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  1. Le 26 fĂ©vrier et le 1er mars, Guo Wengui et sa bande ont successivement annoncĂ© que le Fonds pour l'État de droit de leur FĂ©dĂ©ration de Chine nouvelle avait coopĂ©rĂ© avec l'organisation de secours des Nations Unies GEM pour effectuer des opĂ©rations de sauvetage en Ukraine et envoyĂ© dix avions de transport Hercules en Ukraine. AprĂšs un peu de comprĂ©hension, il n'est pas difficile de constater que tant qu'il y a une crise humanitaire dans le monde, Guo Wengui tend ses mains sales pour en profiter. Je ne connais pas vraiment les dĂ©tails de ce grand menteur.
  2. Guo Wengui a déclaré lors de l'émission en direct que l'équipe de sauvetage des gangs avait sauvé 96 enfants en Ukraine et les avait envoyés gratuitement en Espagne. Sans parler de savoir si c'est vrai ou faux, il n'a pas expliqué clairement la situation actuelle de ces enfants jusqu'à présent. Si c'est vrai, cela fera inévitablement soupçonner qu'ils sont impliqués dans le trafic d'enfants, qui est un crime supplémentaire.
  3. Hello, This question is primarily about submitting a site-map with google / “indexing” our website with google(?) so that it correctly appears as the first search for our business website. We have previously used Square Space for our website, www.beilbys.com, since 2018 - however Square space is quite incompatible with our industry (furniture retail in Australia, particularly South Australia). The domain “www.beilbys.com” is still valid until 2023, and I have switched off auto renew, as I have done with our square space website. I’ve purchased the domain www.beilbys.com.au, to capture the Australian market, as we are a localised, Australian business, and that website is live, and we are using Shopify instead which allows for much better presentation of our products, and the overall site looks much better than previously using square space. (Especially on mobile phone view, the background image would cut out and distort, on square space). I am having great difficulty with Google Search still showing our dead Square Space website as the first link to our business website. Even when I have turned the site to private. I have now just hidden all the pages and changed the background to “we have moved” with a link to our new website. I understand I cannot delete “robots.txt” from square space, as suggested by google - but it says I should prepare a sitemap or request an index for my new site? I have no idea what any of that means and none of the google explanations seem to provide any clarity. Could anybody help by explaining how I can stop our old squarespace website showing on google and instead have our new website, www.beilbys.com.au showing up as the first result for our business? Thank you!!
  4. /Autodiscover/[name].xml -> https://mail.hexonline.co.za/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml 301 This code works for URL Mapping, with one limitation- the only one that needs to work for Microsoft Exchange email after MS recent changes. /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml need to route. All other *.xml route fine, except the needed one. Any ideas?
  5. Good afternoon everyone. I am a Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams in the New York area and thanks to their technology forward mindset we all get a website associated with our realtor business. We have the ability to embedd for lack of a better word another site in it. We typically use this code but it did not work with SquareSpace: <html><iframe src="YOURWEBSITEHERE" style="border:0px #ffffff none;" name="myiFrame" frameborder="1" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" height="1000" width="100%" allowfullscreen></iframe></html> Please help.
  6. Hey Community, I'm trying to design a page that doesn't have a centre alignment of images. Just seeing if there is a way to do this like the image attached so it works on both mobile and web?
  7. When I click on a button I created from my Services page, the page that opens up says "We couldn't find the page you were looking for," but I'm not able to edit that page. How can I create a new, working sales page from that button link?
  8. Vi Àr en svensk dörrtillverkare med fokus pÄ sÀkerhet och speciallösningar. VÄra produkter Àr. sÀkerhetsdörrar
  9. Site URL: https://www.arkanummusic.com/ Hey! I've just published my site and logged into google search console via the Analytics -> Search Keywords option in Squarespace. My site does appear as my property in google search console, but when I request indexing via Check URL -> request indexing, I get an error and it says "site cannot be indexed, soft 404". Do you guys have an Idea why?
