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  1. I am trying to change the color of the sale tag on an entire page with many products, not just on individual product pages. The sale tag is currently black. I want to make it pink. It doesn't work, but my latest attempt was plugging this into css: div#sqs-product-mark-wrapper .product-mark.sale { color: #dc9395 !important;} help!
  2. I specifically got your code to work for the individual products, but how can I make it apply to all products on a page? I tried this code to try to change the color of the sale price only, but it doesn't work: #product-price .visually-hidden .v6-visually-hidden { color: #dc9395 !important; }
  3. @Beyondspace I am also using 7.0 and trying to change the color of the sale tag. I plugged it into my css and it worked once, but then stopped working. thank you for any help'!
  4. A few questions: 1. Can I change the color of the 'Sale' tags? It is currently black and I want it to be a soft red/pink. 2. How to change olor of the 'sale' typeface from white to dark grey? 3. Give 'SALE' word more padding inside the ribbon? 3. How to change the color of the sale price underneath the item photo to be red, so the customer can see the discount. I am using SQSP 7.0. I used this css code: #productList .product .product-mark, #productDetails .product-mark { background: #E77679 !important; padding: 15px; } but it's not working now. Any help much appreciated
  5. Is there css to create space between the title and the price when products are displayed as a gallery? Right now my title and price is smashed together. The link is above. Thanks!
  6. I fixed half of this after finding the 'design' option in the accordion build out area.
  7. Hi, How can I change my font size + color of my Accordion header? It is labeled 'More Information' and is currently too large and too dark. I also want to make the lines bordering the top and bottom of the accordion a different color. And why is the margin for the text in the accordion so large? I'd like that information to stretch all the way across the screen.
  8. Thank you @SaranyaDesigns ! It works, but at the expense of font size. I want to make my font size in the button bigger while maintaining the same smaller size button. Is there a way to do that?
  9. How can I make certain parts of the product description a collapsible field? I want to put 'dimensions' and 'materials' into a collapsible field that you can read but clicking a link that says 'Details and Care' which will then expand the text field. Right now my text under product description looks messy. Is this possible?
  10. Why are my 'Add to Cart' and 'Submit' Buttons so Big? When you navigate to this page of my site: you can see that both buttons are very big. The submit button can be seen at the bottom of the page. However, my other buttons in the site are smaller, which is what I want. If you go to this page of my site: and scroll down, you will see the 'Read More...' buttons are smaller. I'd like to keep all the buttons the same size site wide - this smaller size is ideal. I've attached screenshots too. Thanks!
  11. How can I increase the font size of the text 'Add to Cart' in the button? Find a screenshot attached. I am using SQSP 7.0 Website is: Thank you!
  12. In the product page, how can I make different variants show their matching image when clicked? I am using sqsp 7.0 For example, when you select the color green from the Color option, I want the green version of the product to show as the main image. Right now it shows the red option by default, unless you click through the product carousel. Find a screenshot attached. The page is:
  13. Hello, How can I increase the top margin of my shopping cart and 404 error page? I am using sqsp 7.0. Find screenshots attached. My website is:
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