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  1. Hi @tuanphan, I added the code you suggested for my site, coindisplays.com however it did not adjust the logo size on the mobile version. Please assist.
  2. I was able to make it more how I want it. See below. I would like the SUBSCRIBE though to be closer to the input field. If the field and the button can be made smaller, I would prefer that too.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, I made the change however the SIGN UP is not lined up. Also, can the Sign up and save 5% be on one line and closer to the input box, not so much space?
  4. Here is the screenshot. First, I would like the title font of the newsletter to be much smaller. If possible, I would like the SIGN UP to by inline with the input field. Thanks, Paul
  5. Site URL: http://www.coindisplays.com I am using the Brine template but cannot change the font size of the Newsletter Block. I want to add the newsletter block to the footer. Changing the size of the box and submit button. Please assist.
  6. Hi @tuanphan, I want to change the logo on only one page of my site. Is this the code that I need? On this page of my site, I would like to change the logo that you see there at the top to a different one. https://www.coindisplays.com/home-goods-and-decor If possible, where do I load the new logo? Thanks, Paul
  7. Hi @tuanphan so, it is a manual edit. This cannot be done with the built in Footer Navigation that I have in the Brine template? Thanks, Paul
  8. Site: http://www.coindisplays.com @Mocoia @tuanphan I have a Brine template and want to create multiple columns like you have above. I am working with the Footer Navigation in the template. Can you assist with how you created the different columns? Thanks,
  9. Site URL: http://www.coindisplays.com I have enabled related products on my site. When a customer goes to one of our products, they see the related products at the bottom. I was able to stylize some things like the amount of products shown and few other details however the title has been an issue. Currently, it seems to be defaulted to H2 size and it is just too big. I tried to omit putting a title but it would not let me, it is required. I want to be able to change the size of it, to H3 or different and not affect the rest of the site. This should be able to be stylized like the other details of this. The images adjust based on the browser however the text stays large. See attached image. Please assist if you know of a workaround or css code to change it. Thanks, Paul
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