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  1. Site URL: https://www.weareimagocollective.com/ Hi! I have this code in to change the size of the email and sign up buttons, but the space between "sign up with your..." email field/button and disclaimer is like double what I want it to be. Here is the code I currently have in: .newsletter-block {padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0} .sqs-block-newsletter .newsletter-form-field-element { padding-top: 8px !important; padding-bottom: 8px !important; } button.newsletter-form-button.sqs-system-button { padding-top: 10px !important; padding-bottom: 10px !important; } Website: https://www.weareimagocollective.com/ Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://rose-orb-4xd7.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css site password '642Rasmus' I've managed to Change "email format error message" on ny newsletter template using the follwing Custom CSS #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664183031985_2019.newsletter-block .newsletter-form-field-wrapper.form-item.field.email.required.error .field-error { font-size: 0px; } #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664183031985_2019.newsletter-block .newsletter-form-field-wrapper.form-item.field.email.required.error .field-error:before { font-size: 12px; content: 'Forkert email format'; } Now I want to do the same for the "Name is missing required subfields: First Name" error Custom css looks like: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664183031985_2019.newsletter-form-name-fieldset.form-item.field.name.required.error .field-error { font-size: 0px; } #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1664183031985_2019..newsletter-form-name-fieldset.form-item.field.name.required.error .field-error:before { font-size: 12px; content: 'Manglende navn'; } Clearly however this doesn't work... What am i doing wrong? /Rasmus
  3. Hi there! I'm transitioning my site from 7.0 to 7.1 manually and have just learned about the new Post Blog Item Code Injection option in the settings of a Blog. I've used code injection in other areas for other reasons and would like to put this to use to add a newsletter sign ups to the bottom of every Blog Post included in this blog. Has anyone done this and would they be willing to share the code they used? Thank you so much!
  4. super new to this and got stuck on something I am trying to do custom css for the newsletter-form-button in order to get a transparent image displayed instead of the button, but obviously keep the sqs built in functionality .newsletter-form-button { background-color:transparent!important; background-image:url('myimageurl.png'); background-position:center; background-size:contain; background-repeat:no-repeat; } firstly I am not quite sure if the class I am using suffices, however all the styling seems to be working fine apart from the background color removal my question: how do I properly remove the background color and how should I approach the resizing of the button? (it was not working when I tried using this class) I really appreciate the help ❤️
  5. Site URL: http://delucasitalian.com/vip I am launching a VIP club for a client site and we would like to collect phone number as well as email address. Emails will be sent out of the SquareSpace email marketing tool which is why I am trying to use the newsletter block (I'm not sure if you can set up a mailing list out of a standard form?)
  6. Site URL: https://cathrynworrell.com I'm using the Brine template and I've been trying to fix lots of accessibility issues on my site. I've have found (thanks to the SS forum) code to deal with most of it but how can I add form field labels to the newsletter block? I think I may also need alt text for the RECAPTCHA part of the block too. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks.
  7. Site URL: https://www.marieforleo.com/ Hi everyone, Is it possible to create a design similar to the "Ideal Design" in the attached image? I am trying to make it really simple for someone to download my freebie on our website so I can grow my email list. Marie Forleo is the best and easiest email sign up I have found - www.marieforleo.com SQUARESPACE NEWSLETTER BLOCK TWEAKS • Include an image • Remove "Surname" field • Stylise similar to Marie Forleo Can anyone recommend any advice or tutorials to follow? Our Website if needed - https://www.betsyandfrancis.com/ Thank you so much, James & Nicole
  8. Site URL: https://www.thesocialflair.co/ In the newsletter block of my footer, when you hover over the "Sign up" button, the text is highlighted with black which I want to remove. I want the background to be completely white while the text is black. Please help!! Here is the custom CSS on my page right now .site-wrapper{background: linear-gradient(#DACEC4, #CEAA9A, #947B73)!important;} .page-section, .section-background{background:transparent!important;} footer, footer * { background-color: black!important; } footer.sections input { background-color: white !important; } footer.sections button.newsletter-form-button * { color: white; }
  9. Site URL: https://bugle-pomegranate-dh9f.squarespace.com/ Hiya! Does anybody know why the form field for "email address" is taller than the Subscribe button? I'd like them to match in height, but not sure how to do that. Thanks!!