  10. Hello, I have 2 3rd party domains connected to my Squarespace site/account and wanted to see how it would be possible to have URLs properly mapped from my secondary domain (ui.pcgus.com) to my primary (universityinstructors.com). Earlier I read through this post and it's giving me some hope that this is possible. The issue is, the secondary one used to be the primary domain before updating/redesigning the site. I do have a list of URLs that we need this working for/should work with the proper mapping in Squarespace but I am unable to figure out how to best approach this in the mapping tool or using Squarespace in General for it. For example, I know how to properly use the mapping tool to have a 301 redirect for something like this: /about -> /about-us 301 Within the single domain (universityinstructors.com). But need to determine how to do something like this: ui.pcgus.com/Our-Services/EdForce -> universityinstructors.com/edforce I have about 11 mappings/"redirects" that aren't currently working because of this. Thanks in advance
  11. I have been making my website for almost two months now and I was working on it and refreshed the page and it randomly crashed, I haven't been able to get it back to normal since. It's been almost 3 days. This is what it looks like. Not sure what to do, if anyone can help me that would be great.
  12. Hi! I'm pretty new to Squarespace and website building in general, so please be kind 😉 I am working on updates to an existing website for the school I work at. For marketing purposes, I'd like to create a simplified URL people can type in and have it redirected to the actual tour page, to allow people to type something simple that they will remember, as opposed to what the actual URL slug is. For example, the existing page I want people to access is: www.cascadia.school/schedule-tour-inquiry-form but in marketing materials, for simplicity sake, I'd like to just post the address as www.cascadia.school/tour, so I'm trying to create a temporary redirect as opposed to changing the /url slug completely (for SEO reasons, etc.). Following the online tutorial, I went to the page for our tours, found URL Mappings and typed in the following: /tour -> /schedule-tour-inquiry-form 302 This doesn't seem to be working, as when I go to a new browser window and type in www.cascadia.school/tour, it takes me to the 404 error page. There is no actual page on my site called www.cascadia.school/tour, so could that be the problem? Though from what I read, that shouldn't be the case. Any idea what I'm missing?
  13. I deleted some pages on my site https://sportzmainia.com and now it shows 404 in console how to fix that and iam putting quality content but it is not ranking if someone can help me with this.
  14. Site URL: http://etymologywares.com Hello! Is it jut me or has something happened to the editing tools? For example when hovering over a section I don't see the edit tools anymore. Help! I am currently using Firefox on Windows 10.
  15. Site URL: https://www.joannebasilieres.com/ Good day! Jut want to ask for assistance for the tech problem that I am experiencing now. My client wants to create a bilingual website which I already created one, but the thing is when I view it in the mobile view there are some pages that are not showing in the screen specifically this page "Devenir mon moi authentique" Please do help me out. Thank you so much!
  16. Hi there! If anyone could help me find the code that removes the white box that is around my drop down menu items that would be awesome! Id prefer to just have no box with color and just have the text with the hovering option only. Thank you so much!!
  17. Hi, I am trying to install the pixel on my website. I don't understand how to verify my domain; in particular when it comes to install the script between <head>... <head>
  18. Site URL: https://www.tammymathewsinteriors.com/ i created a site a couple of years ago but never did anything after the trial. i am trying to build it out now and it says the url is missing and nothing is showing and i can't add pages or anything. i've paid for an annual subscription.
  19. Site URL: https://www.fieldswithoutfences.org I was changing the font on some text on an existing listing. I clicked "save" and received an error message - "sorry cannot be saved try again later" - this happened twice. I clicked refresh through my web browser, and then just like that, the listing was gone! I am crushed because I had just launched our T-shirts and made sales and was depending on those reviews. I am told that if the content cannot be recovered the customers will not be able to review their purchases, and reviews are so precious! I have had squarespace since 2013 and something like this - an action without a prompt - has NEVER happened before. I am completely spooked and curious if anyone else has experienced this, and how it is even possible??? Thanks for your responses in advance! I am told I may not hear from squarespace for a couple days as they review.
