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  1. Ah thank you, this is a total bummer. I am guessing there is also no way to change it so that is just shows a range of prices instead? So for instance if you can't show the highest price first, show "$20-$50" or whatever the price may be? (I'm trying to think of a work around that might be doable).
  2. Ah thank you, I think I see where the discrepancy is? When you click through to an item it displays the more expensive item first -- however anywhere that shows the item thumbnail view (for instance on the home page or even on the order page) it still displays the lowest price first. Is there a way to make it display the highest price first across the site?
  3. Thank you for the code! Unless I did something wrong (which is always possible) it didn't seem to fix the issue. I'm wondering if there is something else I could try?
  4. Hi Creedon, Thank you! Here is the link to the site: https://chicken-kumquat-lkcf.squarespace.com/ and the current password is ForumHelp.
  5. Hi All, I am working on building a site for my mom and have run into an issue. She runs a food business and offers dishes that either serve 4 or 2 people and then offers pricing for an additional portion. She has a set menu every week and it is misleading for the "from" price that is displayed for each item to show the additional portion pricing. She does not offer meals for one and would prefer the price for meals for 4 (which is her standard order) to display first. Is there a way to get the "from" price to display the most expensive variant first instead of the least? I searched the forum and others recommended adding this as a separate item in the shop (for instance if someone is offering fabric samples) -- however this does not work for a full week's menu and would end up making the store look very messy/not user friendly. Any help would be appreciated! Here are some visuals if it is helpful:
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