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  1. I hear you have some tricks on how to get a masonry gallery in 7.0. I am currently using Index Gallery in "Packed" -- but it's not truly responsive and follows a pattern (big on the left, 2 small on the right etc.) regardless of orientation. I have a client with every possible ratio of image sizes, and I can't for the life of me create a true masonry gallery in 7.0 that doesn't heavily crop every image. Any ideas? Attached are my best attempt .. and what it SHOULD look like.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 10.50.13 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 10.50.31 PM.png

    1. derricksrandomviews


      Depending on the template, like Wexley, gallery pages, not blocks, will create a masonry layout wih very little cropping, and not that much effort from me. Most of my effort is arranging the photos, like a puzzle, and using site styles to tweak the padding between the index items and the items themselves. This effects all galleries blocks to some extent as well. If you are using a block, as I said Image arrangement is very important, I set the block for no cropping and usually 1:1 square, and play with the padding. That last setting may change depending on how much of the page I am using. And you have to be willing to have varible space between the images.  You can see examples of that here on this site. 


  2. So, I'm having a panic attack here based on what I just learned about Squarespace requiring you to find and then manually input every zip code in America and its relative tax %!!! That's insanity, and the time it would take me to do that would eat up my income from design jobs entirely. I'm wondering if option for the "Tax Inclusive" options means that thousands of lines of code are able to be skipped? According to SS help, "With tax-inclusive pricing, customers pay a product's listed price at checkout, instead of paying the listed price plus sales tax. The portion of the total that goes
  3. I have a client whose Shipstation needs to be reset and re-synced manually after every sale, and still every item shows as Pending until manually changed. I have tried to help her, but everything on the back end of both Squarespace and Shipstation seem to be set up properly. Is anyone else having issues with this sync -- I can't seem to find any help from Squarespace on how to get this issue resolved. As far as I understand, the goal is that Shipstation automatically marks as fulfilled and syncs tracking info after the label is printed etc. But that's not the case .. any help?
  4. I have a client with a large portfolio of properties that I'd like to showcase.. but not in detail (no individual pages needed). Each simply needs a single image with title, category and a few have brief descriptions. I tried just doing a simple image gallery, but that doesn't allow me to show the images with all 3 levels of text beneath ... that was too simple. I set up a Portfolio, customized the cards (as shown) and am happy with the result, but can't figure out how to disable each item from being clickable (which brings you to a blank page). Is there a quick and easy way to tur
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