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  1. Hey there! @paul2009 I need help with this! We have a site in 7.0 and we needed to create products for inventory but we want the Add To Cart button to send us an email vs go to a checkout, how do we do this? We changed the button to say Request Info and just want someone to click on that button and a email window will popup and allow them to email us directly, or something like this, even redirect to a contact page. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Here is the URL: https://trombone-paddlefish-tj7b.squarespace.com/ pw: cinderwood2019 Thanks!
  3. Hey there! We are wondering how to go about adding a photo behind the site logo in the primary navigation? Instead of the top portion being white, we are hoping to be able to add a background photo to the desktop version of the site.
  4. Hi there! So does that mean that each image cannot have a separate URL from the nav items below it?
  5. Hi all! We have a client who as asked us to add images to their navigation that would be a link to interior pages. I am guessing the images would have some sort of hover over functionality as well to show it is a clickable link. I am attaching a super rough mockup to show you what they want, items such as where the logo will go and the Contact button will need to be adjusted but this is the simply gist of what they want. I have NO idea if this is an option and know that if it is (woo hoo!) then we also need to create something custom for mobile. Any suggestions you have would be so helpful, we have not promised anything to the client yet so if this is not a possibility, that is okay yet I can see where knowing how to create something like this might be nice for my dynamic menus like we were used to in the olden days of Wordpress. Site link is: https://trombone-paddlefish-tj7b.squarespace.com/ pw: cinderwood2019 Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much, this is great! Do you know how we would make the button white with black text and add some padding to the button?
  7. Hi guys! We are looking to do something similar to this on our site: https://trombone-paddlefish-tj7b.squarespace.com/ Pw: cinderwood We are simply trying to add a button to the gallery slider here in Bring. We did try the code above and changed the section from newsletter to the ID for that section with no luck 😞 I attached a mockup of what we are looking to achieve!
  8. yes, sorry! We know how to do that, my mind wasn't working 🙂 I will send you a password in a chat if that is okay?
  9. Hey @colin.irwin! It isn't live yet, sorry. We are just looking to take a few words "Who Are Our Clients" and create a link so that when someone clicks that, the site scrolls down to the Our Clients section on the homepage.
  10. Hey everyone! We are building a site in 7.1 and are not sure how to add anchor links like we are used to in 7.0, does anyone have a solution to this? We want to link a bit of text up at the top of our homepage to a section towards the bottom of our homepage. Thanks!
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