  10. Site URL: https://www.covenantco.org Hello! I have successfully been able to get my website ADA compliant in all but two ways. I believe I am at the point where I need to inject coding to make it work but I am not a coder beyond the BARE basics and Google searches have not gotten me anywhere. So my issues are as follows: 1) The newsletter form. I am coming up as non-complaint because the form fields do not have proper labels, but I am not coming up with how to add them. 2) Images that link to pages on my website. Much like normal URLs and buttons, I need descriptions of the links. I already have alt text on all of the images but the links themselves are not descriptive and I do not know how to make them descriptive. Thanks so much to anyone who can offer help.
  11. Site URL: https://www.sitbelove.org/ Hello, How do I change the text color on the newsletter button's hover state? Currently, the button is white on hover with white text. I would like to change the hover text to black. This is the code ive added: /*newsletter styling*/ .newsletter-form .newsletter-form-button { width: 300px !important; height: 50px !important; font-size: 0.9rem !important; text-transform: uppercase; padding-top: 13px !important; font-weight: 600; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: center ; } .newsletter-block * {color:white!important} .newsletter-form-body { input.newsletter-form-field-element { width: 300px !important; height: 50px !important; font-size: 0.9rem !important; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 600; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: center; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.65); border: 2px dashed #000; }} Thank you so much for your insight. password: buddha
  12. 1) I want to replace the "subscribe" text with a simple arrow and remove borders - this will hopefully decrease the width 2) I want to replace the "email address" default text in the form field to "your@email.com". 3) Lastly, I want to show it exactly the same way on mobile version. Have spent hours trying to update this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi there, I am having trouble changing the font for my newsletter sign up button so that it matches the font for the rest of my site. This is what I have.in CSS. Screenshot attached. Font is Futura-pt Appreciate any help. Thanks! .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-header-description p { font-size: 11px; font-family: futura-pt; font-weight: 500; letter-spacing: 2px !important; line-height: 20px; } .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button { font-size: 11px; font-family: futura-pt; font-weight: 500; letter-spacing: 0.14em; }
  14. Site URL: http://redbow.org.nz/our-programmes Hi, I'm using Zapier as storage option for my Newsletter and Form blocks. It seems like Squarespace integration with Zapier is quite immature. Zapier makes a request to Squarespace to pull the data of the forms available as follows when creating a trigger: POST Request: https://zapier.com/api/v4/implementations/choices/ Body: { "selected_api": "SquarespaceConvertedCLIAPI@1.8.0", "authentication_id": 33781047, "params": {"formId": ""}, "page": 0, "prefill": "form.id.name", "system_context": {"gulliver": {"zap_id": "159360612"}} } Content-Type: application/json Other headers: Not provided for security reasons, but they are not relevant to investigate this matter. Response: { "success": true, "choices": [ { "key": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "613ae6bf6bbdea61fd41c5b1" }, { "key": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f", "label": "Newsletter Form", "sample": "61898128dbf09e656ab1039f" }, { "key": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3", "label": "Sign up form", "sample": "61ad7d1f5bbad1528304a4a3" }, { "key": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434", "label": "Sign up - Join TRB Journey", "sample": "62b6801d6bc8b546cafb9434" }, { "key": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0", "label": "Contact Us - Question or Feedback", "sample": "62b69d8a88dc6309c35ba9b0" }, { "key": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701", "label": "Contact Us - Support", "sample": "62b6a534fd8b381bc8241701" } ], "next_page": null } There are 6 forms in that list, I have a total of 9 forms in my site. I can't locate one of the forms in that list at all. That's a mystery, although it bothers me, that's not the problem. The problem is that the forms that should display in Zapier are not displaying, and the reason is that Squarespace is returning that as response, so Zapier just shows what Squarespace sends. There is a form at the bottom of the page www.redbow.org.nz/our-programmes. The form's data-form-id, that's how Squarespace refers to the form Id is: 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e does not display in the response above but it's an active form using Zapier as storage option. Back in Zapier: - When creating a new Zap the form with id 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e doesn't display. - If the Zap where the form 62b6bdf62563205d918d6f1e is used as part of the trigger is turned off and on, an error happens. These wrong behaviors are due to the response of the POST request above. To me this is a critical bug in the Squarespace API. I have tried to find the API related to forms but I have only been able to find apis related to Ecommerce stuff. I would appreciate if a Squarespace Expert could have a look into this matter. It's my understanding that Zapier logged a support ticket called "Published form missing from New Form Submission dynamic dropdown #4" for Squarespace to look into this. There are more people affected. If someone has more information about this issue, please share the love. The reason why I'm putting this information here is because this bug has given me huge headaches and still does. So I wanted to share it with other customers that might be facing the same problem. I have had also very bad experiences dealing with Squarespace support until the took my matters seriously, so I hope I get better results with the community. Last but not the least, from my deep testing I think this issue might be related with disabling and enabling pages with forms. Thank you for your time, Natalia
