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  1. Thank you tuanphan, I could not manage it in the page code injection but it works in the CSS, best regards
  2. Hi, I am trying to reduce the word spacing on h1 text in only on page. In the page in question Advanced code injection I am adding this, but it is not working. Can someone suggets what i am doing wrong and how I can fix it? <style> h1 { word-spacing: 25px; } </style> Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, I decided to not use it. Thanks for replying and apologies for the delay in getting back to you
  4. Hi, I am trying to change the H2 font size and font inside all my blog articles but keep it the same outside. Can someone advise what code I should enter in the Blog code injection section? Thank you
  5. I have added back the Squarespace comments box until I am sure I can fix Hyvor
  6. Thank you Tuanphan The code is removed so as to not have the issue because the page is live, but the problem is that the comments box was added to the index instead of the independent page. I inserted the code in the Post Blog item Code section of the Blog Settings
  7. Hi All, I am trying Hyvor talk tom manage comments but have been facing issues integrating it to my posts. I add the Hyvor code to the blog/settings/advance/Post Blog Item Code Injection but the comments section comes out in the blog index instead of each independent blog article. Hyvor help not able to work out why this happens mentions it couple be a template issue. Can you anyone help? When I add as code block in other pages it works ok . Thanks in advance
  8. Hi All, I have an issue with the media images shacking on my home page when I scroll on the mobile (iPhone X and iPhone 8). Can anyone help on how this may be corrected? Thank you in advance
  9. I hope that i am not exceeding myself with one more issue ... When I scroll the home page on mobile, I get a shaking of the background images. Is there a way that you know of fixing this issue?
  10. One final question Can I also remove the background color in this block?
  11. Thank you! You are a star Is there a simple way to reduce the gap between line 1 and line 2 now?
  12. Hi All, I have added an opaque background to all my H1 text to facilitate reading agains the images. I then added display:inline-block to size the backgrounds and position:relative; left:50%; transform: translateX(-50%) to center it all It is working well but I have an issue with my H1 in the home page as here I do not need it centered. How can I exclude all this formatting from this block? I can control it a bit in the desktop view but still it is not aligned and when browsing in mobile it centres the H1 text which spoils everything. I hope someone can help
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