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  1. Well, that stopped working today ;-( So I am using this but it hides the whole footer, including my own text. I'll leave it like this for now: /* Hide reCAPTCHA message */ .sqs-block-newsletter .newsletter-form-footnote, .sqs-popup-overlay-content .form-disclaimer-text { display: none !important; }
  2. Thanks for this, Paul! Do you know how to make this work for the promotional pop-up? I am just linking to my Privacy Policy where I've added this statement. Thanks!
  3. This is unbelievable. A message like this belongs in a privacy or cookie policy, a website builder should never FORCE us to display it like this on our websites. It completely disregards design asthetics and our autonomy as business owners. Do other email providers do this as well?
  4. Kerstin, 

    Because you are my guru - I am reaching out to ask a question!! I posted a question today and I have no idea if my post goes out to everyone in the forum. Does that depend on the tags you choose? I just want to be sure I am posting correctly in the Circle space. Is there a guide out there on how to navigate Circle?

    By the way, not only are you amazing - but I have to say I am loving your artwork posted via Instagram!

    Sally Gregg

    1. kerstinmartin


      Hi Sally! To post in the Circle go to one of the topics from the Circle homepage (e.g. Squarespace Products, whatever is most appropriate) and then select "New Post" - that will post it in that section. If you don't get any replies you might have to comment on it to bump it up. And yes, adding tags is always a good idea, then it's more likely to pop up if someone searches for something. 

      Good question about a user guide for the Circle, I am not aware of one. I would say make sure your profile is complete and that you have the kind of notification settings you wants, that's all in your account settings. And make sure you add a signature to your profile with your web address, that appears under all your posts. 

      Also, thanks regarding my fledgling art practice, I am having a lot of fun with it 🙂 xo

  5. That's fair! I don't know the CSS for this but I'd be surprised if it couldn't be done. @Chris.SE is great with CSS, maybe he has a quick solution!
  6. There might be a way to do this with CSS but I don't know the code off the top of my head. I am wondering though, why would you want to hide the 'from'? Is that not misleading when people then click on the dropdown list and see the different prices because you have set the expectation that it's all the same price? Plus, the from indicates that there are more options which can people make curious and entice them to check out the different options. That's just how I would feel as the consumer.
  7. Good, I'm glad to hear this. Image quality is always a top priority for me, and our clients, and I would never want to compromise on that. Let's hope indeed that SQS engineers are on top of this, I could certainly do with an improvement in my sitespeed. Thanks, Paul!
  8. Thanks for this clarification, Paul. I've also been wondering what else I can do beyond the obvious, like images. Now one thing that also comes up is a message about new generation image format. I've not even had the time to look at this but do you know anything about this?
  9. Hi Sandra! This gets too technical for me as well, I know the user side really well but I am not a developer. It looks like @paul2009did a stellar job in answering this! ❤️
  10. Hey Kerstin! I know you have a blog post about memberships and that SS just launched there own. I did notice on your blog post you mention that you can do user progress tracking with Memberspace. How do you do that? I can't find anything that explains anything like that on their site.

  11. Hi there - Can you open up some more spots for your class on Nov 18th. I think this is just what our clients needs to know SS can do fo rthem - they sell memberships. They are considering leaving SS for Kajabi. Being in the class might just save this client from leaving SS. Can you add me to the class?

    1. ENTH_LABS


      + 1 --- I was going to ask the same question @kerstinmartin

    2. kerstinmartin


      Hi there! I do not control the spots, please reach out to Maddie Smith who manages the forum and the webinars. In addition to the webinar I will also have a blog post and updates about Member Areas on my website, feel free to sign up to my newsletter to be notified:



    3. IcIt




  12. Hi Kerstin! Dropping in to say hi, as someone who's subscribed to your emails and been a "fan from afar" the past year or two. I'm just getting started on my "Squarespace Circle" online presence and had to follow you first.  🙂

    Thanks for inspiring me to make leaps of faith with my business, even though you didn't know it! I also love seeing the little personal elements you include in your emails, they remind me of my hometown in heart-warming ways (born and raised in Deming, and a Whatcom CC Running Start grad).

    Hope to one day connect in person! Take care. 

    1. kerstinmartin


      Hi Doug, thanks so much for this lovely note 🙂 I am glad to hear that I've inspired you in your business, that makes my day! We live right next to WCC and I actually teach Squarespace classes there. The area around Deming is beautiful. So where is home for you these days? 

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