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  1. Site URL: http://catalinamunoz.me After I added a Convertkit form on my website with HTML, my website stopped working. I deleted the form but I still can't access my website. It's apparently a security issue. Any idea how to fix it?
  2. Site URL: http://comohandcraftedgifts.com Hello, Went live with our Squarespace store on 9-11-21, have around 150 product pages, not getting much traffic other than direct searches. I used Google Search Console to look in to this, found that my site has a total of 5 valid pages, 1 excluded page, no pages with errors, and no pages that are valid/with warnings. I checked on a couple of pages, requested indexing, and both were rejected for the same reason, "Indexing Issues Detected With URL". Next page said "Page Fetch Failed: Not Found (404) I used a Squarespace template to create all product pages, didn't mess with any of the generated URL's for any of the pages. One of the reasons we chose Squarespace for our eCommerce business was the ease of use, as I do not have the time or know-how to do a lot of trouble-shooting to find out why our pages are not showing up. If anyone can offer some ideas, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Patrick
  3. Site URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ Hello. I need some feedback. I have a site that I'm working on. I brought it online recently but the client is having problems just pulling it up on her Safari MAC laptop, I also have another friend who can't pull up the site on a PC using the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers. The client gets a "SITE CAN'T BE REACHED DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" black screen when she types www.jordanaherman.com. I attached a screenshot. I built the site on the 7.1 platform for Squarespace. Here is the URL: https://jordanaherman.com/ I personally can see the site across, Chrome, Firefox, and IE (im on a PC). My questions is, can anyone here see the site as well? If "yes" what browser and version are you using? If "no", then what error are you seeing? I've already contacted tech support for Squarespace twice, and both techs have said they see the site no problem on both Safari and Chrome. They also said I've all my domain DNS settings are correct. I also noticed that the built-in Squarespace domain will work,( https://jordanaherman.squarespace.com) but not the jordanaherman.com domain name. The domain name is hosted and managed by Squarespace. Has anyone experienced this too? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!
  4. Hi all! I am trying to reposition my nav cart and button icon so they're not all the way out in right field and are more in line with the rest of my nav elements. I currently have a forced one line nav code which I think is contributing to the out-of-frame nav elements. Anyone else work through this problem? (the button is supposed to say "register" and this is the right side of my nav window where the button is cut off.
  5. Site URL: http://www.ancientwisdomcurations.com I am suprised that I cannot get an answer from Squarespace on how to export all the products and have them SUCCESSFULLY IMPORT to another platform like ETSY, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Amazon, and other large platforms. I use my website to putt all my product on initially with the hopes of being able to export them to other sites. Problem is they export fine, but are not accepted for one reason or another by other platforms. I can't be a best practice to retype all of the pictures and data for every sight. This is 2021, not 1989. So, what are we supposed to do to successfully export and import. It's obvious that Squarespace Customer Support doesn't know, so I was hoping for some guidance..... Thanks,
  6. Site URL: https://www.augmentum.com.au/articles-list Hi am trying to change the layout of the blog posts on my website. Currently I have all the blogs on one page, with category buttons to take people to different topics. However I have over 30 blogs so they are not all displayed. I would like to have a specific article drop down menu on the navigation bar to allow people to click on the topic of interest and then be taken to a page with a summary block displaying all the articles on that topic. I already have all of these articles written - is there a way to do this without changing the URLs of the articles and breaking the links? I'm trying to avoid setting up a redirect. Thanks for your help!
  7. Site URL: https://thefavoriteco.com/ Hi all, I have no idea what's going on. I suddenly see lots of direct traffic in GA going to this url: http://www.thefavoriteco.com// (I don't know where the extra slash is coming from in the URL or why there's so much traffic to it/ and time spent on page). Has anyone had this issue? I just found this post and maybe it's the same issue? Thanks!
  8. Site URL: https://www.sumofeight.com/ We have 1 of this item left to be purchased on our web shop. However, when on my phone, recently this message has appeared stating I cannot add the item to the cart as there is only 1 left. This should not appear as we want the last one to be sold, and we have not set this up (that we know of), but cannot find how to stop the message from appearing! Or as to why it appears Any help as to what to do would be great, thank you 🙂
  9. Site URL: https://andrewfreedman.com Hello, I am currently working on the 404 page of my site and I would like to hide just the navigation on the 404 page and keep it on the main page. I tried a few different pieces of code but the closest I have seen to get is just hiding the entire header. I need this because I realized my menu is made up of anchor links so they are useless on the 404 page. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best, Andrew Freedman
  10. Site URL: http://www.alexcrockford.com Hey all. I've tried to permanently redirect my old website to my new one following the steps on Squarespace. I tried disabling all pages, with no luck, so then tried deactivating the website. However, since deactivating the website it now crashes - its refreshes to a blank screen every time. Squarespace believe this is being caused by a custom code. The only changes I made in the website before deactivating it was to disable the pages - expect for one page which would not disable (the main home page). Squarespace has since reactivated the website but the same error persists. Can anyone help with suggestions on how to a) find the possible custom code which causes the website to crash or b) have any other ideas? Many thanks
  11. Site URL: https://purple-cod-5f2p.squarespace.com/ I been working on a website, I chose a template, worked on it and now I get this. Please can you help me to fix it
  12. Hi everyone, There is a page on my Squarespace site that I cannot locate anywhere - I only know it exists because it appears in my Google Analytics pages. What I think happened is that it was a page that was deleted but is still indexed by Google. I've tried going to it and am always shown an error message that this page does not exist. I've also gone through all the deleted pages on my Squarespace site to try to figure it out, but I'm unable to locate it. I've re-indexed my site through Google Search Console twice now. My concern is that this is a top 10 most visited page on our site and I can't figure out how our traffic is ending up here. Any ideas on what to try?
