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  1. Site URL: https://www.origine.com.au/ Hi all! We have a website that we created that bypasses the standard product pages and uses a custom wishlist form. We want to know how to hide the products from a google search though. Right now, the product pages that we created are showing up in searches and we need to hide them. Is there a way to simply click a button and disable the ability for google to find a product?
  2. @tuanphan We are having the same problem on our site. I added the code you provided above but it didn't seem to fix the situation. Site URL: https://ghettofilmschool-studiolinear.squarespace.com/new-york-roster
  3. I can see that the image search option seems to have changed a bit since yesterday, looks new and I was super excited to see if you can simply delete images but it still appears to not have that feature, seems super odd to have provided that area a design refresh and leave out a widely requested item such as deleting image?......I feel like when you click on the 3 dots to the right, instead of image info, it would be great to be able to rename, duplicate and/or delete an image.
  4. I am looking to increase the size of these carousel arrows and the weight, they are too hard to see. I did add some code to make them appear on the left and right but now am stuck trying to make them large and thicker. Thanks!
  5. Hi there! We are trying to remove the author image and name from an individual blog post. We know how to remove these settings on the blog landing page but for an interior post, we can't figure this out.
  6. Still following this.....with SO many people requesting this, why is this not a feature yet? This is a big deal breaker for us as well when we create a custom site and duplicate to work on for a new site, we do NOT want old imagery stored and transferred. I am baffled that something like changing the tear-dropper icon to that annoying new plus symbol add feature would take priority over something like this where SO many people have voiced their frustrations. I have yet to run across threads where people were complaining about the old teardrop insert feature so why make that a priority when you have real users here voicing concerns? And while we are here recommending features, why not simply offer a BLANK canvas with absolutely nothing saved so we can start from scratch instead of having to delete or replace imagery. For so many of us creating more custom sites, it is frustrating to have to do this where as a totally blank canvas would be incredible and something we have been asking for for a long time now!
  7. Thanks @bangank36, I think that applies to the product itself and not a product block added to a page, correct?
  8. Hi all! I have added a product block on a page and would LOVE some assistance figuring out how to make these variant dropdowns look more like the product variants once you click on a product. Attached is what it looks like ("variables") and the other is what I wish it would look like! I am looking really just to make those dropdowns look a tad better!
  9. @tuanphan Quick question! We added all of this code but on our gallery slider, it is still showing a hand: https://www.loom.com/share/50d147c8c1284941aac5fa4c19a44ff4. How do we override that? I attached what we have in our css. Thanks!
  10. @tuanphan Do you need admin access to view this?
  11. Sure thing! @tuanphan https://euphorie-studiolinear.squarespace.com/ pw: euphorie
  12. Hi everyone! I am wondering if there is a way to change the shape of the newsletter popup window to something a bit more fun? Our clients branding features arch shapes and I would love for this square popup window to be an arch, any thoughts on how I can achieve that?
  13. We were pointed there as well but that didn't solve the fact the the actual text is missing
  14. We are having the same issue, the text for You May Also Like for related products is missing for us as well.
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