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  1. Looking back on this issue (well-after the project was complete), I remember now what was happening— when I was saying "not linked" I meant that I couldn't add a link to the Cover Page logo. (Add the "/" to send the visitor to the homepage when clicking the logo). I've always known Cover Page markup and styling are completely independent from the rest of the site. I just wanted to add this, in case others have found the same issue.
  2. You have to make sure that SOCIAL SHARING is turned on in the Design Styling area— as that's the container I'm using to hold the additional content. It's a little hacky, but it was the easiest way to make it happen. (please see additional notes added to my original response)
  3. Yes, you can do this using jQuery. Add this to your PAGE HEADER CODE INJECTION— in the settings on your main product page. <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.4.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function(){ $('section.ProductItem-additional').appendTo('.ProductItem-details-share'); }); </script> Notes: 1. this assumes you're not running jQuery on the site; if you are, you can just use the second script. 2. The template I'm using is MOJAVE in the Brine Family (7.0), alth
  4. There's a fix that @dmitrykiselyov has used a few times as a way to give the browser what it needs. I'll let him share it here if he chooses to. (He can also explain it better than me!)
  5. Other apps that can integrate with Squarespace that allow larger filesizes are SendOwl, Podia and Ecwid. SendOwl.com allows you to upload via FTP for sizes larger than 1G (trying to find the size LIMIT though) Ecwid.com now allows files as large as 25GB! Podia.com has a max of 1G per file. Shopwired is unique— they allow you to use any third-party host and add the link to their admin system. So when purchasing, they provide the secure direct download to the externally-hosted file. https://help.shopwired.co.uk/manual/digital-downloads/selling-files-with-a-large-file-size
  6. Try using Gumroad.com to sell your video content. They're setup to protect your digital content by tracking the IP of whomever is trying to access the download. You can even allow paid RENTAL of digital content on Gumroad. And yes— it integrates nicely within any Squarespace page/post. I just posted a quick example on my site: https://squareflair.com/gumroad Download the "paid" content to test.
  7. You can easily embed third-party players (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and HTML5 audio players). If you have larger files, just provide a link to download them! Make a password-protected PDF and put the link inside, or just send the link via email. If you have larger files, just provide a link to download them! Make a password-protected PDF and put the link inside, or just send the link via email. Make a password-protected PDF and put the license inside, or just send the license via email. You sound creative, @Madebyvadim so BE CREATIVE.
  8. I guess a dude could just make his own non-cover page "cover page" in minutes without using a cover page. 🤭 #nolimits
  9. Thanks. I guess I never noticed that. Because my client noticed it, and wants it linked (and now we do too, don't we?) how would one link it? Assuming it would require footer injection (unless there's an "overlay" hack). 🤷‍♂️ @dmitrykiselyov ?
  10. Site URL: https://beatnk.squarespace.com/thanks?password=trust Before posting I've searched to see if others are having the same issue. I see a couple of you actually are having the same issue, but I'm not seeing this has been answered. I'm using a stock cover page on Mojave (Brine fam). The logo in the upper-left isn't linked, and there's not an option to add a link. https://beatnk.squarespace.com/thanks?password=trust Is this a bug or a known issue?
  11. I think the answer you seek is here:
  12. I'm playing with Schema markup over on Merkle ( https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/ ), and I could SWEAR that we used to be able to add code to header injection on blog posts. But no longer finding it. (Am I crazy?)
  13. Nevermind— I found it. I thought I was identifying the parallax section WITHIN the index section, but it's not associated with the Index 'pages' in the DOM. Instead, I just killed it by using a pseudo-element expression: .Parallax-item:nth-child(4) figure.Index-page-image { display: none !important; } more: https://css-tricks.com/useful-nth-child-recipies/
  14. Do you have ideas how to “offload” (kill/hide) a parallax image selectively with CSS? On smaller breakpoints, I'm simply covering the image with a color, but when scrolling, you can see a 1px 'sliver' bleeding-through. (so I want to “offload” (kill/hide) it on those breakpoints) When inspecting, the image is added via scripting: figure.Index-page-image.loaded The parallax section in question: <div class="Parallax-item" data-parallax-item="" data-parallax-id="5e220aae87b00d44dcb998bf" style="top: 2083px; left: 0px; width: 672px; height: 1070px; transform: translate3d(-
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