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  1. @creedon Disappointed to see its not a simple solution. I popped some CSS in over the holidays, but it seems like you have the proper solution, thank you.
  2. @tuanphan https://www.goldstarcanada.com/book-my-expedition I added some CSS, this seems to have solved the problem.
  3. Hello! I can't seem to find a button that I can turn off the "from $500" on the product listing page. Is it something I can select? Do i need to do custom CSS? Thanks! Jodi
  4. I'm having this same issue with many, if not all of my websites. Even my own. https://www.sprintwebsites.com/ Has anyone solved this issue? Is this just Squarespace is a big CMS and it's the code behind the scenes? This doesn't seem to be a reducing image size issue. Thanks!
  5. You know what? It's only doing this on the SS editor. I guess I'm not going to worry about it!
  6. Hi My background images that are "inset" are suddenly not working this week, but were working last Friday. It's like it is expanding to the full height of the image. I've deleted all of my custom code to see if that is causing it. It's the same when I have nothing in my css. Full bleed works normally. Anyone else experiencing this today? Thanks Jodi
  7. Hi! I'm putting together a Squarespace video page for my client and embedding her Youtube Videos. Do you think there is any risk of being penalized by Google for duplicate content, by using the same video descriptions as she has on her Youtube page? I've been using what she has on her Youtube video descriptions using them for the description and excerpt sections on her Squarespace video page. Should she be writing unique descriptions for the Squarespace page, different from what she already has on Youtube? We are really focusing on SEO for the site, and don't want this to be a setback. Thanks to anyone who has experience with this!
  8. Hi! The easy part, transferring a client's domain name from Godaddy to Squarespace. The scary part, how do I help them migrate their emails from Godaddy to Google Workspace? My biggest fear is them losing all their past emails. I have 2 clients who'd like to move off of Godaddy entirely. I know this is not a Squarespace question, but if I move the domain, how do I save the emails and do a smooth transition to Squarespace's recommended email system? Anyone have any resources or articles for this? I am also interested in knowing if there are members who charge for this service and can do it for me. Thank you! Jodi
  9. @idkwhattoputhere Happy to hear I'm not alone. Thanks! Hoping it will sort itself out.
  10. All of the styles on my (clients') site have gone black. The homepage and contact pages are still displaying the original colours on the live site. https://colchestercemetery.com/ My client has many levels of security set up on his password. I'm very confused. Has this site been hacked? Has this happened to anyone? Please help.
  11. Hi @EGD, I still can't pin point what worked, but Squarespace support sent me a few ideas that may have contributed. I landed up deleting a few custom DNS records (like the one used to set up emails, or verify console). I updated my clients' content because it was a bit generic at times (my idea). And I resubmitted my sitemap and asked Google to index the pages individually. Soooo frustrating. Good luck!
  12. Did anyone get to the bottom of this issue? I am having the same issue. Squarespace support says they cannot help with this and everything has been set up correctly. Google Console says there is a redirect error on one page and will not list my clients' site. https://lynmarproducts.ca/ Thanks! Jodi
  13. From Squarespace as to why there are no arrows on mobile devices. They said this might be a future integration but no guarantees. This is expected behavior for mobile devices, as this is meant to allow customers to tap on the quantity box and type in the number of items they wish to add to their order. For desktop, because of the availability of the cursor, the arrows appear within the quantity box, so customers can click to adjust the number.
  14. I'm corresponding with support right now. If I get an answer from them, I'll report it here. Or I'll have to look to the community. And thanks @creedon I'll post with PW next time. I feel bad asking for help, especially with the new rating system. I feel like I don't have a lot to give back yet! Thank you for responding.
  15. Hi, I am having the identical problem. I had some code in my footer too. I removed it and still no arrows showing/working in the quanities section. Has anyone solved this? I know this is kind of an old post. Thanks!
  16. Hi @squarepaste Does your Conditional Logic Form work for custom forms in the commerce section? Thanks!
  17. Hi! I'm having some trouble with the section colour when I add an image with a transparent background. I add the image change the colour to dark and it will automatically show the "bright" even know "dark" is selected". It keeps defaulting to the "bright colour". When I add a new section, the backround colour is also "bright". I have a feeling it has to do with the theme, Myhra. I can get this working on a different theme but I am stuck because I've already done a bunch of customizations. Any ideas of what's going on? I tried changing the colour palettes to a default with no luck. Screen shot of how the options appear in the "bright colour" instead of white. THANK YOU.
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