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  1. Thanks for this!!! I spent SO long trying to figure this out to no avail. I really appreciate it. If I want to change what the text says, can I use this code for that? I'd like to make the tabs say "More Memories"
  2. Site URL: http://owenstrong.com I have a couple font style questions. I would like to change the wording of "older posts" and "newer posts" on a blog. From what I gather, adjusting default text labels requires a business account. However, it is the only reasons I'd upgrade this account, and it is just not worth the money. Are there ANY work arounds? If I cannot change the text itself, I would like to change the size and color of the "older posts" and "newer posts" buttons on the blog page. But, I can't figure out what font style is applied to the buttons. I have struck out in searching the help items on SS. Is this default text a header style? A paragraph style? When I go to edit my font styles on the blog, the blue highlight runs around the entire blog page rather than individual items, as in the attached screen grab. Complicating matters, I only sometimes get a preview of my changes before I save them, so I am hesitant to make adjustments as I have no idea what will be changed. In 7.0, we were able to go to site styles and highlight an item and Squarespace would automatically take you to the style so we could adjust it. Now, it's a often guessing game as to what elements will be changed if you change a style. I've run into this issue repeatedly on 7.1 and I have written to SS asking for help (they can't). Is there a guide or key somewhere that tells users what each font style is applied to? Some other way to figure it out? This one item has eaten up hours of my time. It is driving me 'round the bend! TYIA!
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