing the bounds of community help. I would appreciate another thinking mind to bounce this around with. Thanks much.
  2. Site URL: https://plums-begonia-w4s9.squarespace.com/everything Password to view: portfolio I am using the new squarespace 7.1 and my client wants to have on the nav bar links so people can view what work is pharma and another link to show what's not. On squarespace 7, we could duplicate the index to the not linked folder and add a link on the top bar connecting to that index page. It was easier for me to do that. My client wants to keep the thumbnail layout throughout these two subcategories, and I can't seem to find a way to duplicate the portfolio collection nor duplicate a page inside that collection and move to another collection. This is very frustrating to see that squarespace lost a really good tool. Or am I missing something? thank you
  3. Site URL: https://www.damonbellphotography.com/tx4-race-pics-vids Hi there! I have two pages both featuring race pictures and vids and I want to combine the two pages to save space. Is there any way to copy one page and just insert it into the other page or do I have to manually recreate everything on the other page and then delete the 2nd page?
  4. Site URL: https://japan-suite.squarespace.com/ Hello! I want to make a page with tiered gift guide for this holiday. Basically I need to generate the duplicates of existing product cards in this new page. For example, let's say I have 100 products on my site. I want a new page with tiers like "product under $100", "product under $200" etc. How can I duplicate product info to the new page? Thanks in advance. Ria from Japan Suite
  5. Hi, I'd like to create a few web pages based on my homepage design and content, just with a few changes. But I can't find a way to duplicate the home page. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I was initially creating two websites with Squarespace and now changed my mind and only want to have one website. I already created the second one and now want to copy the pages to the already existing website. I hope to save time and energy by being able to copy them instead of having to create them all over. Could you help me? How can I duplicates sides from a website I created in the free trial time to a website that already exists and I already pay for. I appreciate your time and help 🙂
  7. Hi guys, Is there any way to duplicate a site, and then have the trial NOT expire? I would like to have live copies, that I can show to new potential clients. There are many times when former clients edit my original work to a point that I would rather not show it. At present the only duplicate we have, expires, and all images get turned off...effectively ruining the site. Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://indigimatha-pre-launch.squarespace.com I'm a newbie to SquareSpace. I have created a website. And paid for a year hosting. It's a simple pre-launch site. I then duplicated the site and edited the duplicate to a point that I am now satisfied with its layout and funcitionality (for the time being). I would now like to replace the published pre-launch site with my edited duplicate website... Appreciate any help in resolving these couple of issues. 1) Is this possible and how do I do it? 2) Once all changes are incorporated and duplicate site has replaced the published website using the current name e.g. https://*temp* .squarespace.com 3) I would then like to re-publish the site under my own domain name e.g. https://mywebsitedomain.com Wondering what is the process to do this? Is it just amatter fo republishing but changing the domain name to one of my choice? Thanks so much for your help. Kevin
  9. Site URL: https://davedrewphotography.co.uk/ Hi, is there a way of duplicating a store? I have client galleries that are password protected when I post them so that only the client can see. So each new client gets their own store. The problem is that I have some CSS in the advanced settings that I would need to copy over each time. https://davedrewphotography.co.uk/
  10. HI, I have searched and searched, and I just want to make sure — is it correct that currently, within a page, there is NO way (or perhaps plug-in) to replicate sections/block sections you have built ? Or Save as a template, for repeat use? So one would have to add in each one again and again, if it's not one of the provided "block/section templates" ? (i.e. say add each text box, image block, gallery block, button block, etc?) Is this something Square space is planning on implementing in the future? (Please?!?) Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://www.scantrol.com/ This is really frustrating but every time I make a backup of the website it always has an expiration date ie: Website trial expires on Aug 30, 2022 We need a backup just in case something happens, we accidentally erase pages or if multiple people are working and some don't know they have done some serious changes without noticing... I'm getting tired of always erasing the duplicate then make another one because it is considered a *trial* and expires... When we duplicate a website, can you please allow us to have a permanent backup? And we can override it manually whenever? (If for example I have added updates/edits in several pages etc.) If there's another solution please let me know. Thank you.