  15. Site URL: https://strawberry-octahedron-5jc2.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am trying to change the name placement text from black to white so it shows up. I managed to do it for the email but can't get it working for the name. This was the code I used to change the email. .homepage .field.email input, .homepage .field.email input::placeholder, .homepage .field.email input:focus { color: white !important; } Thanks! Nicole
  16. Site URL: https://reductionroadmap.dk/ Hi Forum, I am asking, like so many before me, for help concerning the newsletter block. I would like for the fields and the button to be wider and more narrow - which I tried to illustrate in my extremely poor drawing attached. I've tried different ways around it, in CSS, but never succeeded in what I wanted, which is why I am turning to you. Any help is much appreciated! The page: https://reductionroadmap.dk/ password: Reduce2Survive
  17. Site URL: https://papaya-armadillo-7acs.squarespace.com/ Site password: design101 Hello, my newsletter form fields are not aligned, instead staggered. Can you please help? (Both on bottom of home page and also 'Journal' page)
  18. Site URL: https://mmsaudio.squarespace.com/styles Hello all. I love the flex buttons in 7.1 (new convert to 7.1 here after holding out as long as I could). Unfortunately, the same old thing is happening: buttons on forms and newsletter blocks are basically not customizable. I would love the Submit buttons on the form and newsletter block to have the same behavior as the standard buttons and navigation button. Help? pass: mmsrox
  19. Hoping there is a way to make my newsletter block global so it appears on every page before the footer? I don't want it in the footer, because I am unable to change the background color of it that way and there are spacing issues. Attaching a picture of my newsletter and footer setup.
  20. Site URL: https://graemedandrade.com/contact Hello, the newsletter block I have on my contact page doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not receiving any error messages but when I submit using other email addresses I have, they aren’t added to my mailing list and those email addresses don’t receive my subscription automation. I’ve been fiddling with this for a couple of days but I can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  21. Site URL: https://antelope-sturgeon-xd4r.squarespace.com/%20ATTN!!!IN%20DEVELOPMENT Hi– (The site link won't work as I'm still developing it and it's set to private). I'm working on a site that includes the form pictured below. I'm able to style everything with CSS -except- the button's font size, text color & background color. See my code below – am I missing something??? Thank you! .newsletter-form-button { vertical-align: center !important; padding-top: 13px !important; height: 45px !important; text-transform: uppercase !important; font-weight: 600 !important; letter-spacing: 1px !important; font-size: 12px !important; color: #ffffff !important; background-color: #F2CBCB !important; }
  22. Site URL: https://saffron-ellipsoid-ef4m.squarespace.com/ Hi there, A client has constant contact and we had to set up a zap to capture email signups on the SS newsletter form that's on many pages and on the blog signup page. Is there a way to circumvent this? We haven't seen this on any other sites we've built and wonder if it's new? When we try to disable it, we get Disable reCAPTCHA? At least one verification type is required for Squarespace Email Campaigns. To disable Google reCAPTCHA, Confirmation Email will be enabled. But we aren't using SS email campaigns -any ideas? Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://www.firstandfirstconsulting.com/ Hey! I am trying to edit my newsletter block in the footer so it is not so huge. I've found how to make the "sign up" button smaller, but I also want to make the email box smaller to be the same size as well. I also want to decrease the amount of space between the button and the email box so that when they stack they arent so far apart. Open to other suggestions on how to format a newsletter block in the footer.
  24. Site URL: https://insights.homelister.com/insights//what-are-the-first-steps-in-selling-my-house Hi all. I added a newsletter form block to a blog website and it was initially working. After further testing, it sends back an error message of "Unable to submit form. Please try again later." I've deleted the newsletter form block, re-added it, checked all of the settings, but nothing is fixing this. Can someone please help? Thanks!
  25. I am creating several of the same newsletter box throughout my blog post pages. How can I ensure that all the contact information from those newsletter boxes go the same Google spreadsheet? I gave them the same Google spreadsheet title. Will they overwrite each other or make a list of emails collected from the group of newsletter boxes?
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