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  1. @tuanphan - any updates from your friend on an update to the code? Thanks Phil
  2. Site URL: https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com/ Hi Is there a way to change the logo for specific pages without being on a Business Plan? I have a few pages on my site, that needs a different logo, but I don't need a business plan. Thanks Phil
  3. @tuanphan - any updates from your friend on an update to the code? Thanks Phil
  4. Site URL: https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com Does anyone know how to get the Blog Summary Section to be full bleed and be the same width as the Gallery section on the home page of https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com - Password Monday I assume it needs some CSS Thanks Phil
  5. Hi Tuan Tried the lightbox-caption background colour but the previous images text is still showing for a couple of seconds; very noticeable when a short caption is displayed when the prevous caption was longer. Re: problem 2 - remove the markup from the caption made no difference. Is the code using the gallery image's caption or the title that is embedded in the image's metadata? Phil
  6. Same problem here. Only workaround I have found so far, is to add a border around all my images so they are the same aspect ratio. Problem with this is, the layout of the product page is not optimum and when opened in the light box, the image is small. For example - a 16x9 image in a 4x3 frame Would love a proper solution.
  7. Hi Tuan I added this which did display the captions on the Lightbox but for 2 snags... 1 - When moving to the next image using the lightbox Next/Previous buttons, the next caption is displayed over the top of the previous one for about 2 seconds before the old caption is removed. 2 - The caption is not matching the caption displayed for the image on the Gallery Section. For example, the image "The Pine and Snowstorm - Torridon, Scotland" is displayed on the lightbox as "The Pine and Snowstorm" minus the formatting and the rest of the text. To see what I mean, try the image in the Gallery Section on the home page at https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com (Password Monday) Any idea how to fix this? Thanks Phil
  8. Site URL: https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com If you look at my home page (password Monday - URL - https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com) You will see a large amount of space/padding below the title "A Selection of Recent Work" and the Gallery Section. This is because I couldn't see how to add a title to the Gallery Section and needed to add a new section above to hold the title. Does anyone know how I can reduce the padding / space between the sections, so the space is the same as the "Recent Blog" section below? Many thanks Phil
  9. Hi URL is -https://bat-coyote-rkw6.squarespace.com Password is Monday
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