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  1. Is there a way to automate sending a dropbox link to a buyer that purchased a digital service product? I'd like to sell a service that would require the buyer to upload files to me and I'd like the buyer to get an email with a custom dropbox link, unique to them, that is automatically created and put in that email. So the flow would be - Purchase made unique dropbox folder link automatically created with their order number as the name that new dropbox folder link is dropped in an email and sent to the buyer
  2. Sure! https://www.christurbiville.com For now I'm just using a hover over the main headshot pic at the top of the page that is over the video background. Hover and it fades to zero over 2 seconds, and then fades back up if you move away. I'd like it to just fade away on page load after about 6 seconds and not come back up unless the page is reloaded. Thanks!
  3. Update - now later this afternoon I can not even scroll down past the top of the page when editing. It's like I'm fighting someone who is scrolling back up over and over again. The issue seems to be getting worse. This has to be a Sqrspc bug.
  4. Yesterday my site began having this terrible behavior. When I go to edit any page the editor keeps scrolling back up to the top. Meaning that if I click to edit a section and try to add or move or edit anything (even in the footer) as soon as I click, the editor window fast scrolls to the top of that page. It take numerous takes to do something simple like edit a text block or add an image block because the instant scroll to the very top of the page either moves what I was attempting to move some random place, or does nothing but just scroll and "forget" what I was doing. Is this a recent bug after the recent update? It just started happening after the Refresh announcement.
  5. Is there CSS to block MOBILE from holding on an image and saving it? I know this code below works on desktop, but on mobile I can still hold an image and get the pop up "save image" and it shows the image url and file name ( this is on iPhone ). I'd like a way to prevent this on mobile as well. Does anyone know a way to do this? This code works on desktop but not mobile. <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.5.0/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function () { $("body").on("contextmenu",function(e){ return false; }); }); </script>
  6. I tried the code above and it works on desktop, but on my iPhone I can hold down over a pic on my side and "save image" and it lists the image url and file name. Is there a way to block this on mobile as well?
  7. Is there a code to do this to Fade Out after a few seconds one the page loads? I tried messing around with the above shared code using "fade-me-in" and it works but then after the time set at any time frame, the pic will fade as planned, and the pop back up. I'd like once it fades is stays faded away to 0 until the page is reloaded.
  8. Ok so I fixed my Couldn't Fetch. Mine was due to one last @ A-name record left in the Godaddy DNS records. I input all of the Squarespace info correctly but left one old DNS entry that was causing the problem. Once I deleted that record, instantly Google was able to fetch the sitemap and start indexing properly. I hope that helps some folks with this issue. One thing to note is that I migrated my domain from an old Wordpress site to Sqrspc and wanted to keep the Domain with Godaddy instead of transferring the domain to Sqrspc.
  9. getting the same thing here. All of the YT video showing how to are the same. It's tiring to see people say, just do this and it never works, or the block out nearly the entire URL so you can't see what they typed and then they say again , it just works. ... um it doesn't.
  10. I went to Google Search Console and it looks like the site is still indexing, I'm guessing a day or 2 should be enough and it's been since Saturday that I started that process. I'll check it tomorrow and see if Console still shows indexing. In Chrome, it's updated, but in Safari it's still showing that odd Wordpress Favicon. I've cleared cache in Safari but it's still the same result. I guess I'll wait a few more days and keep watching for it. Thanks!
  11. My old side was Wordpress and had its own Favicon for the last 10 years. For some reason even though I've uploaded a proper Favicon meeting all the Sqspc specs, I'm now getting a Wordpress logo Favicon. That is strange since I never had that while using Wordpress and I've updated here in Sqspc. Has anyone else seen this issue before?
  12. Is there a way to remove the tiny Pause / Play button on Background Art? I have these tiny little pause/play buttons that show up at the bottom right corner of each section that I have background art (from the squarespace Edit Section ) and it's annoying looking. I'd rather they be gone and just let the background art do what it does. I've had people contact me asking what those buttons do thinking it plays some audio or video. You can see what I'm referring to in the attached screenshot of one of my home page sections at the bottom right corner. Every section I have one of these and they need to go away.
  13. So this is a real problem. I followed the steps in Squarespace using the Domain I Own link. Input the domain and Godaddy and 3 days later I check the DNS Records tab for my Squarespace site and its all "records not found". Godaddy says call Squarespace. BUT Godaddy sees the nameservers are the proper Squarespace ones. And now that Godaddy shows Squarespace nameservers, they lock me out of being able to change them.... SOOO that created a new issue where Google Workspace is now not sending my email through because only part of the DNS records are working and Godaddy changed the Google Workspace MX records... BUT they won't let me access those record to change them back because the nameservers are Squarspace. They say they can, but they have to send me a verification code to my email (that doesn't work now because they broke the MX records ). Why is it so difficult in Squarespace to simply do the Godaddy "Domain I Own"? It clearly doesn't work well.
  14. Same issue here. I have experience with doing DNS records, but not with Squarespace. I followed the process in Squarespace and still waiting 4 days later with "connection in progress". All of the videos showing how to do this on YT show an outdated Godaddy DNS screen. Godaddy has updated the UI so now all we can see is the 2 nameservers and nothing else. Both of my nameservers are the Squarespace ones givin and yet still nothing. Can we get Squarespace to update the process for us here. The guides and process are not working and I'm waiting days to get our new site up.
  15. Looks like this is a Safari issue from other threads so closing this out.
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