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  1. This just came up with one of my clients this week. I have been playing with Kulinarian.com and recipe-generator.com I can't control the design as much as I'd like with either, but recipe-generator gives you a fair number lot of options.... it is a paid site. I am using 7.1.
  2. Everything is changed now. My client wants to convert it all to a vertical format, so I'm heading back to the drawing board. 🙂 Thank you for your help.
  3. @ColeH_designhow did you do it??? I need to do the same thing for a similar reason. TYIA
  4. Shoot. its: Baking1 https://www.marydisomma.com/homeorig
  5. The slideshow is at this password protected page. Password: Baking1
  6. Thank you! I noticed the links broke and was hoping I'd be able to cope without them. This will make it easier. 🙂
  7. @creddon I JUST saw this. Thank you so much. I am going to give it a try this weekend!
  8. Site URL: https://www.marydisomma.com https://www.marydisomma.com/homeorig password: baking1 I am having issue with the padding around this summary block slideshow. I have tried three or four bits of code I found on earlier posts, but I none of them fix my issue. I am not a coder, so it may be user error. But, I am certain I am using the correct section id section[data-section-id="5fd2dc18a0405a46535148be"] Here is some of the code I have tried, but have not had success with: section[data-section-id="5fd2dc18a0405a46535148be"] .gallery-slideshow { padding-bottom: 2v
  9. @tuanphan, no, I temporarily remade the home page. I still need help with this padding issue, please! 🙂 My work-around was to create a manual slideshow (a summary section that uses images from "fake" blog pages). It's not good though, because if anyone clicks on the images in the summary block, it takes them to the Fake blog pages. It's a mess right now. Would be much better to just fix the padding issue. Thank you!
  10. That was me. I can't remember what I was trying to do, but I have since unbroke it. 🙂 Thank you!
  11. Same issue, but on mobile. www.marydisomma.com
  12. @creedon the vertical cart button is back on mobile on my site https://pockimals.com/shop/p/pink-tshirt, but the page code injection you gave me is still there... it just stopped working. I changed the padding around the button, and that fixed the vertical problem, but now it's a very small add to cart button. Any other thoughts? We'd prefer a larger, horizontal button. Our site is live now, so no password needed. 🙂 Thanks!
  13. At some point I realized that it was a swipe... but I wonder is users will do the same thing that I did, which is just not try that? LOL. 🙂 Thank you.
  14. The site is public now. Yes, I was trying to do exactly what you describe, but I am just not skilled enough to get it quite right. 🙂 I was able to adjust the height on sections, but it was causing the stripe to disappear completely when I put in the height I thought I wanted. Thank you!
  15. @derricksrandomviews Interesting. This solution is a bit different than what I had been thinking... I have a piece of artwork (the striped border) that I'd like to have it stretch across the entire website and maintain its relative height. Ideally, I'd like to create a smaller piece of this same artwork for mobile that does the same. Does that make sense? In the first image I posted, the height is correct, but the art doesn't stretch across the whole site. In the second example, the artwork does stretch across the whole site, but I can't control how tall it is (too much of the strip
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