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  1. @sas1403 Can you provide code (mentor template) to make the phone and email fields appear "float" together on single line?
  2. @Lot71 can you share css code that solved your click through on images? I'm hoping to do the same thing for bios…
  3. @kenwestphal - thank you for your prompt reply. (The link does not open? But, I'd really like to watch tutorial if you don't mind re-linking).
  4. @anacariniseiford @kenwestphal Any additional code that can be injected to change color of lightbox that appears (and make it transparent 80%)?
  5. @anacariniseiford I'm interested in doing this text lightbox upon click of a single image (there are 2 single images on my page – not as gallery – and both require short bio). Can this css be modified to not be link or button, but on hover of image? or click of image?
  6. This worked so well – thank you for sharing! LIFESAVER today!!
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