  20. Hi everyone, Your help would be much appreciated: I have set my actual homepage/starting site as "starting site"/"homepage" in the respective squarespace menu. URL to identify is "home". However, when I access my website, I am redirected to a 404-page and the URL in Browser is www.homepage.com/defaultsite. A rather cheap workaround was to name my actual homepage/starting site "defaultsite". Upon accessing my website the URL is still www.homepage.com/defaultsite but the actual homepage is now shown. However, all this seems to conflict with google/SEO in some way and I do not like the look of www.homepage.com/defaultsite so I would like to come up with a solution to actually identify my homepage/starting page with the "home" URL tag (so that www.homepage.com/home shows my actual homepage). If someone could perhaps help me with this. Thank you very much. Best, Mo
  21. Site URL: https://www.warm-me-up.com/blog/category/Revitalising+your+repertoire Hi there, we had a user reach out to us who noticed that the Blog category URL they had was broken. https://www.warm-me-up.com/blog/category/Revitalising+your+repertoire I noticed the only difference between theirs and the one I can see if I navigate to the page is they have no capital 'R' for 'Revitalising' and mine does. If I replace the 'R' to a 'r', I also get an error message. My understanding is a URL shouldn't be affected by capitalisation? Does Squarespace do an exact match of text when it filters the categories? Is there an easy way to avoid this being a problem? Many thanks in advance for any tips/info/advice!
  22. Hi there. Does anyone know how to make a folder slug a page? For instance, if I add a Services folder to my nav, the slug is /services, but that slug is added to the sitemap and indexed by Google. However, when you visit the /services URL, there is no content, and it returns a 404 error page when I try to add a content page for the /services slug (so that the indexed /services URL has a page and content, I cannot because the folder name takes up the /services slug, I hope this makes sense.
  23. Site URL: https://www.thewarriorsanctuary.org/amaroo/ I am updating the url slug on my portfolio sub-sites. And when i changed them to, for example https://www.thewarriorsanctuary.org/amaroo/temazcal-under-construction the page was created, but, when i click on the link from the actual site, it tries to take me to the original sub url (e.g. - amaroo/project-three-8zgh7-99y28) how do I update this link so that it will take me to the updated sub url slug when it is selected on the site? If i just type in the full url, the sub url page exists, but the link just wont take me there and in some instances it will actually give the following error: We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because: There is an error in the URL entered into your web browser. Please check the URL and try again. The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted.
  24. Hello Square community! I am creating an online commerce site and I am having a pretty easy time setting up the page, aesthetic and look. However, on the main page when I click the 'Shop now' tab on my home page, I takes me to a blocked page. I am not sure if I'm entering in the wrong URL link on the tab but it doesn't take me directly to the specific item. What am I doing wrong? Photos below.
  25. Site URL: http://www.theheartofthewildling.com Hi there, I am really hoping that someone can help as Squarespace have not responded to me yet and my website is offline. I am not techy at all so please bear that in mind when replying. I have no idea who this issue sits with but I'm beyond stressed that no-one is able to help. I transferred my domain from Squarespace to GoDaddy a few days ago, it completed within a few hours and I got an email confirming this. The site was live for another 24 hours. I contacted their helpdesk via chat (would be helpful if Squarespace had a human at the end of theirs!) because I wanted to create a domain email with them to the site that I'd just transferred and it was not available. They asked me if I'd already set up an email address for that domain - which I had briefly with Google Workspace over on Squarespace but then cancelled because I could not find my way around their convoluted interface. They said it was still registered to them and they would request for it to be taken off so that I could set up a domain email with them. Now, within an hour of this conversation with GoDaddy, my site went down. I've had several conversations with GoDaddy who have been trying things on their end (I think reverting to their default nameserver and adding CNAME and A Forms data). All the help articles I've tried to follow with my limited knowledge from Squarespace have pointed me towards DNS settings. However, I can't access this at all under that domain - simply getting this: Unable to load records Something went wrong. Please try again RETRY I'm SO insanely frustrated. I do know what is happening and finding a human to help seems impossible at short notice. I have submitted an email to the helpdesk but they are yet to respond. I don't even know if I can seek this kind of help on this forum or if I need to employ someone to actually help me. I'd be grateful if anyone knows what is going on and can help me fix it. Thanks.
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