  13. Site URL: http://www.peterfalknerphoto.com I have used ahrefs to crawl my page. It has found several link issues. See attached. How do I find this code in the page and remove it? Thank you!
  14. Preamble: Hi. I have been with Squarespace since 6. I have been a staunch advocate to others as to its revolutionary enabling power, simplicity, aesthetics and scope. I've probably converted 25 paying companies to customers. I've built 13 sites using 6 and 7, plus two using 7.1 — Nine of them are still active. I even had Squarespace choose one of my sites to feature and film — a full on case history of business and online presence as reflected by the SS capabilities. It was a big honor. I say all this to avert the inevitable "RTFM dude" comments, and the "it takes practice" detractors and trolls. Yes, I am fully aware of the continued kinda-support of 7.0. Yes, I know I can stay with that. But that's hardly progress, is it. That's that out of the way. Now my point: v7.1 was, in my opinion (and I think objectively), a deal breaking death move that has undone everything the company originally stood for. The over simplification of control, to the point of handcuffing the regular admin (those not in the coding business). The removal of multiple levels of lower granularity, choosing instead a global, insulting, "three-colors are all y'gonna get" approach. Restriction, confinement. Crushing of creativity. Making typographic decisions global and grouped. Deciding for the designer the groups they're going to use — and making it SO hard to override. Reducing the layout options SO minimalistic that they might as well be all blank pages. Removing the block insert widgets that made production so straightforward and unambiguos The introduction of compulsory Sections, yet providing so little control over their margins, padding and spacing, that they force white space to happen, rather than allowing the designer to control the white space (and trust me, I'm the ultimate advocate of whit space, but on my terms. Sometimes good design requires the violation of white space). Removing features like parallax, Landing pages, One page sites, Index Pages which may (to the Squarespace developers) be "so last week", but to many clients remain valid and desirable features, that gives them a level of "cool" they would otherwise never have dreamed of. You get the idea. I was so excited for the arrival of 7.1. I assumed it would be nothing Shortt of an exponential improvement on that which was already great. But it's now dead to me. I can no longer give clients what they want, unless I want to relegate myself to a legacy user. WIX doesn't have the "Apple" sheen of Squarespace. It's an insult in different ways, but at least it isn't suffocating creativity. I am transitioning all my future builds to WIX. Reluctantly. Angrily. But you lost the plot guys. Somebody in-house even said "why show them a variety of inspiring images in our meagre offering of layout ideas... let's just use three shots of a mountain so it all looks the same." "Why waste time giving them ten layout ideas, let's reduce it to three" "Why show users how they can use color, let's just make everything white" "Why give them access to detail, let's just give them some pre-curated packages and let them work with those" Plus the contact/help process — which used to be so good and human — has degenerated into channeled, pre-existing that help them avoid the difficult questions: no "other" in choice of help topics?? CLASSIC example of minimizing client contact in the interest of maximizing profit. You lost touch with your market, and I think it's going to bite you in the ass. Cheers
  15. When I am on my Samsung note 10+ I try and move over to the checkout page as I am doing the trail at the moment and it only brings up a white screen and I am unable to make a squarespace purchase Has this happen to anyone else.
  16. Site URL: https://www.purecakeface.com/toss-and-swap Hey There! I could use some help BIG time! I am using Lead Pages to add Pop-Up boxes where people can opt-in and enter their email address to get onto my email list. I have been using Lead Pages and some coding on my Squarespace site for 2 years now and never had issues. Just recently I created another cover page on Squarespace (opt-in page) and when I viewed it on my computer and clicked on my download button, a "500 Internal Server Error" text popped up on the top of the screen not being able to show the Lead Pages opt-in box. I've attached a screenshot of what the problem looks like. I contacted Squarespace and with their tech support they stated: "So you will need to review the custom code you added to your site to see what is causing this issue to happen. Custom code can affect areas of your site that you don't think it would and there is no specific reason why it didn't but now it does. Using custom code is an advanced modification of our platform and outside our scope of support. You can see the button working by place your site in safe mode you do this by using your url https://mara-lerner.squarespace.com/config and placing the work safe at the end like this https://mara-lerner.squarespace.com/config/safe. This disabled all scripting you added to the site. I am sorry there isn't more I can do to assist I can only confirm that custom code is the cause of the issue since Squarespace doesn't offer any custom code support. But you can try hiring someone through the Squarespace marketplace to assist you." The custom coding that I have on my site is required as far as design aesthetics and requirements such as removing the cookie box on my opt-in pages, etc. So this can't be all the other coding on my website for design purposes when this has no relationship to my opt-in buttons with integrating Lead Pages URl links and coding. I've contacted Lead Pages via email to explain this situation as well, and waiting for a response, because I'm not sure if this is a Lead Pages or Squarespace issue. If someone can help me on this, that would be greatly appreciated.
