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  1. @jpeter I'm back here with a question. I thought I was correctly targeting this to only apply to the summary blocks in my mega menu, but I see it's affecting the event details page as well. It's not hiding the end time, but it's removing the dash between times so they don't really make sense any more. I did remove the code to verify this is the culprit. example: https://westendchurchnyc.squarespace.com/events/event-three-9ckek pw: notyet code: <!--Hide end times --> <script> (function () { // Defer running the script in milliseconds. Default is 0. var DEFE
  2. (Thank you for continuing to trouble shoot this with me) I added the new code and it didnt work. I changed the defer loading from 0 to 500 and it didn't work, i changed it to 5000 and now it works! Although obviously there is a lag. Not ideal but better than nothing. I notice there is a also a lag before the megamenu itself works, do you think that is the primary issue? It would be great if both loaded immediately
  3. Dang, I wish I could say that fixed it... Did you have a look at it on my site to see it in action? Here's the static mega menu page which shows it working: https://westendchurchnyc.squarespace.com/mega-menu (pw: notyet) but if you actually toggle the mega menu from the nav bar, it doesnt work. I updated with your recent code and played around the with the time as well.
  4. It is actually working correctly, but not on the summary blocks in my mega menu
  5. try giving it margin-top. If you provide a link we can provide you the exact code to use
  6. Site URL: https://www.bluebirdlaser.com/ I implemented an infinite loop full-bleed slideshow for a client, but have heard from Android users that it doesn't show. Any idea how to fix this? Or better way to achieve the same slideshow style goal?
  7. @jpeter That's not working for me, any idea why not?please see the event summary in the Gather nav mega menu, "Up Next" https://westendchurchnyc.squarespace.com/ pw: notyet
  8. @ThompsonWebDesign your link is broken, is this still an active plugin for 7.1?
  9. @tuanphan is that a simple update to the code you would be able to provide? As always, so appreciate your generous help!
  10. Thanks @RyanDejaegher for the suggestion. That's not the desired effect either. I'm good with the speed the phrases type out at and the pause between the phrases, what I want to do is increase the pause when all the phrases have been typed out and when the string repeats from the beginning again. Testing the implementation here: https://pumpkin-fish-ycls.squarespace.com/ pw: notyet So after the final phrase, "we church", completes, I want there to be a dramatic pause before starting over again with "we pray". I don't have a great understanding of javascript (obviously!) but I can't
  11. That seems to change the time after each line, not only the final one.
  12. removing this resolved it #page .section-background {background: white;} #page section * {color: black !important;} #page .content { width: 100%; } Is there a way to change how long it pauses when it finished, before repeating?
  13. This broke the full width background on my site and made it fixed, but the the text part works so well...!
  14. I'm surprised this isn't an already solved problem, seems like it would be a popular tweak. Have you come across it, @tuanphan or @paul2009?
  15. Any solutions to remove the empty space at the bottom of a masonry layout? Is it possible to tell the "bottom" row of images to grow to fill the space?
  16. Ah, yes. I use Memberspace already for another client, but I'm looking for more than just secure access. I posted yesterday about it!
  17. What direction did you end up going? I built client sites almost exclusively on Squarespace but now have a need for user management and I don't know where to start
  18. Hi Circle, I'm helping a church client reimagine how a church can function in this virtual time and space. I hope to create a "user dashboard" or sorts, for congregants to see a summary of all the things on the site they interact with. The site will have solo prayer resources (guided meditation audio tracks, movement videos, etc), a prayer feed (post a prayer/comments wall), group worship Zoom events, the ability to schedule a 1-1 check in with a pastor, a sermon archive, volunteering opportunities/signups, and more. So for example, a user "hearts" a guided mediation, posts a pr
  19. @Naitik it would be super helpful if you could elaborate on the specifics of the platform you're selling, and why a long-time user of another similar (competitor) platform may want to switch to yours
  20. @Naitik Memberstack looks great! I have been using Memberspace for clients for years, could you give us a rundown on why Memberstack might be better?
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