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  1. UPDATE: On the suggestion of SqS Live Chat support, I changed the banner to an image block. With Tuan's code in place (Design > Custom CSS), the desktop image still gets cropped (client finds any cropping completely unacceptable). Who has an answer for this?! Tuan, On my site, without your code, the desktop banner image renders properly but the mobile gets cropped. When I use your code in Design > Custom CSS, the mobile banner image is correct (image 1, below), but the desktop banner image is cropped (image 2) unless the browser window is pulled into a long rectangle (image 3). Ple
  2. Derrick, Thank you for going to the trouble! FreeFrontEnd has just the arrow style I want here. I'm using SqS 7.1, which is making it much harder to customize than 7.0. 

    Would you want to make suggestions about HOW to modify their CSS code to make the animated arrow overlay a banner image so that it's near/at the bottom?

    1. derricksrandomviews


      I will check into that, like you said 7.1 is a bit more stubborn to make changes to. 

  3. I need my arrow to overlay my homepage's banner/header image, rather than it being separate/under it and, similarly, Mo94 wants it visible before any scrolling. Are you suggesting that I just add an image section in 7.1 and then paste a gif into it? With all the padding under the banner/header image, I'd be surprised if the arrow would be visible without scrolling first. Concrete suggestions always welcome!
  4. I found the site and the code at about the same time that you posted your latest. Thanks!

    1. derricksrandomviews


      You bet, hope you get exactly what you want from there. 

  5. This seems like a great site (FreeFrontEnd.com) with free CSS for all kinds of animated-arrow gifs, including just what I need. https://codepen.io/raf187/pen/BvgGRQ I just don't know why it won't display the arrows on my site. Here is that code, in case you can use it: body{ margin: 0; padding: 0; background-color: #000; } .arrow{ position: absolute; top: 50%; left: 50%; transform: translate(-50%,-50%); } .arrow span{ display: block; width: 30px; height: 30px; border-bottom: 5px solid #06A8FF; border-right: 5p
  6. Site URL: https://alleycatsphotos.com I want to reduce the vertical padding between my home page header and the masonry-grid gallery section below it. I've tried several of the CSS solutions offered here in the Forum, without any effect at all. Can anyone help? Please be explicit in your suggestion, such as Home > Design > Custom CSS. I'm still struggling to learn 7.1. This is a screenshot of the the gallery section from right-click Inspect window. Thank you!
  7. Me too. Neither of these code snippets works: NEITHER .portfolio-hover-bg-OVERLAY { display: none} NOR .portfolio-hover-bg-MASK { display: none}
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