  12. Site URL: https://cuboid-gazelle-jz65.squarespace.com I'm trying to find a way to automate some work in creating products. Currently there is not too much in the "Additional Info" section of each product, & about 90% of it stays the same across products. I would like to find a way to duplicate the product (like you can with blog posts) or copy the content blocks I have in one product & add them to another product. This is not a huge issue now, but if the unchanging data starts getting bigger, I don't want to have to copy/paste each individual bit of text & set up buttons/links for every product I create. (currently I have a header, two buttons below that, & some bullet points in a second column to the right of the buttons)
  13. Site URL: https://www.sbd-vox.com/dewalt-nordic/p/mp16822-gb Hi Everyone. Hoping somewhere can help/point me in the right direction as i'm pretty sure this will need to be completed use custom code. By using a SquareSpace commerce store, we have created a "flat catalogue" which contains all of the items that we use and the users will need to enter the product SKU into another location/service. We've put the product SKU in the description, but we've had alot of feedback that it would be ideal to copy this directly to the clipboard (attached image is an example of the "copy to clipboard" button used on a different site). Would it be possible to create a button that copies the SKU from the SquareSpace product data, or perhaps as a fallback a unique part of text for each product? (i can tweak this for each individual product) We currently have MemberSpace integrated to our website, here are temporary credentials if required. Thanks!: W: https://www.sbd-vox.com/dewalt-nordic/p/mp16822-gb U: test@july.com P: pAssword1
  14. Site URL: http://www.olive-groves.com Hi, I need to duplicate an e-commerce website for use in another geographic area. The products and website contents would broadly be the same with some minor differences (eg quantities available, some editorial content may need to be adapted). One obvious solution is to duplicate my website on Squarespace and use a new domain. However, this solution is costly and will require to do future updates on two different websites, which will be burdensome. Is there another approach I could take? Using a third party software? Thanks!
  15. Site URL: https://elk-grapefruit-pwnk.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm duplicating all content on my client's website (https://elk-grapefruit-pwnk.squarespace.com/ PW: Luma) so that they can have versions in multiple languages. I can see how to duplicate all page types, including individual Blog Posts, but can't find a way to duplicate an entire Blog Collection. Alternatively, if I were to rebuild the Blog Landing Page, is it possible to move a Post from one Blog Collection to another? Thank you!
  16. Hi, I need to rebrand a site and make lots of content changes without being live. Is the best way to duplicate site? How do I then publish duplicated site to replace current site? And if it extends beyond the duplicate site trial what happens?
  17. Site URL: https://www.cyboled.be/ Hello When updating a website i duplicated it, in order to update the duplicated version and after approval of the customer the idea was to replace the 'old' website with the duplicated version. Only i dont really find how to do this Thank you in advance!
  18. Site URL: http://www.emilygeizer.com When I duplicate a page, the original is blanked and shows no content. How can I fix this?
  19. Site URL: https://www.alexengelsfitness.com/ Hello, I added my sitemap to google console and it was processed succesfully, but it says there is only 1 valid URL, and 8 excluded. The excluded URLs obviously don't show up in search results. I think google considers them to be duplicates (?), since there is some duplication of content between pages The 1 valid URL is actually the least important one: https://www.alexengelsfitness.com/gyms How do I tell google that the other 8 pages, or at least my home page, are canonical? Thank you!
  20. All, I have three blog collections on my website, hosted by Squarespace. Two are written blog collections, and one is a Podcast collection. For the past two years, I have been able to successfully click "edit" on any post in any of the three collections, and select "duplicate" at the bottom of the dialog box that appears, and use the subsequently duplicated post as a template for a new post. This has saved time in publishing content to my site. Last week, I started receiving an error. Whenever I click "duplicate" on any post in any of the collections, I get this message: "ERROR SAVING" "An error occurred while duplicating this item" My two written blog collections have 93 items, each, and my podcast collection has 96 items. I have attached a screenshot of the error message. I have also started a support ticket with Squarespace support. I hope to resolve this error soon, as it significantly impacts my workflow. Has anyone run across this error?
  21. Site URL: https://trendyfloor.squarespace.com/config/ I wanted to duplicate my site, but I found out that the limit is 100 pages. I have 90+ pages but less the 100. However I cant duplicate my site. Is it maybe because galleries also count as pages? I hope somebody can help me with this..
  22. Hi, It looks like I have multiple copies of project thumbnails on my work page, https://www.screencast.com/t/CUr2W9Wszj but the project folders are not showing in the sidebar. I'm unable to delete them. Anyone know how to solve this issue? Thanks
  23. When selecting "Duplicate" on an inventory product, I am receiving an Error code : An Error occurred while duplicating this item. Any idea what has happened? Thanks
  24. Hey, the title to my post is it! I've just put a lot of work and code into a site that was switched to developer mode last year by a contract developer.... pretty scary that it can't be backed up by duplicating. What can I do? Thanks, Tara
  25. There seems to be no way to do this quickly. If I were to duplicate 400 images in a gallery page, I'd have to "click on settings of each image, click on duplicate" 400 times, then select all the duplicates to move them to a new gallery. Also, during this long process, people can see your messed up page as you duplicate and move stuff one by one.. Is there a way around it? Thanks
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