  17. When editing a category you must edit the Category slug in the Shop Page before editing the Main Navigation. If you edit the Main Navigation first, you will need to add an ending / to the url and create a URL mapping to redirect /shop/p/category -> /shop/category. For some reason, if you edit the Main Navigation first then change the category slug to the same url, SquareSpace will change the /shop/category to /shop/p/category which will result in a Page Not Found.
  18. Site URL: https://www.shoot.photography/ Hi Everyone, so I am having issue with my photography website for mobile. For some reason there is this small section that is saying it cannot find the page. I have no idea why this is popping up as I don't even have an option to remove what ever section it is. Doesn't appear to be the apart of the header or the main section of the page. Here is what the error fully says. "We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted. You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try searching for the content you are seeking by clicking here."
  19. Site URL: https://www.thephotographyplace.co.uk Hello, Google Adwords have pulled all of my ads due to three malicious links but I have no idea how to rectify them ( and one of the links doesn't appear to be malicious as far as I can tell ). The two malicious links are: https://www.thephotographyplace.co.uk/api/1/performance/settings https://www.thephotographyplace.co.uk/api/census/RecordHit Any help will be gratefully received.
  20. Site URL: https://www.metre-squared.com/ In the preview container, my hover effect images are perfectly proportionate in a grid formation. As shown below. CODE BLOCK BELOW <div class="image-swap"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f117cd96138e1478ae40d2d/t/602435f190fd9b4e9fea9622/1612985854605/About+1.jpg"> <img src=" https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f117cd96138e1478ae40d2d/t/60243612078acb4eda76cd94/1612985887507/About+7.jpg"> </div> CUSTOM CSS BELOW .image-swap img:nth-child(1) { position:absolute; transition:1s; } .image-swap img:nth-child(1):hover { opacity:0; } Once published live, the top hover image expands and then shrinks to the second image. (Image 2) Im not sure why this is happening, as it should effect both images, but only effects the first image. Please can somebody help! I have tried everything! The second issue is that i have added a hyperlink code to the image to navigate around the site. LINK CODE <a href=“https://metre-squared.squarespace.com/about“> <div class="image-swap"> <img src="https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f117cd96138e1478ae40d2d/t/602435f190fd9b4e9fea9622/1612985854605/About+1.jpg"> <img src=" https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5f117cd96138e1478ae40d2d/t/60243612078acb4eda76cd94/1612985887507/About+7.jpg"> </div> </a> This link doesn't navigate to my desired page and comes up with an error message! Please let me know if you can help! If you need my site info, let me know! Thanks!
  21. Site URL: https://www.deewaninstitute.com/ Hello! I've attached a link to the website for reference. We have been working on a redirect to top button but to no avail, followed countless YouTube tutorials & went in depth with squarespace forums. The go to top button is there, but no amount of code injections would ever make the button functionable, it always stays the way it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5sBJT-ygi4&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=AskQuesty I've also watched this video & implemented it in detail but it also didn't help, would anyone be willing to assist me? Thank you in Advance!
  22. Site URL: http://etymologywares.com Hello! Is it jut me or has something happened to the editing tools? For example when hovering over a section I don't see the edit tools anymore. Help! I am currently using Firefox on Windows 10.
  23. I'm using Neil Patel's Ubersuggest tool to resolve issues on my website and learn SEO. I'm a newbie at all of this and having a time trying to figure out how to find and resolve my 4xx return status codes issues. The links take me to empty pages (of course). Any suggestions on how to figure out where these are and how to resolve them would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. Site URL: http://musicfog.com We migrated a ten year old site from SS5 to SS7 Bedford. Went smoothly, but now SOME of our external blog post permalinks are resolving to 404. Doesn't matter how old, it's unpredictable. All the unresolved links are formatted as [blog link].html. The .html extension seems to be the problem. If I remove the extension the page resolves. Is there any way for SS to treat links ending in .html (their old SS5 default) the same as ones that don't? (It seems to already be doing this for many links). Here's one example -from an old FB post: http://musicfog.com/home/2020/9/21/noel-mckay-the-old-pawnee-waltz.html And here's the link that works: http://musicfog.com/home/2020/9/21/noel-mckay-the-old-pawnee-waltz
  25. Site URL: https://seabass-gopher-tg68.squarespace.com/ Hey guys, my page is https://seabass-gopher-tg68.squarespace.com/ and pw is 1234. I managed to add my fonts in css and change also for header since is h1,h2... But I do not know how to change the font on all the other sizes and so on since I dont know the shortcuts
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