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  1. @SquarespaceGuru dude... $299 to learn Squarespace, come on.. I mean "$199" that's insane. There's enough free content out there to get it up and running. Unless you were born in the 1960's anybody can figure out this platform quite easily. I'm happy there are people like @munocreative putting out free resources for those who know how to use a basic Google search. This could've been solved by Squarespace, implementing the video background THEY use on their Seven promo page. Don't get why it takes them so long to implement features that the community is always requesting.
  2. This worked perfectly for me. No need to research for more. I was able to add what I wanted to a Cover Page (which I wasn’t even expecting) and also to individual page that have a header located right underneath the navigation bar. Templates like Bedford, Hayden, Anya, etc. worked perfectly. Thank you! Looking forward for more tuts on your website!
  3. If I would like to do it myself, could you share a guide? (:
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