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  1. Of course! I can't share a link to the actual site - due to contractual agreements, but I can share a dummy site, as well as a visual of what I'm looking for. I think what they are asking (or at least what I am asking) is, in your shop feed, or product page, is it possible to add the category in which that product lives before the product name? Such as how can with blog posts, add the category and/or date metadata before the blog post title. this is how it is: this is what I would like for the shop page: and on the individual product page: I am in 7.1 - but if you need a link to the dummy site which is based in the same starting template and shop template as the site i'm working on, I am more than happy to share. Thanks so much!!
  2. Has there been a solution found to this question? I am wondering the same thing!
  3. I was wondering, is there a way that when a user clicks on a blog category and then gets a results page of only posts put in those categories, to have the category show at the top of the page so they know where they are? (like on the shop, when you click a category, you can show the category title or breadcrumbs). I assume it would be probably a script or code injection. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Holocene_X, I am looking to duplicate just a section within a page, not the whole page. This solution worked great with anything before 7.1 because made use of Indexes, and each "page" was a section, but I am looking to duplicate that experience with 7.1 and am not finding a way, and replicate just certain sections more quickly across several pages. (Unless I'm totally missing something, and Indexes are able to be replicated in some manner in 7.1)
  5. HI, I have searched and searched, and I just want to make sure — is it correct that currently, within a page, there is NO way (or perhaps plug-in) to replicate sections/block sections you have built ? Or Save as a template, for repeat use? So one would have to add in each one again and again, if it's not one of the provided "block/section templates" ? (i.e. say add each text box, image block, gallery block, button block, etc?) Is this something Square space is planning on implementing in the future? (Please?!?) Thanks!
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